Chitza-Atlan, Olman Guradian of the Underworld



Jan 14, 2007 18:55:57
With all of the recent attention that the Olman have been receiving due to The Savage Tide, I decided to dive back into the Olman pantheon. While most of the Olman deities are based on Aztec or Mayan gods, Chitza-Atlan seems to be somewhat of a fictitious creation. So, I decided to develope a legend to go along with what we already know. What do you think?

"The Olman demigod, Chitza-Atlan appears as a mummified centaur-like creature and signifies death with his coming. Olman legends tell that Chitza-Atlan was once the great Olman warrior, Atlan, who died in battle. When he reached the layered labyrinths of the underworld, he was expected to wander hopelessly for years before reaching Mictlan, the lowest layer of the Underworld. However, he was a more cunning than any other who had entered the Underworld. After only a few days of aimless roaming, gathered the sharpest stones he could find and began mapping the gloomy passages onto his own skin. When he reached Mictlan, the Olman god of death and the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli, was so impressed at his ingenuity and dedication that he made Atlan a demigod, transforming him into an undead centaur-like creature with the legs and body of a massive jaguar and the torso of a man. He was to be called Chitza-Atlan, from 'chitzara', the Olman word for jaguar, and was given charge of guarding the labyrinth-like entrance to Mictlan, preventing anyone who had not sufficiently suffered from entering Mictlan. Priests of Chitza-Atlan are expected to cover their bodies with elaborate tattoos, to mimic Atlan’s deed and ensure them a proper place in the Underwold."


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Jan 17, 2007 13:49:26
Yeah, I started that thread.


Jan 18, 2007 3:11:33
You know, there is another possibility no-one seems to have considered and which would tie just right in Legate's article about Tamoachan on CF. Namely that the mummified centaur in the shrine is a centaur that went back in time, was found by the natives, worshipped as an avatar and then mummified after his death to serve as guardian.

That would open some new interesting possibilities...


Jan 20, 2007 1:25:40
Yeah, I started that thread.

I know, I was reminding you that your question had been answered previously.