True20 and Toronto



Feb 25, 2007 16:27:18
Has anyone ever tried playing Dark Sun on True20?

True20 is a sort of D&D Lite:

Also, any Dark Sun fans in Toronto?



Feb 25, 2007 16:58:35
When I looked over True20 in my FLGS a few months back I seem to recall that it did simplify things (which was a plus) but not exactly in a way I was hoping for. I'd have to look at it again to see exactly why I thought that at the time though.

I had given serious consideration to statting out a bunch of Dark Sun races and abilities using Mutants & Masterminds at one point though. M&M still seemed relatively simple to me and even more flexible when it comes to building characters.


Feb 25, 2007 19:06:34
I will be running a game in Toronto in the beginning of August for 1 day. Probably an 8 hour session. longer if possible.

I currently live in china but went back last august and played a game with some friends. This will be a continuation of this campaign, and is "supposed" to be short. If you'd like to join for that one time, you're more than welcome.

The more detailed and interesting your PC's background, the better.

The story happens in Raam. A war has erupted between house M'ke and the night runner elven tribe. The PCs were supposed to be on house M'ke's side but through amazing and unexpected roleplaying, they are on the night runners' side. kinda. Anyway let me know if you want to join for this one session only game.


Feb 25, 2007 19:10:43
Wow, awesome. Count me in. Are you teaching in China or maybe you have family there? Are your other Dark Sun buddies in Toronto too?

Let's take this to MSN or other IM if you have...?


Feb 26, 2007 9:05:58
St. Catharines area for me, not too far from Toronto...but August is a LONG way off! PM me if you want to discuss further


Feb 27, 2007 15:39:56
There used to be a lot of Canadian Dark Sun fans on these boards, but they´re spread out all over the country. I am sure they´ll pop out of their holes if they´re still around.