New Undead



Mar 01, 2007 21:52:17
Has anyone else used Van Ricten's Guide to the Walking Dead to improve on any of the monsters in Libris Mortis? I'm currently working on a creation based on the deathlock. The original creator, Opalatis, for whom the creations take their name, Opalatine, add wings and several other things, which are taken out of VR'sGttWD. If anyone is interested, I will post the Opalatine, and an improved version of it called which makes up the Popomnian Brigade. The Popomnian Brigade was created as the request of Popomnia's king. I will post more on Popomnia if anyone is interested.


Mar 03, 2007 16:30:57
Hello? Anyone going to reply? Hmmm, I guess I forgot about the fact that neither of the sources is really OGL. Oops.


Mar 11, 2007 13:47:08
Libris Mortis is alright but I prefer throwing modified base creatures rather than entirely new and different monsters. There's little in there I can't do with a few feats, some salient powers, templates or a class level or two.