problem with summon monster lists



Jan 08, 2007 11:54:35
The DS3 summon monster list include a number of elemental incarnation vermins. This raises a problem: the elemental incarnation templates do not change the base creature's intelligence score... does this mean that the elemental incarnation vermins are supposed to have an intelligence nonability? If not, what's their Int score?
BTW, I "translated" the same question to a canon D&D equivalent and posted it on the monster's lair board.

Also, any air incarnation creature, including those summoned with a 1st-level spell, has the windstorm ability, whose description is:
Windstorm (Ex): As a standard action, an air incarnation can create a windstorm with a radius depending on its Hit Dice (see the table below) up to 60 feet away. The storm lasts as long as the incarnation concentrates and has the normal effects of a windstorm, except that ranged attacks are possible in its area: The windstorm imposes a –8 penalty on ranged attack rolls and Listen checks, extinguishes unprotected flames, and has a 75% chance of extinguishing protected flames each round.