Ship ideas...



Feb 06, 2007 19:13:44
OK, been thinking about doing something for a while now, and the ideas have been bouncing around in my head annoying me... so i'm gonna whip this up real quick and see what comes up. due to lack of existence of any sort of commonly agreed upon 3rd edition rules (to my knowledge), this is all 2nd edition.

take a look, let me know how you feel about them, comment on balance, etc. (i am posting as i go, and editing in the newer ships, so keep an eye on the main post).

Ship 1a
Name: Manta (Combat)
Built By: Humans*
Used Primarily By: Humans*
Cost: 26,000**
Tonnage: 10
Hull Points: 10
Crew: 3/5*** (1 pilot, 2 sail crew)
Maneuverability Class: A or C
Landing-Land: No
Landing-Water: No
Armor Rating: 10
Saves As: Thin Wood
Power Type: Nonmagical****
Ship's Rating: 3 or 5
Standard Armament:
2 x light catapult (360 top)
Crew: 1 each
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons
Keel Length: 90 feet
Beam Width: 30 feet

Description: the manta class ship is designed on similar principles to the catamaran. it has an SR of 3 normally, or 5 when unable to travel at spelljamming speeds. Manta Ships come standard with topped-out rigging, and count as if they have netting. They are most often used for scouting duties, and are almost always found in groups of 2 or more (to get the higher speed). they are a very fast, highly maneuverable craft, and rely mainly on their speed, agility, and a relatively high offensive power for their size in combat. they are most often found as a sort of fighter escort, or sometimes as heavy scouts. they are, of course, shaped like a large manta ray, with the sails extending out to make the ship appear even wider than it is long (the sails fold in to the side for docking). they are the product of a spacefaring nation and are built as a space fighter, and are built to make use of both sides of the gravity plane as needed, though they cannot land anywhere other than a dock along a gravity plane without modification. Both sides have no real roof (or rooms, for that matter) other than what are basically tents and are about 4.5 feet deep with a light wall to make boarding difficult and to keep the crew from falling into the gravity plane. they are used by the military for scouting, patrol duties, fighters, and are also the workhorse of choice (see the other entry for details).

Common Modifications: mantas often have up to 3 extra light catapults (the military versions in particular) on the underside, and often use protective turrets. It is also not uncommon to see thick wood used instead of thin wood (MC becomes B, cost increases to 31,000).


Feb 07, 2007 14:49:13
This post is more about the buildings, but is tied in closely to the ships. same empire, etc.

Building Block

Name: Building Block
Built By: Humans
Used Primarily By: Humans
Cost: special (about 200 gp to make and move, plus terraforming)
Tonnage: 10
Hull Points: 10
Crew: 0/10
Maneuverability Class: F (when towed)
Landing-Land: No
Landing-Water: No
Armor Rating: 6
Saves As: Stone
Power Type: None
Ship's Rating: 0
Standard Armament: none
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons
Keel Length: 30 feet
Beam Width: 30 feet

Description: a cube, 30 feet on a side, basically. This is the basic building block of the empire, and most settlements are made from these. The precise floorplans change from block to block, depending on needs, but some of the more common floor plans include:
A hallway down the middle, including stairs between levels. three levels, for rooms per level. (housing)
A large, empty cube (storage, usually)
a main central room with smaller rooms off to the side (offices, stables, small schools, market stalls, etc) on each floor, with a stairway in the middle.
Nothing (ie, no cube is there, it's just empty space. most often used for internal docking of ships)

depending on needs, the cubes may be grown together, or they may be joined mechanically (bolts, etc), or even magically fused (stone shape, for example), though the latter is rare and mostly used by extremely wealthy people.