Ravenloft needs love too



Feb 27, 2007 23:17:26
There is a poll at Paizo.com, the company that publishes both Dungeon and Dragon magazines, asking what everyone's favorite setting is. So far, the Domain of Dread has gotten NO love.

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Show 'em what we're made of. ;)


Feb 28, 2007 12:12:46
Love given.


Mar 02, 2007 11:19:53
1. Love given.

2. Wow, not many folks like Ebberon. Surprising considering how hard they push that crap.


Mar 02, 2007 16:25:44
Wow, not many folks like Ebberon. Surprising considering how hard they push that crap.

My understanding is that the goal of the Ebberon setting is to bring new & younger players into D&D, specifically targeting the "manga-phile" type. It's not as profitable to only cater to the older, established players; for the game itself to survive for another 30 years, they must continously gain new players/buyers. I too despise Ebberon, but I'm old and my idea of fantasy role playing is shaped by what I grew up on, Tolkien & "Dark Shadows". I've tried Ebberon, but it just dosn't appeal to me. The unfortunate thing for us "various settings" fans is that back in the day, TSR fractionalized their buyers; they had less total people per setting and while those fewer people may have been more happy with their worlds, sales of each setting went down (while costs must have increased). WotC tries to avoid that currently by only having FR, Ebb, and 'generic' settings, sadly for us old-timers. I do see it as a good thing that they have started getting back into publishing modules, and as much as I was disappointed by "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft", I am looking forward to the next few releases in that series later this year.


Mar 02, 2007 18:17:56
They are publishing more Ravenloft Modules? Or just more old school modules reworked?


Mar 03, 2007 7:23:32
No, nothing more has been announced for Ravenloft beyond the re-released of some of the novels. I was referring to the "Expedition to.." series, it has been announced that WotC will be publishing three more, "..Demonweb Pits", "..Ruins of Greyhawk", and "..Undermountain".


Mar 03, 2007 19:36:01
Vote for Ravenloft posted!

I, for one, am not a fan of the uber-fantasy of Eberron either, instead being an old-school horror fan (Hammer films, Dark Shadows, Kolchak: The Night Stalker; Mario Bava films, etc.) and preferring low(er) magic worlds like Ravenloft.

As one poster mentioned here, too many settings split the RPG buying community thereby causing all setting product lines to suffer. That's true even across game companies which is why the White Wolf Ravenloft game line was cancelled.

Fortunately, the internet makes fan-communication and fan-publishing easy. So, the settings survive anyway by the efforts of the fans.