Whence giant horned pterran ridden snakes?



Jan 13, 2007 11:26:22
I've thought of about a million questions (ok, maybe only 5 or 6) to ask over the next few weeks assuming I can't figure out the answers from the PDFs I've got. First off (and I feel like I asked this years ago but can't remember the answer):

Pterran are known for riding Pterrax. But on the cover of the revised setting it shows some Pterran-like creatures riding these frickin' swank looking horned snake beasts. But I can't seem to find a mention of them in either of the Monsterous Compendiums. Are those things named and statted out anywhere?


Jan 13, 2007 11:35:47
They're in Terrors of Athas, where they have been named the slimahacc. Tip of the hat to Grummore for the original writeup ...


Jan 13, 2007 23:00:26

Although the alternate term "Sand Drakes" provided in the ToA entry seems a more accessable to the non-Pterran vocal cords than "slimahacc" does. Those wacky reptilian types.