Passion of the Final Days



Feb 27, 2007 7:55:37
It is a time of dying stars. Wyches and daemons burn our worlds, pleagues crumble civilisation, and Scourge comes from the dark between the stars, harvesting souls and changing the very face of the cosmos for reasons utterly alien to patterns of human mind.
It is also the age of the Prophecy. On a distant frozen world a man has arised calling out to the passion burning in human soul. He has seen the future and he has seen hope.
Meanwhile remnants of the old empire struggle to hold shattered pieces of their power together while the Church calls across the galaxy for a Last Crusade.
And in the depths of Whisperspace Expanse, beyond madness infested tear in the fabric of cosmos known as the Rapture, a latticework of cubic alien planetoids spin slowly around their core, slowing down with each revolution, a countdown to Salvation..or Doom.

If anyone is interested in playing this alternity PBP game apply here