Dark Sun starter



Feb 25, 2007 17:36:36
Hello, I'm in a Dark Sun campaign and would like to know has anyone played a psionic character and would be willing to give me some advice?

What utility powers would you choose for such a world, power picking up to 5th level powers.
We have Mind's Eye Psychic Rogue, a Soulnife with manifesting abilities almost like Psychic Warriors but limited only to 5th level and a Seer
So if someone can write his experience with utility powers in dark sun I'd be very grateful.


Feb 26, 2007 11:23:52
Well i guess its a 3rd edition game (third edition in athas.org is fine)

Dark Sun is a barren world: water is priceless and weapons broke often.
Use powers who let you be always armed.
You are a seer, maybe searching-water-like and precognition powers proves you important for the rest of the party and somewhat-friendly people around, enough to do not let you die.