Atoning for defiling



Jan 14, 2007 12:33:29
I know there are multiple class interpretations of the difference between being a defiler and preserver. I don't care too mcuh about those differences in particular at the moment, but I am interested in flavor text relating to atoning for being a defiler.

I know the traditional way to atone is to seek out a druid, convince them of your sincerity and get them to cast the atonement spell on you.

But I thought there was some alternate means for doing so. I thought I remembered from 1st Ed. some passing mention of a ritual that could be used to get forgiveness directly from the spirits of the land or something. It might have involved cultivating a field or otherwise investing personal effort into the land somehow.

I would've thought I was just making this stuff up but apparently I remembered "Tarandas" with at least partial accuracy, so maybe I'm not too far off on this old memory either. Can anyone confirm (or disprove) for sure that such a ritual exists though? Or something similar?


Jan 14, 2007 14:01:11
The rules of Defilers and Preservers (TSR 2445) required neither druids nor spirits, though a preserver assistant was useful.


Jan 15, 2007 2:18:17
Thanks for the reference.

(sigh) There's another PDF to add to the pile.