[Pied Piper] Bottle City and Living Room now available!



Jan 09, 2007 23:13:39
Hi folks---

Rob Kuntz is now taking orders for The Original Bottle City and The Original Living Room products, based on his materials from the Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign that we all know and love :D

Details at http://www.pied-piper-publishing.com/index.php/products/bottle_city and at http://www.pied-piper-publishing.com/index.php/products/the_original_living_room


Jan 18, 2007 22:22:58
After receiving input from the fan- and collector communities, Pied Piper Publishing will include the historical information and commentary for The Original Bottle City(TM) in both the limited/collector edition, and the standard edition.

The primary differences between the two editions now center on the paper quality, map reproduction format (one sheet in limited edition vs. two sheets in standard), and reproduction of the original manuscript pages (which the standard edition will not include, although it will include a transcript of the contents of the original manuscript pages).

Rob Kuntz would like to thank personally the fans who shared their opinions on The Original Bottle City(TM) historical content---Pied Piper Publishing would not exist without the support and input of its fans.

At the time of this posting, approximately half of the limited edition copies have been sold. Sales of the limited edition will continue through the end of January, or until 100 copies have been ordered.

Further details on The Original Bottle City(TM) can be found on the PPP web site at http://www.pied-piper-publishing.com/index.php/products/bottle_city