Galactic Federation is actually Blackmoor?



Mar 07, 2007 7:17:19
Here's an appropriately Star Trek-ish idea:

What if the FSS Beagle was actually a Space Ship built by Blackmoor or one of its colonies? Being hit by shock waves from the Great Rain of Fire caused it to misjump ending up a few thousand years back in time.

Since language changed over the centuries, the crew did not immediately realize that they were on the same planet. Since they have had little contact with locals and their systems arent working properly it will be some time before they do realize it.

There are a few references that contradict this, and a few things that need to be explained to make it work (like why is their skin green now?), but its not too bad....



Mar 07, 2007 10:21:06
That's an interesting idea... I'm not as up to speed on Blackmoor, so I'm not sure of all the issues with pursuing this concept. You could however explain the green skin as radiation damage...