Inspiration for a new Kreen-like creature....



Jan 15, 2007 22:11:51
link 1

link 2

I was wondering if those images could inspire some of you.
I imediately imagined a geneticaly created kreen sub-race...Maybe a producer of some sort of anathema: Unique underwater kreen related mantis, living in this Big boddy of water that's suppose to be located somewhere on the other side of the Kreen empire.(link 1).

And maybe some sort of a bug geneticaly-imune to the desease known as:chitine roth capable of climbing the Jagged Cliffs. (link 2)

And you??

I would like to specify that those images are not from me.


Jan 16, 2007 10:52:52
Link 1 looks like a failed attempt by the kreen caste of genetic scientists to make some sort of new kreen caste using DNA they've found in fossilized wemic or centaur remains.

Link 2 is much cooler looking. I can think of several possabilities for it:
* Specially bred palequin bearer/crowd control.
* Walking sound system.
* Creature adapted to listen for prey burrowing underground and dig them out, but more recently put to use as an early warning system due to it's incredible hearing. Also by psionically linking with the creature and hearing what it hears you can triangulate on far away conversations and listen in on them while outside a psionic detection radius.


Jan 21, 2007 22:39:05
Just hire a Xil to modify the creature