Re-designed Wasp ship :)



Feb 26, 2007 14:44:38
Since I've been building the Sj ships in 3d, some have shown to have obvious problems, like the Wasp being ridiculous in it's differences between illustration, deckplan and practicality.

So, this is deisgn work on the Wasp, pics at top of page

Also made a variant with the long tial removed and simpel stern in its place. Rather than make the odd enclosed area for the top ballista, I made it into a turret.

and this a test render of finished ship, still need to make better textures though

Hope that seems more believable for the ship?


Feb 26, 2007 14:52:01
Lookin' good!

And slightly more believable - well done!



Feb 27, 2007 10:16:51
Thanks mate )