African planet



Feb 17, 2007 8:48:15
I was reading about African PC in Dragon Magazine # 195 (warriors), #200 (mages), #202 (demihumans), #209 (priests), #122 (monsters), #189 (campaign), #215 (gods).
It could be interesting to place all this stuff in ome Known Sphere world... An African world, with the Dark Continent described in Dragon #189... but I need a planet to put all these on...


Feb 17, 2007 10:35:03
It was easy... I found the right world: Takhisis, 3rd moon of Zivilyn, Krinnspace. It is a perfect African world!


Feb 17, 2007 15:06:08
Are you familiar with Nyambe?


Feb 17, 2007 19:06:53
Nyambe is interesting, thanks for letting me know about it. Maybe I'll use the human subcultures, but as I use AD&D2ed rules, I think I'll not use demihuman races - I don't like halflings, gnomes, dwarve and elves in an African setting, when I have demihumans such as loa-legba (animal spirit), felaka (cat-people), kraggen (mantis thri-kreen), zebrataur etc. all from Dragon #202!


Feb 23, 2007 16:55:42
isn't the dracon homeworld described as one with large savana's?


Feb 23, 2007 17:45:43
isn't the dracon homeworld described as one with large savana's?

I think so, although I believe it does have seas (dracons used ocean-type vessels), and the climate is chaotic enough to force constant migrations. The best source for info on the dracons is to find stuff about the k'kree from Traveller, which was the primary inspiration for the dracon race ;)