Brave Sons of Athas



Jan 04, 2007 23:49:07
I know generally we are not supposed to cross-post but I figure there isnt much traffic between the DDM customization board and the Darksun board

We have been running a Darksun camaping for over a year now using the rules set (for the most part) and I thought I would share here pictures taken of the minis I have crafted/hacked together for the campaign for the fine folk of the Darksun board to enjoy.

Zig, Half-Giant warrior.

Esra, Mul champion of the arena.

Astlion, Tiefling Preserver and master of necromantic magics.

Anezka, halfling priestess of the waters and wielder of mindblades.

Atien, human Warden of the Wastes, first of the Knights of the Crimson Sun.

Sorry they are a bit dark, still figuring out how to make a shadowbox.


Jan 05, 2007 2:48:49
Well done. I just started to collect some of the D&D miniatures and find them very useful for playing.
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Jan 05, 2007 13:33:04
Here's my list a Good D&D minis for DS specific races:

Half-Ogre Barbarian
Sand Giant
Hill Giant
Hill Giant Barbarian
Hill Giant Chieftain
Orge Warhulk (for really low charisma Half-Giant)
Fire Giant Forgpriest (Requires repaint unless fire cleric)
Clay Golem (Requires repaint unless earth cleric maybe)
Ettin Skirmisher (Remove one Head and Repaint)
Stone Giant (Requires repaint unless earth cleric maybe)
Large Duergar (Requires repaint/Half-Giant runt)
Aspect of Kord (Vary High Charisma Half-Giant, would look better with repaint)

Thri-Kreen and Near Stand-ins:
Thri-Kreen Ranger
Thri-Kreen Barbarian
Formian Warrior
Ice Devil (Zik-Chil)
Mezzoloth (Black Chitined Kreen from empire)

Mercy Killer (Might want to mod weapon or repaint armor)
Howling Orc (Requires repaint)
Hlaf-Orc Executioner
Grimlock Barbarian (Requires repaint and some removal of hair)
Goliath Barbarian (Requires repaint unless earth cleric maybe)
Orc Savage (Requires repaint and minor hair removal)
Forest Troll (Requires repaint and head replacement)
Half-Giant Psychic Warrior
Stonechild (Reqquires repaint)
Half-Orc Monk


Jan 05, 2007 13:52:02
Renegade Warlock
Grim Necromancer
Half-Orc Spy
Blood Cultist of Vol
Red Hand War Sorcerer (Might want to replace head)
Orc Wizard (Might want to replace head)
Inspired Lieutenant
Shuluth Archvillian (Replace Head)
Drow Arcane Guard
Drow Archnomancer
Archmage (Might repaint)
Wand Expert (Might repaint)
Half-Elf Hexblade
Lord Soth
Rakshsa (Replace Head)
Lich Necromancer
Drow Rogue
Mordainkain (Requires repaint)
Lareth the Beautiful
Red Wizard (Might repaint)
Cultist of the Dragon
Vampire Aristocrat (Might repaint)
Drow Wizard
Evoker's Apprentist (Repaint required)
Devis (requires repaint)
Elf Pyromancer (requires repaint)