Where to place Slaughtergarde?



Jan 22, 2007 18:53:55
The WOTC just created an adventure called the Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (very cool entry level module). In the campaign guide it consists of 2 worlds(Eberron and FGR) where the adventure takes place. The setting is called the Valley of the Obelisk, which seems to be setup in frontier area of the worlds. I'm not to good at geography of Greyhawk, so where would you place this adventure.



Jan 22, 2007 19:11:15
The Cairn Hills.


Jan 22, 2007 19:45:21
Thanks rip? Is there any other ideas or suggestions you can add about the Slaugtergarde and how can the Mad God's Key adventure mix in with this adventure?



Jan 23, 2007 2:38:18
Judging from the summary of what SGoS is about, I can't see any direct link to MGK. If there is a very very difficult lock somewhere in SGoS that adventurers need to pass then, obviously, getting Zagyg's key becomes a good idea.

The slight problem I see with SGoS is that WoG isn't that good a setting for it IMO.

WoG had a big Law vs Chaos war involving a demon lord.. er.. lady, looooooong ago. Plus a Good vs Evil smaller war more recently (also involving a demon lady.. see a trend here? / ToEE). Of course, there is also the ongoing war against Iuz, a demonic godling.

The point is that those conflicts all left their mark on history, if only through old legends, but there is no mention of the Slaughtergarde battle anywhere so that will end up as yet another retcon and not a good one at that (just how many times did WoG host a "big battle between Good and Evil" anyway?)

The battle described in SGoS looks epic enough that some people at the very least should remember it.

If I ran it, I would retcon it as a part of the Law vs Chaos war. The demon prince involved would become a minion/ally of the Queen of Chaos (after all, she already had one - Miska - at her service so why not another?) and Slaughtergarde would become a major fortress of the forces of Chaos. Its fall would have been a major victory for the forces of Law, though not the final battle.

Heck, you could even leave clues about it in the tomb of the windlord described in Dungeon #124 and thus link it to Paizo's Age of Worms adventure path.


Jan 23, 2007 16:12:53
Both Iggwilv and Tuerny were known for summoning mighty demon lords in their conquests.

Maybe you could place it in the Yatils, and have the demon be something summoned by Iggwilv.

Or maybe you could connect it to the Blood Obelisk of Aerdy in the Gull Cliffs, and have the demon be something summoned by Tuerny.

Or perhaps the demon lord is Xazivort, who was imprisoned by priests of Pholtus beneath the Gnarley.


Jan 25, 2007 2:21:59
Or maybe you could connect it to the Blood Obelisk of Aerdy in the Gull Cliffs, and have the demon be something summoned by Tuerny.

My idea as well. Another option would be the the Howling Hills,
or maybe the Corusk Mountains - for me. at least.