Mystara in UnCon 2007?



Feb 26, 2007 18:54:22
Anyone interested in running some D&D modules, design contests, or similar activities at UnCon 2007 that focus a bit on Mystara? It'd be IMHO a very good way to showcase the setting and some of the key characters and concepts, and get new blood involved. The con itself may be 5-6 months away at this point, but who's to say we can't start putting together ideas and pitching potential events now?

(Brief explanation for the unfamiliar - UnCon is the WotC Boards' annual 'convention', a weeklong parade of online game design chats, contests, roleplaying sessions, and similar. Magic gets a lot of attention, as does D&D core and Eberron, and Planescape gets some notice through Outer Planes material. So why not some Mystara input?)