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Jan 05, 2007 19:04:05
Just started this topic because I want to see what Campaign Ideas the visitors to this Forum can come up with.. I'll even start with an odd crossover idea I had the other day...

"The Crashed Planeship" (Blatantly inspired by WoW's Burning Crusade and by Eberron) Reports of a falling star crashing into the Pomarj have recently been followed up by rumors of newly discovered ruins, resembling something between a ship and a castle made of stone and crystal, seemingly populated by constructs of stone, wood and metal, wandering the area to collect materials for some unknown purpose...

-The ruins are actually a crashed Planar Vessel, crewed by living constructs (use Warforged stats) who are now trying to gather the materials needed to repair their vessel.

...Ok, who's got other ideas?


Jan 05, 2007 21:52:01
There's this oldish Duke, rather important and powerful actually, and his eldest son and heir is a paladin roaming the world making a name for himself. The player's are members of the Duke's court, perhaps one is even the second in succession. Long story short, the Duke dies and his son returns to claim his title and accept its responsibilities. I'd place this in Nyrond or the Urnst states, maybe the Pale or one of the Great Kingdom successor states.

Hook: Well, the paladin has found luuuuuvvv on his journeys, in the form of an heiress from far away. So, he has other lands to run as well. He tasks the characters to travel as his vassals to run these lands in his stead. I created a small, unknown in the east, palatinate county between Veluna, Bissel and Ket. I blatantly stole the maps and descriptions from I6: Ravenloft for the County of Ravenna.

Political intrigue? Maybe. Overland adventure? Definitely. Side treks? Opportunity abounds.

Line: the paladin has some unfinished business that needs atttention in the far away land. To this end, he sends the family's sword (a tool most useful to the particular situation) with the party along with the guidance that they will know what to do with it when the time comes.

The sword itself is a bane weapon related to whoever/whatever threatens far away land. As I ran it, the threat was a half-fiend ranger who haunted the woods of the county and the fear he caused kept the county isolated and insular.

Sinker: The half-fiend is the brother of the lady paladin, the countess. Her older half-brother. It seems her family has had long association with fiends and she herself is a tiefling. The isolation of the county is by the design of the family as they rule over their little pit of misery. The paladin has been corrupted and is a blackguard and has sent what he knows are the only threat to him, the PCs, to this land of darkness to meet their ends. Muahahaha

Question I never answered because the real world kept the campaign from even getting to the county, "Were the ex-paladin and his lady in league with the half-fiend or struggling against him for control of the county (and why)?"


Jan 08, 2007 21:39:26
While dealing with the Doomgrinder, the adventurers found a note in the drow's quarters from "the Circle of Darkness," and wondered who they were. Elanal had been slain with a black arrow of Iuz when they took the control room, but raised her later and, using their trusty vampire servant George, energy drained her to 0-level, then they managed to charm her. She was quite informative, and they found out that the Circle is actually composed of drow, decentralized into 12 cells across the Pomarj and in opposition to Turrosh Mak, Stalman Klim and the Earth Dragon cult; a commune spell helped fill in more details. What the adventurers don't know yet is who heads up the Circle of Darkness; it is none other than Edralve, the drow who Klim attempted to frame back in 580 CY, just prior to the destruction of Suderham and the end of the Slavelord's operations (Slavers,p. 122), but her name is meaningless to them at the moment.

In an upcoming adventure, they will run across one or two of the adventurers from the original Slavers series (A1-4), probably in Greyhawk, and will find out more about what really happened 2 decades ago; the pieces will then start to fall into place. Slippery Ketta, one of the other Slavelords, was last heard of somewhere in the Wild Coast, which is just east of the new nation they forged in the Kron Hills. In a rather bizarre twist of fate, the adventurers actually came from a parallel Oerth and met their evil counterparts and killed them (it all came down to an initiative dice roll, which the good guys by luck won), and it turned out they had a rather colorful past, only some of which they know. The adventurers recently ran into an old thief friend of their counterparts, who doesn't really believe the whole parallel Oerth/counterpart story, but has fallen in with them anyway, renewing what he believes to be old friendships. It turns out that he and Slippery Ketta are old friends (possibly lovers), but no one else knows that at the moment, since the seeds of the Pomarj adventure are still being planted. Once she is located, it might be possible to use her to get into the Slavelords' new operation in order to defeat the Earth Dragon and it's cult, and possibly ally with the treacherous Circle of Darkness as well to help in any way they can.

Additionally, the adventurers freed the city of Scant from the Brotherhood, who retaliated by sending 5,000 troops (mostly orcs supplied by Turrosh Mak) to retake the city 6 months later. With plenty of high-level wizards (including Bigby, since it is his home anyway) and magic, the party was able to teleport in enough troops to help repel the invasion (Seshey and Nashu, their giant allies from Geoff, plus a black dragon and a vimana or two helped greatly), but neither the Brotherhood nor Mak will be too happy once they get the news, and things will be quite interesting once they finally reach the Pomarj...

Until then, the adventurers are in the Bright Lands, trying to figure out how to best go about capturing Rary...


Jan 10, 2007 19:45:31
Detonate nuclear weapons. Exterminate all life. Enslave deities and force them to toil in your salt mines. Collect loads of XP in the process.

That's all that comes to mind.


Jan 10, 2007 22:11:34
Okay, Zagig :P


Jan 11, 2007 11:47:32
My Campaign is centered on the city of Thornward as it is in the Living Greyhawk guide. As a "divided" Free city, the players find themsleves brought there by someone or something known only as the Hand. Once there they start to get involved in the politics of the city and the surounding country side. Do they join the Hand in it's efforts to keep the city as a free state or do they join one of the other factions that is trying to wrestle control of the city away from it's rivals? What of the guilds and Merchant groups that are competing for buisness in this Boom town environment? Do the Players decide to start thier own mercantile or other buisness? DO they join the guard, the Free Rangers or the Knights of the watch? What do they think of the Humanoid guards that make up the Ketite leaders Personal guard? I used the idea of a bunch of gangs instead of an organized thieves Guild. Pretty much like the situation in New York in the mid 1800's. Do player thieves join a gang, start thier own or stay independent? And who is the mysterious city Minister of finance who seems to have his hand in everything?


Jan 11, 2007 19:02:59
Numerous cloudkills wiped out the hundreds of troops in Rary's fortress, and he was later roused from sleep at sunrise when his magical perimeter alarm (with a 5 mile radius!) went off. He went to the roof of his tower to man the lightning projector just in case, and spotted an army nearby (created by spectral force in order to distract him) that was just out of range. Since he had spied one of the vimanas some 6 months prior through his telescope when we were freeing Scant from the Brotherhood (this is actually in Rary the Traitor, p. 59, and it meshed perfectly, even though a spelljammer is what is implied), he was amazed to see two of them hovering above his fortress and just stood and watched. The wizards teleported down, and Bigby called out his name. Rary turned around and was hit with a power word: stun before he could react; Bigby had waited 17 years for revenge, and it was sweet. Rary the Traitor was brought down by a single word.

Rary was tied up, gagged, and continually stunned while George the vampire steadily drained him to 0-level, then he was charmed while Bigby watched with grim satisfaction. Rary and Robilar will be taken to Greyhawk to face murder charges (among other things), and the adventurers have gained a new base in the Bright Desert.

Now comes the fun part: dealing with the pirates along the coast and later, a trip into the Pomarj. One of the wizards had checked out the fortress in astral form the day before the attack, and saw Rary reading a book by one Uhas of Neheli; he was perusing a section dealing with the Twisted Forest, which is one of the adventure seeds being planted for the upcoming adventure in the Pomarj... there is always something to do, things are never boring on Oerth!