How have you molded Krynn for your campaign?



Feb 15, 2007 20:04:12
Curious if there are any people who have or are running Dragon Lance campaigns that have done some landscape reshaping. I always had issues with the world being so "run by the books" and always wanted to reshape the world, maybe kill off some lands making the world more user friendly, maybe changing up the super powers some to give the world more flavor etc etc

anyone done anything like this to there Krynn?


Feb 16, 2007 7:59:47
I am prepping for a DL game and I setting the time for around 1000 PC. Somyeah I am reshaping some of the lands and making up some history to go along with it as well. One big thing, the ogre civilization is back.


Feb 21, 2007 19:06:38
would love to hear more on this idea from you sir.


Feb 24, 2007 21:11:28
waaaay off topic and probably a thread hi-jack ...

But DL would make a fun WoW type game


Feb 26, 2007 22:12:10
I think so too! Think of all the Robed Wizards and the kender running around.