good adventure for beginners?



Jan 21, 2007 18:14:00
I'd like to start an online dark sun game via fantasy grounds with some friend. All I own is the Paizo's version of the player's and DM's guide (and the version). Right now I'm looking for a low-level adventure to start off our campaign. I may be using the adventure in the dungeon magazine, but I'm keen on knowing more about the those beautiful AD&D adventures. A friend of mine has most of them so I could lend any I want. So some questions:

1. As far as I can see by now, there are two published dark sun campaigns. One consists of "Black Flame-Merchant House of Amketh - Marauders of Nibenay - Black Spine", the other of "Freedom - Road to Urik - Arcane Shadows - Asticlian Gambit - Dragon's crown". Besides those, there are some stand-alone adventures. So which of those campaigns do you like better? What are their differences? Which one has more epic proportions?

2. Which adventure would you recommend most for a beginning dark sun game? Please note that I haven't read very much besides paizo's stuff and would like to kick off this game soon.

3. What's your absolute favourite among all published adventures?



Jan 21, 2007 18:33:10
Freedom, A Little Knowledge, Arcane Shadow, A Road to Urik.


Jan 21, 2007 19:24:34
The Freedom - Dragon Crown run is most definately the better adventure series, not to mention much more epic in scale. Pure Gold.

The other series has some cool moments, but basically leads up to the, IMO, rather cheesy end-cap adventure Black Spine.