Inn Between the Worlds



Jan 19, 2007 7:18:05
While just posting in the GroF axial tilt thread, I started thinking about the Comeback Inn, its origins and possible connections to the NoS.

Now, we know that Khoronus created a Time Machine which allowed him to travel back and forth in time. He even believes that he may have travelled back in time to sponsor himself on the Path of Immortality? Could the Comeback Inn be the Time Machine Khoronus built? He builds it long after Uther is gone ofcourse, but since it is a Time Machine, it reappears in Blackmoor's "Present" right in the middle of town?

It might also easily be tied in with the World Serpent Inn presented in the recent issue of the Dragon Magazine (Jan 07) should one wish to do so.




Jan 19, 2007 7:24:26
Yeah I thought that the Comeback Inn could be a Mystaran portal to the World Serpent Inn. don't know if I'd use it IMC though.



Jan 19, 2007 10:03:03
I tend to keep the World Serpent and the Inn Between the Worlds/Comeback Inn as two separate entities, IMC. The World Serpent has a much different flavor- it knowingly and welcomingly caters to a multi-planar clientele, while the appearance of strangers at the Comeback Inn is still enough of a rarity that it continues to spark gossip and rumor among the people of Blackmoor. Further to that, the multiplanar aspect of the Comeback Inn seems to be more of a side-effect of the time gate in the basement rather than a deliberate attempt to garner a larger clientele (IIRC, there's just a random chance of planar encounters in one of the hallways upstairs).

I actually wrote (a couple chapters, anyway) a story years ago dealing with the World Serpent Inn, as it had become a major part of the backstory of a couple of PCs I played in a campaign with friends (our DM had been running us through adventures in the Manual of the Planes, 1E). The two characters had become shareholders in the WS, and it was at the center of an interplanar invasion/plot (due to its connections with all the other planes). The story was eventually to involve a couple of gods, including a couple of other PCs from a Mafia-like group that a friend and I had come up with for yet another campaign (the term "Godfather" had particularly direct meaning to them).

Anyway, back on topic, I wonder what other Mystaran eras the Comeback Inn might have connections to? We know of three incarnations of the Inn- the Comeback Inn (Blackmoor), the Inn Between the Worlds ("present-day" Broken Lands), and the Prison Out of Time (a few years ahead of the Inn Between the Worlds). It might be interesting to postulate where/what/how/why it turned up in other Mystaran periods.


Jan 19, 2007 10:15:01
Good input on the Word Serpent Inn connection guys. It probably is a separate Inn, but perhaps some ideas can be brought over? Or perhaps the Comeback Inn becomes the World Serpent Inn in the future? Ofcourse, being Time Travelling, this will mean they effectively are two separate Inns.

In any case, I don't like mixing Mystara with the AD&D Settings too much.

So what do you guys think of my theory of the Comeback Inn being Khoronus' Time Machine?

This could explain why/when the Inn appears. It doesn't neccesarily have to be controlled by him at all times though. I kinda like the idea of the Inn being near sentient itself.

Some suggested Eras/Locations where the Inn appears:

* Blackmoor, classical Era
* Blackmoor, High tech era
* Broken Lands ca AC1000
* Blackmoor, Greyhawk: One of the few ways to get to GH
* Nithia, Nithian Era
* Blackmoor in the Hollow World AC 1000
* Lavv, Traladara, Gnoll invasions
* Taymor
* Melinir, Thunder Rift AC1010 (Hey, had to sneak that one in there! ;) )



Jan 19, 2007 11:02:12
In any case, I don't like mixing Mystara with the AD&D Settings too much.

Snap! WHich is why the World Serpent Inn will not be appearing IMC.

* Blackmoor in the Hollow World AC 1000

Tricky then, what with planar travel being prohibited unless its an artifact (IIRC).
Does give a quick way out of Hollow World if found though.

If we go with your idea of it being Khoronus' time machine maybe he converted it into an artifact once he became an Immortal.

One of its penalties being that it can contact the AD&D universe ;)

Post WOtI would work though as ordinary mortal magic.



Jan 19, 2007 11:33:06
Could it mean that the Inn Between Worlds have a connection with another time travelling device we know, at the serpent Penninsula? ;)


Jan 19, 2007 13:33:31
The Comeback Inn could also be the same as the Nexus from Where Chaos Reigns. Occam's Razor suggests to me that it's the same as the World Serpent Inn, even if some changes have to be made to make sense of that.


Jan 19, 2007 19:08:37
I like Havards ideas for additional time periods where the Inn could appear. (But ( not knowing much about the Inn ), I would argue that it be kept on the surface part of Mystara due to the rules of Hollow World.)
Returning to additional time periods, what about:

* The year the first Alphatians set foot on Mystara, and in a location close to that event.
* Thyatis City in the year 3 BC and 0 AC.
* Glantri 845-858 AC (The discovery of the Radiance).
* Sundsvall fall 1009 AC (Just before the city was destroyed).

My idea is link the Inns appearence to important events in the Mystaran history, but still making its appearence a bit chaotic, such as you will never know where you end up (again this is just brainstorming, elabortated from what everybody else has writting here).

Just my two 2 cent


Jan 20, 2007 1:37:33
At first I was annoyed that the Known World was ignored in the World Serpent articles, but after thinking about it, I don't go for much in the way of alternate primes or other worlds in the universe, so it's not really a bad thing to me.

The one idea I do like is Havard's mention of a link to the Thunder Rift. As the other default world for (pre-advanced)D&D, I'm happy with it being tied in.