how did you spend your valentine's day?



Feb 14, 2007 17:41:34
Last night I showed my halfling lover a flower which only grows near the foot of the ringing mountains. in fact, the only spot where I know where to find them is in an area occupied by a group of carnivorous, blood sucking vines. Needless to say, it's a very dangerous place. But oh my romantic heart beckons me to try and bring back that exotic blue flower which turns red at dusk. I kiss my love good day this morning as I secretly make my way to the spot where I know those flowers are waiting for me.

In case I don't return, please tell her I love her.

From the PP books we have an idea of love among elves and even among muls and half elves. Has anyone ever played in a game or run an adventure where a PC sacrificed himself or endangered himself for the sake of a loved one?


Feb 15, 2007 3:02:31
Sending my love to the slave pits!


Feb 15, 2007 16:36:54
I spent it selling overpriced jewelry to the commoners and a few nobles. Sad. Most of the commoners couldn't afford such gems, but they were doing it for love. Fools! I must of sold over ten-thousand ceramic pieces!

The definition of last minute; Waiting until almost midnight, Valentine's day, to buy your wife a Valentine's gift.

Guys, it's on the calender and it happens every year.


Feb 15, 2007 20:52:32
Sorry, I don't have any ideas on dwarven courtship (other than they must be hard to turn down once they have an eye on someone else ;)) but please, could you give me details about this marvelous plant you were talking earlier? I need to include it in my athasian flora compilation (as one of your creation, of course).

Let me know also if you have others.



Feb 15, 2007 21:44:54
In Japan (somewhere to the east of the Tablelands, AFAIK), Valentine's day is reversed. The girl gives chocolate to the guy! :D


Feb 16, 2007 0:49:34
Treating my noble lady like a common courtesan........