Thri-Kreen and armor/items



Jan 03, 2007 19:50:31
Ok, some more thri-kreen questions again. Sorry, I probably should have waited and folded them all into one thread, but these didn't occur to me until after the previous one.

What kinds (if any) of armor and items can thri-kreen use? If I recall the older editions of Dark Sun, it specified that they don't wear any armor, and that items made specfically to fit humanoids, such as rings, gauntlets, etc can't be used by them, but the DS3 rules make no mention that I can find.

Are there any rules, guidelines, or suggestions, or is it pretty much just left up to the DM?



Jan 03, 2007 20:38:33
p. 123 of the PHB shows the price mods. for armor made for "unusual creatures"... so mechanically speaking, there's really no reason you can't have your TK running around in kreen full plate. Fluff-wise, however, the kreen are particullarly uncomfortable in anything that constrains there movement, so the wearing of anything more than a simple harness, would be extremely rare.

BTW, the book Thri-kreen of Athas should prove quite useful for ya'. Might think of pickin' up a copy if you're able:D


Jan 03, 2007 21:30:26
Yah, I think I actually have an old copy of that around here somewhere, but I'd probably have to dig for hours to even start finding it, lol. I actually have contemplated just spending the $5 to grab it from, but I haven't decided yet.

Thanks for the info on the armor though, I'll keep it in mind.



Jan 05, 2007 11:13:37
Keep in mind also the detrimental effect of metalic armors on Athas, as well as the natural AC bonus of a Thri-kreen potentially being better than what some lesser armors could bestow. Also, consider perhaps special psychoactive skins or what our ever favorite inertial armor powers and such could do.


Jan 05, 2007 15:26:34
Yes, definitely all things to keep in mind as well.

Of course, metal armors are out of the question anyway due to cost/availability at this point.

As for lighter armors, as far as I can tell, armor bonuses from armor should stack with the natural AC bonus.

However, as mentioned, there are strong roleplaying issues to consider, and as a psychic warrior I have plenty of options to think about, I just wanted to get a feel for which things I shouldn't even bother looking into.



Jan 09, 2007 12:06:10
Mechanically nothing prevents a kreen from using armor.