Arcane Specilization and WOHS



Jan 11, 2007 12:16:16
If a mage takes the arcane focus as a WOHS and then changes robes does the focus change with them?

Also, it is possbiel for there to be a white robe specilaist in say enchantment and a black robe that is a specialist in Abjuration isnt there?


Jan 11, 2007 17:05:41
It is possible for any wizard to be a specialist in any school of magic, but if they specialize in a school other than those of their orders then they cannot take the Arcane focus feature of the WoHS class.

As far as for taking the Arcane focus feature I think that would depend on whether they were a generalist or specialist before taking the Prc. If they were a generalist then I would say yes they could change their arcane focus, if they were a specialist then no, because the arcane focus require depends on whether they are a specialist in thier order's favored schools.

So say for instance if the wizard was a illusionist who joined the red robes they could take the feature, but if they then become a black robe then they could not take the feature because illusion is not a favored school of the orders. Of course all this would depend on the DM.

Now if the wizard was a evoker or conjurer then they would not be eligible for the arcane focus regardless of the order they join because they are a specialist but not in any school favored by the orders.


Jan 12, 2007 16:39:09
Okay, here is an question then. A black robe doesnt want people to know he is a black robe, he is an enchanter. Could he wear another color robes, or even not were them?


Jan 14, 2007 19:21:36
When a person is a member of one of the orders it does not necesarily mean that they wear the color of their robes at all times (they usually wear the robes at least whenever in the company of other WoHS), for instance Jenna wear robes of a light red so red that her robes are almost pink, (one might say white if they didn't know any better), at least from her picture in the ToHS sourcebook. So any WoHS is free to wear whatever they fell like outside of the towers, but I think it would be frowned upon if not outlawed for a member of one order to wear the robes of another by the orders.

Now if I were an enchanter black robe, I think I would enchant people to not care if I wore the black. :D :D :D :D :D

But yes to answer your question, I think that the orders allow someone to not wear the robes at all times, but as above I believe they would prohibit members of one order from wearing the robes of another order.


Jan 15, 2007 17:50:13
Thanks for the insights.