Treaty of the four towers question



Feb 15, 2007 14:50:16
Hello my fellow mist lingers

In the campaign I am running the PCs has just arrived in Borca - trough a suprising turn of events - and now I am coming to grips with its history. In that respect can any of you fill me in on the treaty of the four towers also known as the league of five nations?

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Feb 15, 2007 15:04:03
Off the top of my head, it is to keep Folkavnia from further invasions.


Feb 15, 2007 15:27:42
Yes, that makes perfect sense. Borca and Richemeulot are among its members but who else? And who where the founding families? A weathermay is mentioned. Has he/she got any relation to the weathermay-foxgrove girls?

EDIT: The other nations are Dementlieu and Larmodia. (Wikipedia. The "five nations" must be a typo in the gazetteer.)


Feb 15, 2007 16:32:56
in quick answer to your questions
the member nations of the Treaty of four towers are Richmeulot, Dementlieu, Mordent, Borca, and (formerly) Dorvinia. This is why it was called the league of five nations prior to the grand conjuction. the "four towers" refer not to the countries, but to the ruling families responsible for thier domains entering the treaty. The families are Renier, Guignol, Weathermay, and Dilisnya respectively a piece of trivia briefly mentioned in volume 4 of the doomsday gazzettes.

and yes, that is the same wheathermay family as Laurie and Gennifer, well as Vanrichten's old buddy George, but officially the three of them take no part in politics, despite being the most likely heirs to rule mordent should anything unfortunate happen to Jules weathermay, the current patriarch.


Feb 15, 2007 17:40:01
Also if u want some brief history on Falkovnia's military invasion blunders on

Lamordia (The Falkovnian armies first encounter with fire arms and the harsh

winters of the land. Lasts from 695-696 and in 703 Lamordia and Folkovnia

sign a non-agression pact in exchange for goods), Darkon ( Where Azalin just

raises the bordor of zombies and the fallen Falkovnian soldiers again and

again dubbing the many Dead Man Campains of 70, 704, 711-722), Borca

(Ivana Boritsi just posions the invasion force in 706), Dementlieu (Fire arms

and canons vs. full plate = slaughter in 707 and 724), Richemulot (724), and

Dorvinia (727) in the Ravenloft Gazetteer 3 pages 93-94.

Drakov loves to lose!


Feb 15, 2007 18:42:20
What was Dorvinia? Where was it and what theme was it?



Feb 15, 2007 18:47:03
I have been trying to find that out as well. I dont have any of the 2nd

edition books, so the name is the first time I've encountered it in my books.


Feb 15, 2007 20:52:38
What was Dorvinia? Where was it and what theme was it?


During the GC, Dorvinia (home of Ivan Dilisnya) has melted with Borca (home of his cousin, Ivana) to form one domain with two darklords.



Feb 16, 2007 6:58:03
The Shadow Rift now stands where Dorvinia and G'Henna used to stand. Dorvinia shared a small border with Borca, and when the Grand Conjunction happened, Ivan Dilisnya crossed the border to be with his distant cousin, Ivana.

(The Kargat - the designers of the Ravenloft setting - have said that the main reason they did this was because Dorvinia and Borca were just too similar to warrant keeping them as separate domains. Also, G'Henna was too bleak and infertile to "fit in" climate wise with the rest of the Core, so they removed it and replaced it with the Shadow Rift.)

From what I remember from my 2nd Ed. sourcebook, Dorvinia was basically the same type of place that Borca was. Treachery and poisonings occurred a fair bit.

If you want to recreate it, I'd suggest going with Borca and then adding a major theme of arts and theater. Ivan Dilisnya is a quirky man and fancies himself a great actor, fiddling about with props and costumes. Perhaps a burgeoning theater industry has grown up, entertaining the ruler himself and also the rival houses vying for his attention and favor.


Feb 16, 2007 7:19:14
Actually, Dorvinia did not become part of the Shadow Rift, but simply fused together with Borca, in the same way that the two halves of Gundarak were attached to Barovia and Invidia.

Dorvinia corresponded to the northeastern chunk of Borca, in which Lechberg and Ivan Dilisnya's estate are located. Gaz IV mentions how folks in the Dorvinian part of Borca all disagree with their neighbors in Ivana's former territory, as to precisely when Dorvinia emerged from the Mists.

HuManBeing was thinking of Markovia, not Dorvinia. Markovia moved from the center of the Core to the Sea of Sorrows, in the Great Upheaval, so it would better emulate the novel "The Island of Dr. Moreau", on which it's very strongly based.


Feb 16, 2007 7:39:31
Thanks for all your great - and fast - replies