Bionoid feats and customization



Feb 26, 2007 19:15:54
I have a player who are going to play an elf bionoid psychic warrior 17 for my epic campaign level 21.

He asks me to grant him this feats:

Blast mastery (bionoid)
Prerequisites: blast bionoid ability, character must be a bionoid
With this feat a bionoid can make any damage with his blast weapon provided he takes half of the damage. In adition if the bionoid fails the system shock he is stunned not dead.

Item absorption (bionoid)
Prerequisites: character must be a bionoid, graft weapon psionic power
With this feat a bionoid is accostomed to merge any item to his body as long as he pays the same amount of money to a xixchil bio-engineer or similar expert. The item then used up the slot of the item.
For example a girdle of giant strenght +6 will cost double and used up the belt slot for the bionoid.

Is that fair?
PEACH please