New Domain Idea: Sylvarion



Jan 16, 2007 13:04:47
I have enjoyed making Homebrew material and thus I would like to suggest this domain for your approval. The Domain of Sylvarion.

The domain of Sylvarion, is a land of ruggedly terrained plains, trecherous mountians and clearings with some small strecthes of forest that scatter the land irratically. The weather patters in Sylvarion are irratic, with long winters and heavy rains in the spring and fall, that vaporize into pools of fog during the hot summers. While sources of water are plentiful, the rugged land often requires much preparation to create fertile farming conditions, thus the residents of the land often depend on a hunter/gatherer type mentality.

The Domain of Sylvarion is unique in the fact that it is a domain primarly inhabited by Calabans, hidiously warped humanoids of great strength but low intelligence and wit. The society lives in an iron-age technology level, but iron is primarly used to make weapons and tools, and not used for construction. Few permanent settlements exist in Sylvarion, as the Calabans often travel with the herds, living in the fields in most seasons, and migrating to mountian caves during the cold winter months. Still, under the direction of the "Divine Mother", a number of permanent settlements have been created in the land, the seat of power being Qaliar, where the "Divine Mother" rules the domian.

Sylvaria Trailwind, Darklord of Sylvarion
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Female Werefox (PG 120 Ravenloft Gazetter)
2nd level Ranger/6th level Aristocrat/2nd level Sorceress

Hitpoints: 72 (8d8+8 + 2d4+2)
Initive: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 improved initive)
Hybrid: +13 (+9 Dex, +4 improved initive)
AC: 18 (+5 Dex, +2 Natural, +2 Ring)
Hybrid: 25 (+9 Dex, +4 Natural, +2 Ring)
Attacks: Mighty Longbow +1 (+12/+7 Ranged) , Longsword +1 (+9 Melee, +4 melee), Hybrid Bite 2d6 (+15/+10), or magic
Special Qualities: Alternate Form, Damage Reducton 15/silver, elf traits, pristine, charm gaze, pass without trace, currupting curse, The Hunger, wild command, longevity.

Attributes: STR 14, DEX 18, CON 12, WIS 16, INT: 16, CHA: 20
BAB: +6

Skills: (Takes too long to list)

Special Qualities:

Alternate Form: Can take a Hybrid or Silver Fox form at will as a true lycanthrope.
Damage reduction: 15/silver, and is efficent in human form. In addition Jumper Berries are a chemical bane to werefoxes
Elf traits: Sylvaria is a Qualensti Elf.
Pristine: Sylvaria's appearance is flawless, any scars heal along with any damage that is restored.
Bewitching beauty: The difficulty to resist Sylvaria's Charming Gaze is 24 (With a +4 Darklord Bonus). Calabans of Sylvarion get a -4 to this check.
The Hunger: Like all lycanthropes, Sylvaria must eat a good deal of meat a day or go hungry if she does not eat at least 5 LBS of raw meat (Or 10 lbs in the case of cooked meat) a day.
Currupting Curse: Any humanoid (except Calabans), who are touched (Or touch) Sylvaria must make a DC 25 Fortitude save, or be inflicted with the Currupting Curse. Within 1d6 hours, the character gains the racial attrbites of a Calaban and a hidious appearance if this save is failed. The Currupting Curse cannot be removed when within the borders of Sylvarion.

Wild Command: Sylvaria can speak with animals as though she had the speak with animals spell always active. She can command any animal in her domain to do her bidding. Those animals who fail a will save fall under her sway as if the charm animal spell was cast.

Pass without trace: Sylviara leaves no trail as she passes, unless she wishes it.

Longevity: Sylviara does not age and always remains young and beautiful. She is immune to Level Drain, Ability Drain or age altering magical effects.

Closing Domain Borders: When Sylvaria wishes to close her domain borders, the borders become shrouded with heavy overgrowth, that gets only thicker as one pushes aginst it. Eventually a person must turn back or become trapped within the mountian of vines that follow. As for travel by sea, ships quickly find reafs block their passage out of the domain, and those chosing to swim must contend with whatever horrors lurk within the shallows.

Appearence: Sylvaria is an elf of extreme beauty, standing 5"7 with a pristine and attractive build, a woman of both strength and dexterity. She always wears elaborate garbs, and coveres herself in numerous pieces of jewelry.

Combat: Sylvaria rarely initiates comabat, perfering to charm potential males with her charming gaze while keeping a persona of innocence. By her side she often has a number of charmed Calabans ready to protect her from harm. Sylvaria is more than willing to sacrafice an army of Calabans to slay opponets. This does not mean she herself is helpless. Sylvaria is a potent archer and proficent with a longsword, and at times stages battles with some of her Calabans in order to futher prove her authority, her damage reduction maknig her pratically invurnable to most foes. Only as a last resort will she reveal her true form and is a fersome combatant.

Location: Sylvaria lives in the town she founded, Qaliar, where she rules unchallenged as of yet. She has sparked the Calaban populace to build her a palace, although due to their lack of architectural design, it is little more than a large stone structure with a main hall and a number of personal chambers. The constant debasement the Calabans suffer under their Divine Maiden makes this location a constant Sinkhole Of Evil 1.

History: Sylvaria was once a Qualenesti Elf who made her home in the forests of Qualenesti. The daughter of woodsmen family, she lived a hard working life of hunting, gathering and the like. While it was an honest life, during her brief visits to Qualenesti, she saw grand structures owned by the nobility of her land, and could not help but have some form of envy for the lives of the ruling class, the lap of luxury and having the constant service of the commoners under their belt. Nonethless elven culture dictated rules of one's birth, and that one born a commoner shall remain one. When she reached adulthood, Sylvaria worked as a ranger and was drafted in a war aginst an incursion of Goblins to the south. Fighting in the battle, she was seperated from her company and was badly wounded by goblin arrows. She was forced live off the land to avoid pursuit and eventually colaped from exaustion. Later she was awoken by a sharp pain in her side, and saw a silver fox biting her. Driving it off, she thought little of it until the changes started to occur as she traveled back to her town. Her wounds hearled abnormally fast, her hair began to turn silver and then the first change occured, as she ran wild through the woods, waking up torn clothed the next day. Fearing dangers of this curse that befell her, she intended to go for aid from the priests.

When she arrived at her home town however, she noticed that the men who saw her were infatuated by her appearance. Very few people showed intrest in her before, and Sylvaria was confused, but in the moment embelished the attention she got. Eventually she was the talk of the town, as various suitors wooed her with gifts and a desire to please. Sylvaria saw her change as a blessing and played with and spurned a number of admirers. Others in the town however got suspious and asked for aid from the proper authorities. Elven soliders were sent to take Sylvaria into Custdity, but she would not let that happen. Ordering her charmed servents to "Protect her with their lives", she turned her suitors aginst the soliders, and firece melee stained the streets with blood, while Sylvaria quickly made her escape in the confusion. When moving through the woods, she found herself going into a fog bank and ended up in the Domain of Sithiclus.

Sylvaria was intregued at the prospect of dominating new lands with her new ablities, quickly gaining a retrenue of loyal suitors and made plans to eventually take over a neighboring community. She was not content with just satifying her vanity now, she wanted to intentially enslave a town under her control and become a true ruler of the people and build herself a perfect nation to serve her own intrests. Her attempt did not go unnoticed by the Sorrow of Sithiclus however and once again she sacraficed her servents to make her escape. The dark powers saw well to grant her a domain as she had easily earned their attention with this final act of trechery.

Sylvaria is disgusted with the domain she has been given. While she rules as a queen, she is a beauty among a race of hidious monsters. She considers Calabans inferior servents, a race of primatives that lack even a shread of elven grace and deciency. The land is not a place of beauty either, the rugged terrain nothing like what Sylvaria invisioned her kingdom to be. While she can retain command over Qaliar, she has been forced to create a number of werefox servents from Calabans to exert her influnce over the romaning tribes of Calabans. Sylvaria fears though that her chosen may one day betray her and thus only a handful of "Silver Maidens" have been created, and only from the most loyal of female servents. The currupting curse she spreads makes sure that any non-calaban suitors end up becomming as monsterous as the creatures she holds company with. This only drives Sylvaria into further despair.


Jan 19, 2007 21:58:40
Your domain sounds like a good one. Just one question: Where is Sylvarion? This is something to consider since if it's not an "Island of Terror," other domains would play some influence on this new domain.


Jan 24, 2007 12:01:37
The Domain of Sylvarion is a part of the "Forsaken Cluster". The Forsaken Cluster is a cluster of 6 homebrewed domains I created. Before they were Islands of Terror, but during the Grand Conjunction became a cluster of a number of domains. Here is another domain in the cluster.

Greymore: A PL 8 domain that lives in constant fear of the monsters of the wilds. They fear the monsters so much that in most towns and cities, the gates are sealed at night and no one is allowed to enter. Unlike many domains, Greymore was pulled from a prime world, and despite 50 years passing since its entry into Ravenloft, some still remember the ages before, and remember the comming of the Darkfell that brought their lands to Ravenloft.

The Darklord is Daria Morgan, a firstborn daughter of the Wizard King of Gryphon (the one time captial of the land). Denied the right of sucession, she subtley arranged the murder of her brother and poisoned her father. She then took the thone, and sought absolute loyalty from her subjects for all time. One year after taking power (A year of brutal rule and supression), she invoked a horrid ritual, that would restore her failing youth and give her immortalty by destroying the essence of a fiend and taking it into herself. Using a bound Succubus as a calaste she performed the ritual sealing her damnation in Ravenloft.

Her curse was that despite regaining her youth, and gaining pratical immortalty by the ritual, her land would always rebel aginst her control. None of her spells could allow her to dominate or control other creatures and the wilds became fersome as monsters and animals went on rampages when the evening came. People in the end blamed her for the cause. While she was able to slay the rival mages and bring down the old order, no among of intimidation would make the populace bend to her commands. The nobility took command of her domain and lacking any allies, and having the looming threat of being attacked if she left the protections of her fortress, she was forced into isolation, although occasionly weaved plots to wrench control of her domain back in her hand.

10 years ago, a group of adventurers went into Daria's fortress and breached its defences and confronted the Sorceress Queen in her chambers. A titanic battle ensued, but the Adventurers soon found Daria to be an difficult foe. She slew her assailants, but suffered a mortal blow from the Paladin Tarinelle. But the Dark Powers amused enough by Daria's torment, did not relinqish her into true death. Instead she was transformed into an Arch-Shadow, and was bound to the weapon that slew her. Now even more a prisoner, unable to manifest beyond 100 FT from the weapon, her only escape is Evolving into a Demi-Shade. Thus she seeks to currupt the person who finds the Blade and use them to absorb enough life essences to free herself and take her vengence on the people of Greymore.

Daria Morgan, Darlord of Greymore
Race: Human Arch-Shadow
Class: 15th level Sorcerer, 5th level Archmage

Special Ablities:

Arcane Mastery: Despite being a Sorcerer, Daria has the ability to adapt her magic towards focused spellcasting. To do so she must have the proper spellbook and spell componets and study the spell closely for as much time as needed to memmorise a spell as a wizard. She then can sacrafice one of her sorceress spell slots of an equal level to the spell being memorized. This slot does not become available again till after the spell has been cast, or replaced with another spell.

Arch-Shadow: As an Arch Shadow, she is an undead creature, thus gains all the resistances of an undead creature. She can become corporial or incorporal at will. She has a damage reduction of 20/+2 or magic, and fast healing 2. In addition, at will she can inflict a negitive level on a target struck by her in melee (DC 25 nergates). If she ever absorbs 20 or more levels worth of life energy, she evolves to an Demi-Shade, and is freed from the blade's containment, but still must protect the weapon. As an Arch Shadow, she cannot travel more than 100 FT away from the weapon.

Infuse Blade: When posessing the blade that killed her, the weapon is considered an intelligent magical item. The sword itself is a +3 magical broadsword, but in addition she may cast any spell she knows through the blade. For spells that require physical contact, the blade can unleash the spell when it hits a target. This can be quite dangerous for the wielder as well, if the sword choses to turn on its wielder. While in the blade she efficently has 360 degree field of vision and thus cannot be flanked.

Undying Soul: If Daria is killed as an Arch-Shadow or a Demi Shade, her essence fuses with the blade and it becomes dormant for 24 hours. She then awakens fully healed and ripe for vegence aginst those who have slain her. The only true way of killing Daria is destroy the blade that contains her. This is much like destrying a liche's phylactry, and causes her to instantly be sucked into oblivian, and thus cause her final death.


Jan 24, 2007 12:07:08
Closing the Domain Borders

When Daria wishes to close the Domain borders, a bank of savage fog comes up along the borders of the land. These are home to countless, insane mist horrors that attack anyone trying to go through. While they can be killed, there is far too many for any to overcome. Daria herself also must avoid the borders, as the Mist Horrors will attack her also if she tries to leave the domain. The domain borders are rarely closed however, and only in situations when Daria has made her effort to seize power, or is spiteful enough to torment her domain, will she close the borders.


Jan 24, 2007 12:12:22
Ah yes one more aspect

The Curse of Strife: Daria cannot force anyone or anything to act aginst their will by magical means. Any spells that command, charm, or control people automatically fail when cast by Daria. In addition, any summoning spells used by her will ALWAYS create an uncontrolled monster. The summoned creature will not nessarly attack her, but it cannot be brought under control through magical means.