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Jan 19, 2007 21:42:40
I know, I know, what I'm looking for would be in Denisens of Dread (or Darkness, whichever is the 3.5 version), but having lost mine a while back and having not replaced it, I was wondering if different races of vampire have different children of the night animals. This arises as one of my players is playing a half-elf Liberis Mortis half-vampire. As one could probablely figure out, she took children of the night for her special ability. Do elven vampires have a different set of animals for this ability, or is it always the same unless the vampire is a unique character? Also, IMO, the half-vampire from Liberis Mortis is not a dhampir, but more of a half-dhampir. I remember in 2005, the October issue of Dragon had half-undead in it. Does anyone remember what the half-vampire was called in that article? I plan on using that name for half-dhampirs.


Jan 21, 2007 13:22:47
i have pulled that issue out of its hiding place and have gone through the articles that deal with the undead but can find any reference to half vampires.
isnt there a half vampire template or a similar class in one of the monster manuals?


Jan 21, 2007 14:18:45
Okay, here's how it is. There's a difference between an elf vampire and an elven vampire. The former is an elf with the vampire template from the Monster Manual. The latter is an elf with the elven vampire template from Denizens of Dread.

A half-elf half-vampire has the standard Children of the Night ability of the vampire (although somewhat toned down, if I remember the half-vampire template correctly). I don't think there's an actual half-elven vampire template anywhere.

So, if you want to make a character who is simply a half-elf who also happens to be a half-vampire, there's no change. If you want a half-elf whose vampiric half comes from an elf with the elven vampire template, you might consider changing several abilities, not just the Children of the Night, to replicate the original template.

Oh, and I think the elven vampire summons eagles of some sort.


Jan 21, 2007 18:11:05
I was mistaken on the year of the Dragon. It would be 2004, if I remember correctly. I swear it was in the issue that had Strahd in it. Anyways, I'm trying to making the half-vampire from Libris Mortis more of a half-dhampir since IMO it is too watered down to be a true dhampir. So she should summon eagles instead of bats, huh? That works, but what about something instead of the rats? I want to have the half-elven strains and their half-breeds having a mix of elven and normal vampire's CoN animals, so I'm keeping the wolves. This is starting to come together nice: half-elves get eagles and wolves, and something else. Now to figure out the something else. I suppose hawks could work, but that is a bit off since that makes two flying animals. Of course, I suppose we could replace eagles with hawks and find another ground animal. Oh, I would like to thank Thig for his help.


Jan 21, 2007 18:32:22
i cant think of a good replacement for rats, i have looked at some summoning spells and such but nothing really strikes me as a "pick me"

at half time i will try to dig out the issue i think you are talking about, with a version of strahd on the cover




Jan 21, 2007 19:53:30
ok, i think i found it
its issue 313, nov of '03
the half vampire described in it is called the katane and it looks like it could a good template to add on depending on what the base creature is and its stats


Jan 22, 2007 15:19:21
hopefully I'm not giving too much info away if leave out the numbers.
The DoD Elven vampire summons hawks, eagles, wolves, or a swarm of tiny mammals like badgers, monkeys, rats or weasels. Kinda boring, IMHO. I would've gone with cats or foxes, but there you go...