Project status...



Jan 04, 2007 14:53:04
Ok, these are the projects with top priority at the time being. All are at a completion rate between 70% and 100%. You can expect (at least) one release now in January.

Faces of the Forgotten North - First release in the Lost Cities series.
Trade Lords - An expansion to Dune Trader.
Athasian Emporium - An equipment guide.
Prestige Class Appendix II - PrC fan contributions


Jan 04, 2007 15:05:45
Whooooow - Trade Lords - sounds fancy! Me wanna see that one!

At least there is no stupid life-shaped stuff in the works - cuz tht stuff is for the runts! :D I think life-shaped items was one of the worst things that TSR did to the game.

FYI - I AM just joking - except about the runts. Those little dudes make my skin crawl!


Jan 04, 2007 15:54:12
Ditto Whooooow on Trade Lords. Dune trader sees alot of use in my preparations for DS.
Athasian Emporium sounds promising, more toys! It's like a second x-mas.
Prestige Class Appendix II, I'm curious what the community has come up with.

Hmmm, time to check out the site again. Keep the material coming.


Jan 04, 2007 15:57:26
Trade Lords sounds just like something I could use for my next session, but unfortunally this will be on the 12th. So I guess it won't be released till then, will it?


Jan 04, 2007 18:58:43
Trade Lords sounds awesome! Pikachu is looking forward to it!



Jan 05, 2007 16:49:10
COOL!! Birthday prezzies for Lastard!!