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Well, after looking up some stuff, reading what other people have posted, and looking at ancient weapons and suggestions, I have decided what to do with certain cultures in the aspects of war.

I will start with the citystates presented and then speculate about why they developed such technology because of history and location. This is a personal project and I am opent to criticism and suggestions. In fact, I would really appreciate any comments at all.


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I have based Urik in my games off of the Persians mixed with Alexander the great. I believe it works since Hamanu thinks he is the king of the world anyways. Anyhow, perhaps you could help with the fluff from the prism of the pentad. Thanks


Common Styles

Spear and Shield
Sword and Shield
Mass Weapon and Shield
Pole - Arms

Typical soldiers

Heavy Calvary - Armed with a Lance and shield along with a bow and sword, the Urikite Calvary is feared indeed

Assorted Infantry

To be continued gtg


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In my games I have based them off of the Thai and the Aztecs. The reason for this is because they will have to be aggressive, devoted, and brutal. In my games the average soldier will wear either leather, or hemp armor (usually a combination of Cuirboli and hemp or padded armor.



Typical styles:

Two Macahuitl's, similar to Krabi-Krabong or Escrima


Sword and Shield Style (Macahuitl, or axe)


One Two-Handed Macahuitl

Bare-Handed (infighting style): Muay Thai

Bow and arrow

Single Polearm

Unit Types

Eagle Knight - Scouts and Troops. Served as messengers and runners. Prone to fast aggressive movements and jumping. Usually fighting sword and shield or with 2 swords.

Jaguar Knight - Spy's and Elite Shock Troops. Fearless, strong, and brutal. 2 handed macahuitl and spears are common. 2 macahuitl's and sword and shield style are often not used because the lack of power. Sometimes 2 swords are used to emulate a jaguar's claws.

Arrow Knight - Elite Archers

Strategies and history to come


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For the reasons behind the development of Draj, one need only look to the history of real-world Tenochtitlan. The only difference in the geology of the cities is the lake around Tenochtitlan is substituted for a mud-flat in Draj. Agriculture, local materials, and many other things are exactly the same. Thus, the reasons for the development of weapons would be the same as well..


Feb 25, 2007 19:08:10
IIRC Draj was built on an earlier ziggurat from an unkown culture.

That is a very helpful observation however. Thank you.

My idea of the past is something that goes back to the green age back when good ol' Teck was fighting the wemics. Why would they have developed such tactics? Why would they not use mounts? Why would they use straight, short blades, axes, spears, and arrows?

i'm not done with the write up, but i believe that Wemics were barbaric and used mostly psionics and spears. I picture them a neolithic culture and would use spears and their natural weapons.

I can imagine that they would try to eliminate them with arrows and fire (i believe that wemics would reside in fields). Defiling magic would also be a very very important task. I believe the amount of psionics that the wemics had influenced Teck into taking a personal interest in psionics and trying to field as many of them as warriors. Once the arrowknights were no longer of use, the infantry would charge forth. I believe that wemics would scare mounts so that they would no longer be of use. I think they would either try to imitate their enemy after throwing a spear or receiving a charge. Grappling wouldn't be the wise choice since the size of their enemy. Hence the Muay Thai. I would think that the people would have come from a jungle like setting mixed with a desert region. Perhaps coastal. This is just an idea though.


Feb 25, 2007 20:29:52
I kind of have the idea in my head that "modern" Draji culture developed after the Cleansing Wars were over, or at least their tools and weaponry did. But that viewpoint depends on whether one thinks of the Green Age as metal-rich or not. I can see Draj having a very Thai-esque culture, with martial arts and metal weapons, then as metal became more and more scarce, "grandfathering" their martial techniques to weapons made of the materials at hand (obsidian, etc).

As they moved into Draj proper, they could have borrowed the Aztec-type warrior culture elements from whoever inhabited the area before them, maybe even the Wemics themselves.


Feb 26, 2007 11:15:29
Well I have some weapons of prehispanic peruvian cultures (of a setting me and my friends are making) who can fit well into Athas. The problem is were.

Do everybody check athas.org?


Feb 27, 2007 19:12:31
the ones i have started work on are urik, draj, and balic. just thought i'd post and update...like anyone cares...oh well.