quick question - skimmer crew size



Mar 07, 2007 7:24:11
I have a question about the size of a silt skimmer. These are skimmers designed to be fast and moving by sails, and will belong to a fleet raised by andropinis for a pinishing expedition on marauding giants (A very large fleet of 50).

I plan to post my starting players on one as slaves. These are medium sized skimmers, with one forward balista and another on the right side. There will be a defiler moving the ship when there are no winds.

My initial count is 10 slaves: 8 on watch every time, where 4 are working the sails, 2 watchers and 2 for cleaning and general chores. the slave which are not working may rest. 4 of them operate the balistas.

Apart from them, there are 10 other people on board, which may be the captain, a templar, the defiler, and 7 other who can be soldiers or auxiliaries.


Does this look right to you?
I don't remember what's the crew size from the official accessories as I'm working a new campaign after a long time of not playing. On the original skimmers the wheels where hollow and slaves activated them? (do I mix this with something else..? )



Mar 07, 2007 8:04:07
I think Methvezem has complete stats for it. Meth?


Mar 07, 2007 10:30:44
http://www.strategicoversight.com/Silt%20Galleon.jpg - That's my version of the silt galleons from the Prism Pentad. It's based off of the Spelljammer rules and deck plans from 2e. I gave a crew count of 90, not only because it fits in with the "historical" figures for a ship of that size (at least, as portrayed by TSR and later, WotC), and also because the description of the ship-vs.-giants scene from the Obsidian Oracle (?) led me to believe that the ship crews were fairly large.