3rd party D20 accessory on Lifeshaping



Jan 04, 2007 20:32:59
I hope this isn't censored because it directs folks to go look at 3rd party products. But I know Dark Sun fans have clamored for rules on lifeshaping. Monte Cook's Chaositech was something that could be adapted. Monte is also the author of the Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs that introduces Dark Sun's lifeshaping rules)

A recent small print D20 publisher has also just release a genre independent book on lifeshaping. Nominally set in a specific future setting, this book sounds like it has details for a lifeshaping system of rules. Heck, it is flat out called Lifeshaping!


Jan 04, 2007 22:55:15
Eric, you might find interesting a...relatively forthcoming (if the Overcouncil approves for incorporation when they see it) book on lifeshaping that someone in the community did, and its tha bomb.


Jan 05, 2007 16:44:17
Great! I hope it's going to be appreciable soon! :D I think the rhul-thaun are much undervalued as 'campaign fodder' - all that life-shaper intrigue business it so much fun to play! At the beginning we did struggle a bit with the game mechanics - as some of the characters were life-shapers, but we got there in the end! Am curious what other people have come up with. Also would be interested if other people have done some role-playing in the Jagged Cliffs area, and if yes, what stories they've come up with!

Lastard >8)