Obscure reference or my imagination?



Jan 10, 2007 11:27:01
For awhile I've had this concept for part of a story or adventure set on Athas involving some group called the Tadrans or Tandrans or something similar.

The only problem is I came up with this idea years ago and now I can't remember if the term "Tadran" (Tandran? ?) is actually part of canon or if it's just this random thing I made up.

Can anyone here with great DarkSun-fu recall this term from anywhere?


Jan 10, 2007 11:36:04
"Tarandas" was (according to DS lore) the mindbender who originally classified psionics into the standard disciplines we know and love today. The standard practice of psionics (a la psions) is called the Tarandan tradition. If that's what you're thinking of, check out The Will and the Way for more details.


Jan 10, 2007 16:05:49
Many thanks!

I'm sure that was it. I thought it was something psionically related.

Sadly though I only own the revised campaign setting. I think my brother has his dead tree copy of the older version with the Will and the Way so maybe I can get him to mail it to me.


Jan 10, 2007 16:36:23
You can get PDF versions of all of the old 2e books at RPGNow, by the way.


Jan 10, 2007 20:08:02
That's where I got most of my Dark Sun books. Probably a year ago I bought over a half dozen Dark Sun PDFs through RPGnow.

Although, semi-dumb story about why I didn't buy the Will and the Way at that time:

Back when I was buying up PDFs like hotcakes I only got the revised campaign setting because at the time I was trying to save money and figured, "Why bother purchasing the older version?" Even though that was the version I'd grown up with and loved I assumed the revised one would just have all the same stuff plus more.

And the new one wasn't bad but I kept thinking something was missing. Where was The Will and The Way? For a long time I figured it must've been a part of the original boxed set that didn't get kept in the revised edition.

Well actually no I find out now. It turns out that in reality I'm an idiot instead.

Apparently Will and the Way is actually a separate book (or at least rpgnow sells it separately). My brother had bought it around the same time he got the original boxed set (sometime in the early 1990s). And always kept all his Dark Sun books in the set box. Thus in my mind they were all part of the same set.

So, long and somewhat pointless story short: Yah, I'll probably be investing in Will and the Way PDF at some point in the forseeable future.


Jan 16, 2007 1:41:03
The Will and the Way was very nearly an absolute 'must-have' for 2E psionics, regardless of campaign setting, and it still has a respectable amount of background info that makes it handy for the contemporary editions.

Wizards had an rtf version of the book on their site a while back...was pulled for whatever reason.