Customizing deck plans



Oct 10, 2006 23:11:32
I just wanted to know what other people do for special encounters in there games. I have one coming up that I’m customizing the layout of a whale ship for the antagonist, and was wondering if anyone else has done this for an encounter.

Up until this point I had just been using the standard layouts for ships, but as my players are finally taking a proactive approach to hunting pirates, I thought something special was called for.


Oct 11, 2006 9:02:27
Well It all depends on, to what extent you want to do your maps. I don't play SPelljammer ( though I do use a lot of stuff from it) in my campaign ( homegrown) but I do use lots and lots and LOTS of maps. Some from the net, like off of the WOTC site, others scanned in from vairous books I have ( like that I have them in one place) I also have a dry erase mat to work on.
Then when I really need them to be a bit more particular, I use Adobe Photoshop and started hacking away, copying and pasting whatever I may need, to make the map as close to what i want.

I also do this trick at times, where I print the map to scale, with a 1 inch grid, and then just tile them together for the game. It' s a little harder, but after a while you have a great amount of maps to use and put together as you wish.
I did this for some ship maps I got off the WOTC site, and printed them to size., then cut them out (X-acto blade!) and arranged them with the deck plans on top and layered. The players liked it, since they could move the characters on the ship and the ship also moved with other ships I did this way. Much more dynamic.

I would play around with different image software and such to get what you want.

There's some good map software out there too you could look into, but of course, I'm no expert on that part.
Hope this answered your question.:D


Oct 16, 2006 4:28:13
On one of the linked sites to our SJ home, i think it's Tarkas Brainlab IV or something like that, there are a bunch of *blank* deckplans incase that helps..