How have you shaped your Greyhawk campaign?



Feb 28, 2007 19:31:35
anyone done anything to there campaign to give theres a twist? Also lookin for folks who have tightened up the kingdoms and lands any, reshaped the world etc etc lookin for neat campaign ideas.

Mine went like this ....

two major forces of good, Nyrond and Furyondy
main evils Great Kingdom was in power, and owned most of the east and Iuz owned pretty muich the North.

The campaign was pretty much dominated by evil, the two good nations struggling to stay in power. Free city of Greyhawk turned into a small sity state with it taking over the surrounding lands due to the influx of imagrants from destroyed lands.

The west is a waste land full of rampaging evils, the Drow gathering all the humanoids including giants and over ran the west lands. Elves in Celene have there borders closed, Dwarves retreated to there mountain city and closed there borders.

ummmm pretty much thats it, some smaller areas still standing but thats the general picture. ANyone else wanna share?


Mar 05, 2007 22:04:21
I don't like to make major changes, so the balance of power stays pretty much as the LGG outlines things. We do have fun and have managed to kill most of Iuz' Boneheart advisors for instance, but they are replaced of course so, in the long run, doesn't really change much. However, I don't like the primitive medieval atmosphere, and have always assumed that technologically, things are at a level similar to ca. 1800 Earth, so it's just before industrialization (at least one, and maybe two, printing presses were recovered from the Sea of Dust, so there is now the Greyhawk Gazette, complete with reporters, artists and so on... Nerof Gasgal even has an editorial column!).

Due to goings-on in Dark Gate and the exploration of the Sea of Dust, certain items necessary just to see in the bright light (small discs of darkened glass set in frames and called "sunglasses") have become quite popular in Greyhawk. I don't know if chocolate is known in the Flanaess, but in my campaign it isn't, but during a trip to the far west, it is cultivated and was found to be quite popular, so it's been imported and sells quite well. There are confectioners who sell only chocolate, and one man who opened a small chain in Chendl and whose name was too long simply used his first initial and calls it C's...

Most, if not all, of the good nations recognize the importance of education, and so everyone is schooled to some extent and so most people can read and write; even in evil nations, many recognize the need to be able to read stolen plans etc from good nations, so most can read and write there too. It's usually only humanoids who can't...

My version of Oerth may be a lot different than most, I would imagine...


Mar 06, 2007 9:44:47
My version of Oerth may be a lot different than most, I would imagine...



Mar 06, 2007 14:43:08
We have many science fiction elements as well; we've often compared our vimanas to starships, and further modifications will make them not unlike the Liberator on Blake's 7...