Dark Sun Online Chat Game - Anybody starting one?



Feb 07, 2007 8:06:59
Hello Dark Sun fans!

I am wondering, whether anybody is starting up or planning to start up a new Dark Sun game through the internet. Despite my long-term affinity for Dark Sun, I am basically a complete newbie to the game, as the only Dark Sun game I DMed was abortive due to people having to move countries and was in any case a long time ago. Still, have much love for the flavorful Dark Sun setting and would very much like to get some gaming done in Athas. In my country, this is close to impossible, since RPGs are not well known and not very popular and those who know them generally consider them childish, so the internet is my only recourse for the moment.

So... if anybody is planning a new Dark Sun game and is willing to get a Dark Sun newbie on board, please do post.


Feb 07, 2007 9:03:06
I used to run online games but I found it far too slow and problematical with time zones :/

Best ways I can see to do it are:

1) use voice chat, it helps enormously. Makes things far faster, allows acting/ropleplaying. So teamspeak, ventrilo ec.

2) Board play, find a forum, play "per post" this avoids the seirous problem of time zones and trying to arrange times to meet up and play.
-It can be ruined when folk forget to post, turns get messed up ebcause of that etc.

3) Use a game interface like OPENRPG or FANTASY GROUNDS.
they are kind of neat, but for me the time it takes is bad, because it's slower than playing aorund a board.

I would recommend that to make things speedy, the DM limit the time folk have for making their turns, say 2 minutes online or a day or less if board playing.


Feb 07, 2007 11:36:30
Thanks for the suggestions Silverblade the Enchanter. Ultimately, I would, of course, play in whatever the internet mode the DM prefers, be it chat or play by post. I was merely under the impression that chat play is more fluid and faster.