Vale Tudo in Athas



Feb 16, 2007 16:52:49
I was readin in the City State of Draj that people often watched fights in their courtyards or any space that was clear and open enough to fight. This struck a very close resemblance to that of the Siamese culture. In my game, draj is based off of the Aztek and Thai cultures.

How common would it be to have fights going on in a bar while people watched or in a noble's house while they drank away as they watched. Would it be something that was practiced often. Would it be like Pankration in Balic that everyone could practice since they are all militia members?

I know gladiator combat is very very common and i was wondering if a less fatal form would be practiced for all hours of the evening. In addition, i also read that muls with without weapons would be sent into the pits to fight.

I've also been doing some research on western Martial arts and found submission wrestling to be quite common throughout history and used in warfare. This would make me think that perhaps there would be some tournaments or what not being held. This is all just speculation. Thanks.


Feb 17, 2007 1:30:07
I made an NPC based completely around "sanctioned" bar-fighting. Once the NPC projects get going again, you might be able to ask the project head to take a look at it.