Scarlet Brotherhood resources for 3.5?



Jan 16, 2007 15:19:52
I have the PDF of the Scarlet Brotherhood module/supplement TSR11374 but was wondering if there were any 3.5 updates/prestige classes for the SB in Dungeon/Dragon or otherwise?


Jan 16, 2007 16:25:36
Just this, I think (and it's 3.0, rather than 3.5). There may be a 3.5 version of those classes somewhere, perhaps under different names.

I'm not sure how much updating needs to be done, anyway. The main game mechanical innovations in The Scarlet Brotherhood were the 2nd edition versions of the monk and assassin classes, which have 3.5 equivalents in the core books (you might use the ninja core class from Complete Warrior rather than the assassin prestige class for Scarlet Brotherhood assassins). No real need for anything else.


Jan 16, 2007 16:30:00
Yah, I wouldn't think there would be a whole lot to do, but I don't keep too up to date on 3.5 so who knows.

Thanks for the link!


Jan 17, 2007 8:04:37
The latest 12 month adventure series in Dungeon called Savage Tide has some decent info on the Crimson Fleet (Scarlet Brotherhood's naval force). You can get a free PDF player's handbook on Paizo's website to give you an idea of what the series is about.


Jan 17, 2007 8:54:24
There was Dragon issue that had two psionic PrCs The Splintered Mind and Crimson Fist if I'm not mistaken. Not sure about the issue number though.


Jan 17, 2007 15:11:05
That was Dragon #281.


Jan 17, 2007 18:27:24
That was Dragon #281.

Which is reprinted on the WotC web page posted above.


Jan 17, 2007 22:13:09
I have never seen a connection between the Scarlet Brotherhood and psionics. Is there something I am missing?


Jan 18, 2007 3:05:48
No. The SB was never associated with psionics before that (at least, as far as I know & remember).

That said, back in 3.0, there was this unspoken thought that Monks would lean naturally towards psionics, being disciplined mind already (not to mention that the SB could have stolen psi secrets from the Bakluni either before or after the TC). So, I guess the authors - when asked to produce an article dealing with both psi AND WoG - decided to spice things up by linking it to the SB (the bad folks everybody loves to hate) rather than to a Baklunish sect of Xan Yae worshippers.


Jan 18, 2007 12:04:02
I found the psionics/SB connection pretty cool personally.


Jan 21, 2007 13:45:05
Long live the Scarlet Brotherhood.


Jan 29, 2007 20:40:02
I did some of the monsters in 3.0.