Freeport Blog mentions Mystara



Mar 05, 2007 13:41:24
Conversation shifted and we started thinking about Freeport’s utility and appeal. Aside from its general awesomeness, Freeport’s biggest feature was that it could plug into any d20 setting, from Greyhawk to Midnight, from Arcanis to Goodman Game’s Known World, from Mystara to even (with a bit of a stretch) to Gamma World. With a few adjustments, Freeport could even work as an alternate reality in the World of Freedom (ok, that’s probably pushing it, or is it?)… it could go anywhere.


Mar 05, 2007 15:05:15


Mar 06, 2007 2:19:43

Indeed! Freeport was already easy to integrate with Mystara and there are many hints to things that may or may not be Mystara references, including a D'Ambreville character.

We know that while Chris Pramas is no Mystara expert, he did play Castle Amber at one point.

Rob Schwalb, who is writing the new Freeport book seems to be even more familiar with the setting...