help needed



Feb 10, 2007 21:46:18
Hi everyone!

Ravenloft is one of my favourite worlds in DnD. I try to collect all Ravenloft novel books but I simply couldn't find a complete list about it. In addition I don't have access to these books because the local RPG store doesn't have them! What makes collecting these books even harder is that I live in Hungary, Central Europe. I already tried at amazon and ebay but none of these possibilities brought me success. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



Feb 11, 2007 3:51:07

Look at the section titled "Ravenloft Novels". There you go.


Feb 11, 2007 10:47:30
Thanks a lot!

Now I managed to figure out what books do I miss. These:

King of the Dead
Tales of Ravenloft
Lord of Necropolis
I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin

If any of you know how could I get these books please let me know!

Thanks again!


Feb 11, 2007 11:17:12
they all appear to be on amazon, follow the link for each book
"King of the Dead"

"Tales of Ravenloft"

"Lord of the Necropolis"

I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin


Feb 11, 2007 20:17:45
Yes, and ebay too is a good tool.