Codex Immortalis I - English Translations



Mar 09, 2007 9:07:33
With the kind permission of Marco, here are the English versions of the new cleric domains in Appendix 11 of Codex I. Each Domain will be given its own post for indexing purposes.




Mar 09, 2007 9:08:34
Granted powers: Perform becomes a class skill for you, you also gain a +2 bonus to all Perform skill checks and Craft skill checks in regards to an art of your choice (like handwriting, painting, sculpture, weaving, etc).
Spells of the Arts domain
1. Disguise self
2. Enthral
3. Eagle’s splendor
4. Sculpt sound
5. Programmed image
6. Shout, greater
7. Prismatic spray
8. Sympathy
9. Irresistible Dance (Otto’s)


Mar 09, 2007 9:09:18
Granted powers: You can turn or destroy fire creatures as a good cleric turns undead. You can also rebuke, command, or bolster cold as an evil cleric rebukes undead. This supernatural ability can be used a number of times each day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.
Spells of the Cold domain
1. Endure elements
2. Chill metal
3. Sleet storm
4. Wall of ice
5. Ice storm
6. Cone of cold
7. Freezing sphere (Otiluke’s)
8. Polar ray
9. Elemental swarm (only ice or water elementals)


Mar 09, 2007 9:10:08
Granted powers: Once per day, as a standard action, you can use the spell-like ability devastating touch. Upon a successful touch attack, devastating touch inflicts 1d6 points of damage per 2 caster levels and the target becomes nauseous for 1 round. The power only works on living creatures.
Spells of the Corruption domain
1. Doom
2. Ghoul touch
3. Bestow curse
4. Contagion
5. Desecrate
6. Eyebite
7. Symbol of weakness
8. Waves of exhaustion
9. Horrid wilting


Mar 09, 2007 9:10:45
Granted powers: You radiate an aura of courage that grants all allies within 10 feet (including yourself). +4 morale bonus on Saving Throws against fear effects. The ability functions only while you are conscious.
Spells of the Courage domain
1. Bless
2. Aid
3. Heroism
4. Divine power
5. Righteous might
6. Protection from spells
7. Heroism, greater
8. Restoration, greater
9. Mind blank


Mar 09, 2007 9:12:06
Granted powers: You can cast conjuration (creation) spells at +1 caster level and gains Skill Focus in one Craft skill of your choice.
Spells of the Craftsmanship domain
1. Mend
2. Wood shape
3. Stone shape
4. Minor creation
5. Fabricate
6. Major creation
7. Statue
8. Limited wish
9. Polymorph any object


Mar 09, 2007 9:12:50
Granted powers: You receive the bonus feat Blind-fight.
Spells of the Darkness domain
1. Obscuring mist
2. Darkvision
3. Deeper darkness
4. Shadow conjuration
5. Shadow evocation
6. Shadow walk
7. Power word: blind
8. Shadow evocation, greater
9. Shades


Mar 09, 2007 9:13:40
Granted powers: You gain a +1 innate bonus to any saving throw against effects caused by dragons and to skill checks used to interact with dragons or to find draconic knowledge.
Spells of the Dragons domain
1. Magic fang
2. Bill’s strength
3. Protection from the elements
4. Tongues
5. Charm monster
6. True seeing
7. Legend lore
8. Prismatic spray
9. Shapechange


Mar 09, 2007 9:14:16
Granted powers: You gain resistance 5 to an energy of your choice.
Spells of the Energy domain
1. Energy Resistance
2. Continual flame
3. Dispel magic
4. Minor globe of invulnerability
5. Permanence
6. Analyze dweomer
7. Prismatic spray
8. Spell immunity, greater
9. Prismatic sphere


Mar 09, 2007 9:15:38
Granted powers: Once per day, you can use the spell-like ability entropic touch. Upon a successful touch attack you can negatively influence the actions of a creature. If the creature fails a Will Save (DC 10 + caster’s level) it is inflicted by an entropic aura. This results in a penalty of -1 per two caster levels (max –5) to all attack and damage rolls, saving throws, ability checks and skill checks for 1d6 rounds.
Spells of the Entropy domain
1. Entropic shield
2. Blur
3. Blink
4. Rainbow pattern
5. Slay living
6. Circle of Death
7. Destruction
8. Temporal stasis
9. Energy drain


Mar 09, 2007 9:16:25
Granted powers: As a free action, you can protect a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier with a +4 dodge bonus to AC. This supernatural ability lasts for 1 round per caster level and only on creatures that remain within 15 feet of you.
Spells of the Family domain
1. Bless
2. Alarm
3. Helping hand
4. Imbue with spell ability
5. Telepathic bond (Rary’s)
6. Heroes’ feast
7. Refuge
8. Marvellous mansion (Mordenkainen’s)
9. Foresight


Mar 09, 2007 9:17:07
Granted powers: You can neutralize any natural or magical poison present in a liquid or food with a simple touch. This is a supernatural ability usable once per day as a standard action.
Spells of the Fertility domain
1. Goodberry
2. Create food and water
3. Remove disease
4. Plant growth
5. Repel vermin
6. Commune with nature
7. Heroes feast
8. Regeneration
9. Miracle


Mar 09, 2007 9:17:58
Granted powers: You take half damage from falls. Moreover your manoeuvrability in flight increases by one category.
Spells of the Gravity domain
1. Feather fall
2. Levitate
3. Fly
4. Resilient sphere (Otiluke’s)
5. Telekinesis
6. Reverse gravity
7. Air walk
8. Forcecage
9. Telekinetic sphere (Otiluke’s)


Mar 09, 2007 9:18:47
Granted powers: You gain the Track feat. If you already have this feat or use other means (eg. scent), you gain a +3 bonus to Survival skill checks in order to follow tracks this way.
Spells of the Hunting domain
1. Hide from animals
2. True strike
3. Binding
4. Greater magic weapon
5. Locate creature
6. Improved invisibility
7. True seeing
8. Forcecage
9. Discern location


Mar 09, 2007 9:19:22
Granted powers: You gain a +2 resistance bonus to saves against all spells and effects of Illusion.
Spells of the Illusion domain
1. Silent image
2. Minor image
3. Displacement
4. Phantasmal killer
5. Persistent image
6. Programmed image
7. Simulacrum
8. Screen
9. Weird


Mar 09, 2007 9:20:06
Granted powers: You receive a +1 resistance bonus to your Will saves and Sense Motive becomes a class skill to you.
Spells of the Justice domain
1. Protection from evil/good/chaos/law
2. Zone of truth
3. Discern lies
4. Mark of justice
5. True seeing
6. Geas/quest
7. Dictum
8. Binding
9. Storm of vengeance


Mar 09, 2007 9:20:57
Granted powers: Once per day you can act with the clarity of true madness: for 1 minute you suffer a penalty of 1d6 points to your Will save and adds 1d6 to the DC of any divine spell you cast. Activating the effect is a free action and it is not interruptible by you.
Spells of the Madness domain
1. Daze monster
2. Touch of idiocy
3. Crushing despair
4. Confusion
5. Phantasmal killer
6. Feeblemind
7. Insanity
8. Symbol of insanity
9. Weird


Mar 09, 2007 9:21:43
Granted powers: You gain a +1 resistance bonus to all your Fortitude saves.
Spells of the Matter domain
1. Shatter
2. Bear’s endurance
3. Meld into stone
4. Stoneskin
5. Major creation
6. Move earth
7. Statue
8. Polymorph any object
9. Imprisonment


Mar 09, 2007 9:22:28
Granted powers: You gain the supernatural ability interdiction to metal, which confers a damage reduction of 5/non-metallic against all metallic weapons (including magical weapons). This power lasts 2 rounds per level of cleric you possess and can be activated as free action. It can be activated multiple times per day, until exhaustion of its duration.
Spells of the Metals domain
1. Magic weapon
2. Heat metal
3. Keen edge
4. Rusting grasp
5. Wall of iron
6. Blade barrier
7. Transmute metal to wood
8. Iron body
9. Repel metal or stone


Mar 09, 2007 9:23:24
Granted powers: You can inspire your allies, granting them a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls, saving throws, and ability and skill checks for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1 round). This is a supernatural ability that can be used once per day as a standard action.
Spells of the Nobility domain
1. Command
2. Enthral
3. Prayer
4. Divine power
5. Command, greater
6. Righteous might
7. Repulsion
8. Demand
9. Sympathy


Mar 09, 2007 9:24:05
Granted powers: You cast all divination spells at +2 caster level.
Spells of the Oracle domain
1. Identify
2. Augury
3. Divination
4. Commune
5. Prying eyes
6. Legend lore
7. Scrying, greater
8. Vision
9. Foresight


Mar 09, 2007 9:24:48
Granted powers: Once per day you can the spell-like ability touch of pain. Upon a successful touch attack, you cause the creature to suffer tremendous muscular spasms. This causes the creature to suffer a -2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity for 1 minute. Creatures immune to critical hits are also immune to this effect.
Spells of the Pain domain
1. Shocking grasp
2. Chill touch
3. Vampiric touch
4. Poison
5. Harm
6. Symbol of pain
7. Symbol of weakness
8. Power word, stun
9. Crushing hand (Bigby’s)


Mar 09, 2007 9:25:34
Granted powers: You receive the bonus feat Persuasive and the Bluff becomes a class skill.
Spells of the Persuasion domain
1. Charm person
2. Calm emotions
3. Shout
4. Charm monster
5. Suggestion, mass
6. Symbol of persuasion
7. Geas/quest
8. Charm monster, mass
9. Demand


Mar 09, 2007 9:26:20
Granted powers: Swim and Survival become class skills to you and you gain a +1 competence bonus to both.
Spells of the Sea domain
1. Grease
2. Water breathing (or air breathing for aquatic creatures)
3. Swim (as fly, but only works in water)
4. Protection from elements
5. Control water
6. Find the path
7. Control weather
8. Summon nature’s ally VIII (aquatic creatures)
9. Whirlwind (only marine whirlwind)


Mar 09, 2007 9:27:04
Granted powers: You gain a +2 bonus to the save DC of your Enchantment (Compulsion) spells.
Spells of the Slavery domain
1. Command
2. Web
3. Hold person
4. Geas, lesser
5. Dominate person
6. Magic jar
7. Planar binding
8. Trap the soul
9. Dominate monster


Mar 09, 2007 9:27:51
Granted powers: Move Silently and Hide are considered class skills for you.
Spells of the Stealth domain
1. Spider climb
2. Knock
3. Gaseous form
4. Dimension door
5. Seeming
6. Shadow walk
7. Veil
8. Teleport without error
9. Discern location


Mar 09, 2007 9:28:44
Granted powers: You gain resistance to electricity 5.
Spells of the Storms domain
1. Shocking grasp
2. Sleet storm
3. Call lightning
4. Ice storm
5. Control winds
6. Chain lightning
7. Control weather
8. Whirlwind
9. Fire storm


Mar 09, 2007 9:29:25
Granted power: Bluff and Sense Motives are considered class skills to you.
Spells of the Thought domain
1. Hypnosis
2. Detect thoughts
3. Modify memory
4. Mnemonic enhancer (Rary’s)
5. Telepathic bond (Rary’s)
6. Dream
7. Lubrication (Mordenkainen’s)
8. Mind blank
9. Astral projection


Mar 09, 2007 9:31:02
Granted powers: You gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.
Spells of the Time domain
1. Deathwatch
2. Augury
3. Haste
4. Slow
5. Death ward
6. Permanence
7. Contingency
8. Temporal stasis
9. Time stop


Mar 09, 2007 9:31:38
Granted powers: Appraise, Bluff, and Diplomacy are class skills for you.
Spells of the Commerce domain
1. Comprehend Languages
2. Eagle’s splendor
3. Tongues
4. Glibness
5. Secret chest (Leomund’s)
6. Symbol of persuasion
7. Marvellous mansion (Mordenkainen’s)
8. Word of recall
9. Sympathy


Mar 09, 2007 9:32:42
Granted powers: Once per day, if someone has harmed you in combat, you can make a strike of vengeance with a melee or ranged weapon against that foe on your next action. If this strike hits, you deal maximum damage.
Spells of the Vengeance domain
1. Doom
2. Blindness/deafness
3. Bestow curse
4. Crushing despair
5. Symbol of pain
6. Geas/quest
7. Destruction
8. Symbol of death
9. Storm of vengeance


Mar 09, 2007 9:33:36
Granted powers: You gain the Iron Will feat free.
Spells of the Will domain
1. Remove fear
2. Aid
3. Freedom of movement
4. Dismissal
5. Restoration
6. Break enchantment
7. Banishment
8. Mind blank
9. Freedom


Mar 09, 2007 10:43:22
Thanks a bunch, Gary! And thanks to Marco as well!

Once I get home I need to compare these to to what I've been using - I sure hope they're similar.


Mar 09, 2007 11:26:06
Are the domains that overlap published 3.5E domains the same or have they been changed? This is great stuff, BTW.


Mar 13, 2007 6:25:28
Are the domains that overlap published 3.5E domains the same or have they been changed?

Compared to the domains in the Spell Compendium they have been changed.
This is great stuff, BTW.

Obviously most of it is Marco's (and others) work - I've just translated it with the help of the internet and some educated guesswork.

I've (almost) done the easy bit - the 11 appendices. The domains being Appendix 11. i'll post the other appendices as I finish them.



Mar 13, 2007 22:11:42
I've gone through domains of similar names as those from the Mystara 3E site and found them ranging from almost identical to completely changed. The worst thing is I generally like Marco's version better... which means I'd want to alter any affected spell lists where necessary; something I don't really have time to do. I hate having a desire to do something I don't have time for . I'll have to wait and see.


Mar 15, 2007 10:58:04
Here's the translation of Appendix 3 (again any mistakes in the translation are down to me)

Hierarchical index of the Immortals
This appendix shows an index of the Immortals based on their respective power level within the celestial hierarchies, in descending order (from most powerful to least powerful, in alphabetical order). Each entry includes the immortal’s true name, level, alignment, sphere and date of ascension. The first five immortals listed in bold italics are the Supreme Hierarchs of the Spheres.

[b]Name Lvl. Al. Sphere Date[/b]<br /> Hel 36 NE Entropy Primordial<br /> Ixion 36 NG Energy Primordial<br /> Khoronus 36 N Time 4050 BC<br /> Odin 36 LG Thought Primordial<br /> Terra 36 LG Matter Prehistory<br /> Ka 35 LG Matter Prehistory<br /> Thanatos 35 CE Entropy Primordial<br /> Djaea 34 N Matter 2930 BC<br /> Noumena 34 N Thought 460 BC<br /> Ilsundal 33 LG Energy 1800 BC<br /> Nyx 33 NE Entropy 6000 BC<br /> Atruaghin 32 LG Matter 795 BC<br /> Elemaster, Air 32 N Time Primordial<br /> Elemaster, Earth 32 N Matter Primordial<br /> Elemaster, Fire 32 N Energy Primordial<br /> Elemaster, Water 32 N Thought Primordial<br /> Korotiku 32 CG Thought Primordial<br /> Zugzul 32 NE Energy Primordial<br /> Atzanteotl 31 NE Entropy 1500 BC<br /> Ordana 31 NG Time Prehistory<br /> Razud 31 CG Energy 4400 BC<br /> Valerias 31 NG Matter Primordial


Mar 15, 2007 11:36:52
List by Domains
This appendix lists the immortals based on the Domains they grant to their clerics in Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons. For more information on the use of Domains see page 32 of the D&D 3.5E Player’s Handbook published by Wizards of the Coast.
The domains listed in italics are new to this handbook and are described in Appendix 11: New Domains.

Air: Odin, Air Elemaster
Animal: Djaea, Faunus, Mahmatti, Malafor, Protius, Tahkati, Wogar, Zirchev
Arts: Alphatia, Chiron, Faunus, Guidarezzo, Palson, Polunius, Soubrette, Tiresias, Valerias
Chaos: Alphaks, Arik, Bachraeus, Bagni, Bartziluth, Bastet, Bemarris, Cochere, Corvo, Crakkak, Cretia, Demogorgon, Eiryndul, Faunus, Garal, Harrow, Hircismus, Jammudaru, Kallala, Kersy, Kiranjo, Korotiku, Kurtulmak, Kythria, Loki, Mrikitat, Oleyan, Orcus, Pearl, Pharamond, Raith, Ranivorus, Rathanos, Saasskas, Saturnius, Tahkati, Talitha, Thanatos, Tourlain, Turmis, Tyche, Usamigaras, Valerias
Cold: Hel, Water Elemaster, Stodos
Corruption: Atzanteotl, Demogorgon, Hel, Idris, Slizzark, Thanatos
Courage: Arnelee, Diulanna, Hattani, Madarua, Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Petra, Razud, Sinbad, Thor, Vanya
Craftsmanship: The Twelve Watchers, Garal, Ilmarinen, Kagyar, Oleyan, Polunius, Wayland
Darkness: Hel, Nyx
Death: Demogorgon, Hel, Loup, Marwdyn, Nyx, Orcus, Saasskas, Skuld, Thanatos, Yagrai, Zugzul
Destruction: Alphaks, Arik, Atzanteotl, Bagni, Gorrziok, Kiranjo, Orcus, Ranivorus, Thanatos
Dragons: Diamond, Great One, Idris, Opal, Pearl
Earth: Djaea, Kagyar, N’grath, Earth Elemaster, Terra, Land
Energy: Alphatia, Bartziluth, Bemarris, Benekander, Coberham, Eiryndul, Gorm, Guidarezzo, Idraote, Iliric, Ilsundal, Ixion, i Korrigan, Kurtulmak, Kythria, Lornasen, Madarua, Mahmatti, Marwdyn, Mazikeen, Mealiden, Ninsun, Palartarkan, Patura, Pflarr, Pharamond, Plasmatore, Rad, Rafiel, Raith, Rathanos, Razud, Saturnius, Fire Elemaster, Slizzark, Tahkati, Tarastia, Thor, Usamigaras, Zirchev, Zugzul
Entropy: Alphaks, Aracne Prime, Arik, Atzanteotl, Bachraeus, Bagni Gullymaw, Brissard, Danel, Demogorgon, Hel, Hircismus, Idris, Jammudaru, Kiranjo, Loki, Masauwu, Nyx, Orcus, Ranivorus, Saasskas, Skuld, Stodos, Talitha, Thanatos, Yagrai
Evil: Alphaks, Aracne Prime, Arik, Atzanteotl, Bachraeus, Bagni, Brissard, Danel, Demogorgon, Hel, Hircismus, Idris, Iliric, Jammudaru, Kiranjo, Loki, Loup, Macroblan, Masauwu, N’grath, Nyx, Orcus, Pearl, Qywattz, Ranivorus, Ruaidhri, Saasskas, Slizzark, Stodos, Talitha, Thanatos, Wogar, Yagrai, Zugzul
Family: Ahmanni, Brindorhin, Clébard, Cochere, Finidel, Freyja, Patura
Fertility: Bastet, Calitha, Frey, Freyja, Lornasen, Madarua, Ninsun, Ordana, Ralon, Earth Elemaster, Terra
Fire: Brandan, Coberham, Ixion, Kurtulmak, Loki, Rathanos, Fire Elemaster, Zugzul
Good: Ahmanni, Alphatia, Arnelee, Asterius, Atruaghin, Bemarris, Benekander, Brindorhin, Calitha, Chardastes, Chiron, Cochere, Diamond, Diulanna, Eiryndul, Forsetta, Frey, Freyja, Garal, Hattani, Hymir, Ilmarinen, Ilsundal, Ixion, Ka, Korotiku, Korrigans, Koryis, Lornasen, Maat, Madarua, Malafor, Malinois, Mâtin, Mealiden, Minroth, Ninsun, Nob Nar, Odin, Ordana, Paarkum, Palson, Patura, Plasmatore, Rafiel, Raith, Ralon, Razud, Saturnius, Simurgh, Sinbad, Soubrette, Terra, Thor, Tourlain, Turmis, Urtson, Valerias
Gravity: Palartarkan, Air Elemaster, Zalaj
Healing: Chardastes, Chiron, Djaea, Idraote, Ka, Ralon, Water Elemaster, Simurgh, Usamigaras
Hunting: Crakkak, Sharpcrest, Diulanna, Ilmarinen (Lemminkainen), Malinois, Ninfangle, Ruaidhri, Zirchev
Illusion: Eiryndul, Harrow, Masauwu, Fire Elemaster, Soubrette
Justice: Diamond, Finidel, Forsetta, Gorm, Maat, Paarkum, Tarastia, Utnapishtim
Knowledge: Atruaghin, Benekander, Coberham, Fugit, Great One, Idraote, Iliric, Ilsundal, Infaust, Ixion, Ka, Khoronus, Mazikeen, Ninsun, Noumena, Odin, Palartarkan, Pflarr, Qywattz, Rad, Air Elemaster, Ssu–Ma, Tyche, Yav
Law: Ahmanni, Al–Kalim, Alphatia, Aracne Prime, Atruaghin, Brandan, Brindorhin, Buglore, Carnelian, Clébard, Diamond, Finidel, Forsetta, Fugit, Eternal General, Gorm, Guidarezzo, Halav, Ilsundal, Infaust, Ka, Koryis, Land, Liena, Lokena, Loup, Maat, Macroblan, Mâtin, Minroth, N’grath, Odin, Paarkum, Petra, Polunius, Rad, Rafiel, Ruaidhri, Ssu–Ma, Tarastia, Taroyas, Terra, Urtson, Utnapishtim, Zalaj
Luck: Bastet, Corvo, Skuld, Tyche, Yav
Madness: Arik, Ranivorus
Magic: Coberham, Great One, Idraote, Iliric, Ilsundal, Kersy, Khoronus, i Korrigan, Lokena, Mahmatti, Marwdyn, Mazikeen, Ninsun, Noumena, Nyx, Palartarkan, Pflarr, Pharamond, Polunius, Rad, Rafiel, Rathanos, Fire Elemaster, Tiresias, Usamigaras, Wayland, Zalaj, Zirchev
Matter: Atruaghin, Bastet, Brandan, Buglore, Chiron, Crakkak, Diamond, Djaea, Twelve Watchers, Faunus, Forsetta, Garal, Eternal General, Gorrziok, Great One, Hattani, Ilmarinen, Infaust, Ka, Kagyar, Kersy, Land, Lokena, Maat, Macroblan, Malafor, Minroth, N’grath, Ninfangle, Opal, Paarkum, Pearl, Polunius, Earth Elemaster, Terra, Urtson, Utnapishtim, Valerias, Wayland, Wogar
Metals: Twelve Watchers, Kagyar, Wayland
Nobility: Carnelian, Clébard, Halav, Khoronus, Taroyas
Oracle: Fugit, Khoronus, Skuld, Tiresias, Yav
Pain: Danel, Hircismus
Persuasion: Atruaghin, Kallala, Kersy, Khoronus, Koryis, Kythria, Masauwu, Plasmatore, Urtson, Valerias
Plant: Buglore, Djaea, Ilsundal, Lornasen, Mahmatti, Ordana,
Protection: Alphatia, Benekander, Djaea, Gorrziok, Hattani, Ka, The Korrigans, Luca, Mâtin, Mealiden, Ordana, Petra, Pflarr, Plasmatore, Rafiel, Earth Elemaster, Simurgh, Terra, Utnapishtim, Valerias
Sea: Ahmanni, Calitha, Gorrziok, Hymir, Malafor, Protius, Saasskas, Water Elemaster
Slavery: Aracne Prime, Brissard, Slizzark
Stealth: Asterius, Korotiku, Mrikitat, Talitha, Turmis, Usamigaras
Storms: Gorm, Gorrziok, Odin, Air Elemaster, Stodos
Strength: Bartziluth, Bemarris, Crakkak, Frey, Eternal General, Great One, Halav, Karaash, N’grath, Opal, Rathanos, Razud, Earth Elemaster, Tahkati, Land, Thor, Vanya, Zalaj
Sun: Ixion, Fire Elemaster
Thought: Ahmanni, Arnelee, Asterius, Clébard, Cochere, Corvo, Cretia, Diulanna, Frey, Freyja, Halav, Harrow, Karaash, Korotiku, Koryis, Loup, Malinois, Mâtin, Nob Nar, Noumena, Odin, Palson, Qywattz, Ralon, Ruaidhri, Air Elemaster, Sinbad, Soubrette, Ssu–Ma, Tiresias, Tourlain, Turmis, Tyche
Time: Al–Kalim, Brindorhin, Calitha, Carnelian, Chardastes, Sharpcrest, Finidel, Fugit, Hymir, Kallala, Khoronus, Liena, Luca, Mrikitat, Oleyan, Ordana, Petra, Protius, Water Elemaster, Simurgh, Taroyas, Vanya, Yav, Zalaj
Trade: Asterius, Sharpcrest, Macroblan, Minroth
Travel: Arnelee, Asterius, Calitha, Mealiden, Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Protius, Saturnius, Simurgh, Sinbad, Utnapishtim
Trickery: Atzanteotl, Bachraeus, Brissard, Corvo, Cretia, Eiryndul, Harrow, Korotiku, Loki, Masauwu, Mrikitat, Pharamond, Qywattz, Talitha
Vengeance: Alphaks, Bachraeus, Danel, Idris, Jammudaru, Malinois, Opal, Raith, Tarastia
War: Al–Kalim, Bartziluth, Brandan, Cretia, Eternal General, Gorm, Halav, Hattani, Ilmarinen (Vainamoinen), Ixion, Karaash, Kurtulmak, Liena, Lokena, Madarua, Malinois, Mealiden, Petra, Tahkati, Thor, Vanya, Wogar, Zugzul
Water: Al–Kalim, Chardastes, Sharpcrest, Hymir, Kallala, Protius, Water Elemaster
Will: Diulanna, Infaust, Noumena, Opal, Razud, Tourlain, Yagrai



Mar 15, 2007 12:23:46
I realize this is just a translation effort, but I thought I'd point out that neither Korotiku nor Protius is actually a primordial Immortal- Korotiku was a planar spider in his mortal life, and Protius was some kind of intelligent whale or something.


Mar 15, 2007 12:46:44
I realize this is just a translation effort, but I thought I'd point out that neither Korotiku nor Protius is actually a primordial Immortal- Korotiku was a planar spider in his mortal life, and Protius was some kind of intelligent whale or something.

Hi 'drew

I think that 'primordial' doesn't mean that the immortal has always existed as such but rather came to immortality over 100,000 years ago.

So yes Korotiku was a planar spider but gained immortality before 100,000BC, likewise for Protius.

Although IIRC WotI stated that Kortiku was so old that he couldn't remember his mortal identity and Protius has existed for millions of years.

Appendix 8 The Chronological Ascension covers this more fully explaining that not many of the dates are explicitly stated in offical sources.

Maybe once I translated more of the book I will see things clearer.



Mar 23, 2007 7:56:40
Alphabetical Index of the Immortals
This appendix lists all the Immortals mentioned in this handbook, in alphabetical order. The list includes for each Immortal it’s true name, level, Sphere, alignment, date of ascension (Roman numerals represent centuries, while BC or AC indicate Before or After the foundation of the Thyatian Empire, considered year zero), areas of interest and domains (for D&D Third Edition).

[b]Name Lv Sphere Al. Date Areas of Interest Domains[/b]<br /> Ahmanni 13 Thought LG VII BC Turtle clan, sea, family, sacrifice, beauty Thought, Law, Good, Sea, Family<br /> Al&#8211;Kalim 3 Time LN 1001 AC The &#8216;Eternal Truth&#8217;, tactics and warfare Time, Law, Water, War <br /> Alphaks 20 Entropy CE VI AC Destroy Alphatia and all Alphatians, hatred, vengeance, massacre Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Vengeance<br /> Alphatia 16 Energy LG 800 BC Arts, beauty, peace, order and harmony, protect Alphatia and oppose Alphaks Energy, Law, Good, Protection, Arts <br /> Aracne Prime 6 Entropy LE 5000 BC Aranea and evil planar spiders, trickery, oppression, darkness Entropy, Law, Evil, Slavery<br /> Arik 18 Entropy CE Prehistory Madness, chaos, nightmares, massacres, beholders Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Madness, Destruction<br /> Arnelee 7 Thought NG 456 BC Independent women, freedom, adventure, travel, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, astuteness, messengers Thought, Good, Travel, Courage<br /> Asterius 25 Thought NG 3200 BC Trade, profit, communication, travel, cleverness, merchants, thieves, healing Thought, Good, Travel, Trade, Stealth<br /> Atruaghin 32 Matter LG 795 BC Atruaghin Clans, Azcans, diplomacy, wisdom, balance, truth, fighting Evil Matter, Law, Good, Knowledge, Persuasion<br /> Atzanteotl 31 Entropy NE 1500 BC Corruption (physical and moral), deceit, treachery, vengeance, destruction of life on the outer world, Azcans, humanoids Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Destruction, Corruption<br /> Bachraeus 19 Entropy CE 1320 BC Vengeance, hatred, betrayal, poison, snakes and serpentine creatures (medusa and yuan-ti) Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Deceit, Vengeance <br /> Bagni Gullymaw 13 Entropy CE XII BC Violence, cannibalism, trolls, humanoids Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction <br /> Bartziluth 14 Energy CN XII BC Bugbear, fury, battles, bravery, strength Energy, Chaos, Strength, War <br /> Bastet 18 Matter CN Pre&#8211;4000 BC Rakasta, felines, luck, instincts, life, fertility, prosperity Matter, Chaos, Luck, Fertility <br /> Bemarris 3 Energy CG VII AC Battles, strength, exterminate dragons, defend Norwold Energy, Chaos, Good, Strength <br /> Benekander 1 Energy NG 1002 AC Protect mortals, freedom and truth Energy, Good, Protection, Knowledge <br /> Brandan 3 Matter LN VI AC Progress, invention, conquest, fire, tecnomancy, Snartan gnomes Matter, Law, War, Fire <br /> Brindorhin 13 Time LG 572 BC Halflings (hin), patriotism, safety, family, prosperity, wealth Time, Law, Good, Family <br /> Brissard 10 Entropy NE 630 BC Domination, slavery, oppression, cheating Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Slavery <br /> Buglore 9 Matter LN II BC bugs, plants, formian, order, protection and study of the environment Matter, Law, Plant <br /> Calitha 18 Time NG 1670 BC Oceans, lakes and rivers, travel, fertility, good luck, sea elves, aquatic races, tortles Time, Good, Travel, Fertility, Sea <br /> Carnelian 7 Time LN IV AC Tradition, nobility, patriotism, order, Machetos Time, Law, Nobility <br /> Chardastes 16 Time NG 1360 BC Medicine, healing, health, purification, learning and knowledge Time, Good, Water, Healing <br /> Chiron 6 Matter NG XI BC Centaurs, Sylvan races, arts, healing, knowledge, wisdom Matter, Good, Healing, Arts <br /> Clébard 2 Thought LN 954 AC lupin, Renardie, order, patriotism, loyalty, progress, nobility, family Thought, Law, Nobility, Family<br /> Coberham 10 Energy N VI BC Halflings, magic, blackflame, mysteries, knowledge Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Fire<br /> Cochere 12 Thought CG 2920 BC gyerian, faenare, survival, freedom, family, song and music Thought, Chaos, Good, Family <br /> Corvo 7 Thought CN IV AC good luck, amusement, joke, game, cleverness, make up, halfling Thought, Chaos, Luck, Deceit <br /> Crakkak 10 Matter CN IV BC sharks, shark-kin, predators, hunting, strength, ferocity Matter, Chaos, Strength, Hunting <br /> Cretia 16 Thought CN 2850 BC chaos, jokes, stealth, survival through change, war Thought, Chaos, Deceit, War <br /> Danel 14 Entropy NE 770 BC Tiger clan, suffering, pain, vengeance Entropy, Evil, Vengeance, Pain<br /> Demogorgon 30 Entropy CE Pre&#8211; 20,000 BC Necromancy, witchery, diseases, corruption, destruction, lizardkin and reptiles Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Death, Corruption <br /> Diamond 16 Matter LG 515 AC Lawful dragons, order, wisdom, justice, tolerance Matter, Law, Good, Justice, Dragons <br /> Diulanna 18 Thought NG XVIII BC courage, strength of will, perseverence, hunting, freedom Thought, Good, Courage, Will, Hunting <br /> Djaea 34 Matter N 2930 BC Respecting nature and life, balancing the ecosystem, survival of worlds and living races, druidism Matter, Animal, Plant, Healing, Protection, Earth <br /> Eiryndul 20 Energy CG 1200 BC Sylvan creatures, elves, illusion, deceit, cleverness, tricks, amusement, curiosity, adventure Energy, Chaos, Good, Deceit, Illusion <br /> Elemaster Air 32 Thought N Primordial Protecting the Elemental Plane of Air and aerial creatures Thought, Air, Knowledge, Gravity, Storms <br /> Elemaster Earth 32 Matter N Primordial Protecting the Elemental Plane of Earth and earthbound creatures Matter, Earth, Protection, Strength, Fertility <br /> Elemaster Fire 32 Energy N Primordial Protecting the Elemental Plane of Fire and fire creatures Energy, Fire, Magic, Sun, Illusion <br /> Elemaster Water 32 Time N Primordial Protecting the Elemental Plane of Water and water creatures Time, Water, Healing, Sea, Cold <br /> Eternal General 7 Matter LN VI BC war, battles, discipline, victory, loyalty, pragmatism, soldiers, mercenaries Matter, Law, War, Strength <br /> Faunus 11 Matter CN Pre&#8211;20,000 BC Sylvan races, animals, instincts, sensuality, drunkness, revelry, hedonism, poetry &amp; music Matter, Chaos, Animal, Arts <br /> Finidel 7 Time LN 410 BC family, patriotism, hope, justice, Brasolia Time, Law, Justice, Family <br /> Forsetta 9 Matter LG XIII BC Justice, Law, obedience and loyalty, truth, protecting Vestland Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Frey 13 Thought NG 1660 BC Bravery and strategy in battle, loyalty, friendship, virility, fertility, agriculture Thought, Good, Strength, Fertility <br /> Freyja 13 Thought NG 1660 BC Female warriors, fertility, abundance, beauty, love, family, Seidh, valiant souls Thought, Good, Fertility, Family <br /> Fugit 22 Time LN 19,000 BC preservare the flow of Time, memory, history, experience, knowledge Time, Law, Knowledge, Oracle <br /> Garal G'lode 12 Matter CG 3100 BC Gnomes, inventions, science, mechanics, crafts, thinkers Matter, Chaos, Good, Craftsmanship <br /> Gorm 19 Energy LN 444 BC Justice, war, storms, Cynidicea Energy, Law, War, Storms, Justice<br /> Gorrziok 22 Matter N 10,000 BC Sea &amp; storm giants, oceans, extreme natural phenomena, creation &amp; destruction Matter, Destruction, Protection, Sea, Storms <br /> Great One, The 26 Matter N Prehistory All draconic and lizardkin races, creation, justice, knowledge, magic Matter, Magic, Knowledge, Strength, Dragons <br /> Guidarezzo 15 Energy LN 3930 BC Arts (especially music and singing), order, harmony Energy, Law, Arts <br /> Gylgarid 7 Entropy CE 480 BC Massacre, battle, berserkers, fury, wrath, cruelty Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction <br /> Halav 17 Thought LN X BC Warfare, strategy, tactics, arms, weaponsmithing, strength, willpower, sacrifice, fighting humanoids Thought, Law, Strength, War, Nobility <br /> Harrow 10 Thought CN V AC Diaboli, illusion, deceit, dreams and nightmares, favour the ascension of the Nightmare creatures to immortality Thought, Chaos, Deceit, Illusion<br /> Hattani 14 Matter NG 760 BC Horse clan, protect Atruaghin and its Sons, courage, loyalty, battles Matter, Good, War, Protection, Courage <br /> Hel 36 Entropy NE Primordial Reincarnation, corruption, death, darkness, cold, increasing entropy and evil, evil shapeshifters, shadow and cold creatures Entropy, Evil, Death, Corruption, Darkness, Cold <br /> Hircismus 13 Entropy CE V BC violence, pain, torture, destruction, humanoids Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Pain <br /> Hymir 15 Time NG XV BC Sea giants, water &amp; liquids, alchemy, wisdom, revelry Time, Good, Water, Sea <br /> Idraote 18 Energy N II AC magic, knowledge, alchemy, medicine, strategy Energy, Magic, Healing, Knowledge <br /> Idris 15 Entropy NE VI BC Vengeance, destroying elves, intrigue, magic, domination, creating the perfect race, humanoids, dragons, naga, wyverns Entropy, Evil, Corruption, Dragons, Vengeance <br /> Iliric 8 Energy NE XII BC magic, knowledge, greed, egoismo, ambition Energy, Evil, Magic, Knowledge <br /> Ilmarinen 16 Matter NG 1610 BC Inventions, magical creations, crafts, heroism, sacrifice, patriotism, war, exploration, hunting Matter, Good, Craftsmanship (Ilmarinen), War (Vainamoinen), Hunting (Lemminkainen) <br /> Ilsundal 33 Energy LG 1800 BC Protecting elves and nature, wisdom, scholarship, magic, traditions, serenity &amp; peace Energy, Law, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Magic <br /> Infaust 12 Matter LN II AC Perfection, thoroughness, unit of mind and body, universal harmony (inner and outer) Matter, Law, Knowledge, Will <br /> Ixion 36 Energy NG Primordial Light, sun, fire, power, heroism, war, knowledge, banishing darkness, fighting Entropy and Evil, preserve universal balance Energy, Good, Fire, Sun, War, Knowledge <br /> Jammudaru 5 Entropy CE XII BC Ogres and evil giants, vengeance, torture, violence, fear, destruction Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Vengeance <br /> Ka 35 Matter LG Prehistory protection of life, preserve knowledge and civilization, prosperity, wisdom, healing, magic, Hollow World, tortle, lizardmen, stone giants Matter, Law, Good, Knowledge, Healing, Protection <br /> Kagyar 28 Matter N 11,000 BC dwarves, craftsmanship, metalurgy, sculpture, construction, miners Matter, Earth, Craftsmanship, Metal <br /> Kallala 14 Time CN XIX BC Nixies, seduction, malice, cleverness, femininity Time, Chaos, Water, Persuasion <br /> Karaash 6 Thought N VII BC Humanoids, battle, tactics, conquest, rule of the strongest Thought, War, Strength <br /> Kersy 10 Matter CN 990 BC magic, witchcraft, sorcery, egocentrism, enjoy life Matter, Chaos, Magic, Persuasion <br /> Khoronus 36 Time N 4050 BC time flow, wisdom, history, philosophy, good government, patience, diplomacy, persuasion Time, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Oracle, Persuasion <br /> Korotiku 32 Thought CG Primordial lucid thought, liberty, anti-conformism, wisdom, astuteness, cunning, frauds &amp; stealth, jokes &amp; entertainment, aranea, tanagoro, lupin, spiders Thought, Chaos, Good, Deceit, Stealth <br /> Korrigans, The 22 Energy NG 1640 BC Wendar, elves, freedom, magic, protecting the woodland races, opposing Idris Energy, Good, Magic, Protection <br /> Koryis 10 Thought LG 990 BC peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect of the laws Thought, Law, Good, Persuasion <br /> Kurtulmak 9 Energy CN V BC kobolds, cayma, stealth, traps, astuteness, tactics, war, fire Energy, Chaos, War, Fire <br /> Kythria 2 Energy CN 910 AC passion, sensuality, lust, beauty, Ierendi Energy, Chaos, Persuasion <br /> Land 21 Matter LN 4000 BC Earth elementals, order, strength, protecting the Elemental plane of Earth Matter, Law, Earth, Strength <br /> Liena 1 Time LN 980 AC War, history, discipline, order, Norwold, Thyatis Time, Law, War <br /> Lokena 2 Matter LN 920 AC Intelligence, astuteness, tactics, war, magic Matter, Law, Magic, War <br /> Loki 30 Entropy CE XVIII BC Deceit, treachery, lies, cleverness, fire, Hule, gremlins Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Deceit, Fire <br /> Lornasen 8 Energy NG V BC beauty, perfection, grace, spring, plants, nature, fertility, elves Energy, Good, Plant, Fertility<br /> Loup 12 Thought LE XVII BC beauty, perfection, grace, spring, plants, lupin, death, winter, ferocity, survival of strongest, night, nomadism, clan loyalty Thought, Law, Evil, Death <br /> Luca 12 Time N Prehistory life, proteans, origin of the cosmos Time, Protection<br /> Maat 30 Matter LG 1530 BC Justice, honor, virtue, honesty, order, integrity, loyalty, redemption, fighting evil and chaos Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Macroblan 11 Matter LE I AC Prosperity, trade, wealth, money, greed, tanagogres Matter, Law, Evil, Trade <br /> Madarua 19 Energy NG 345 BC Amazons and fighting women, courage, life cycle, fertility, Cynidicea and Kerswig Energy, Good, War, Courage, Fertility <br /> Mahmatti 13 Energy N 452 BC Elk clan, protect the sons of Atruaghin, wisdom, nature, magic Energy, Magic, Plant, Animal<br /> Malafor 13 Matter NG 1440 BC Merrows, dolphins, protection and prosperity of the aquatic races and the oceanic ecosystem. Matter, Good, Animal, Sea<br /> Malinois 14 Thought NG 830 BC Lupins, hunting, war, courage, just vengeance, weapons, hunting lycanthropes Thought, Good, War, Hunting, Vengeance <br /> Marwdyn 7 Energy N II BC necromancy, death, magical search, capriciousness Energy, Death, Magic <br /> Masauwu 28 Entropy NE VII BC Fast-talking, intrigue, deceit, illusion, politics, brainwashing, temptation, corruption, sponsoring new Entropic candidates, thieves, spies &amp; conmen Entropy, Evil, Deceit, Illusion, Persuasion <br /> Mâtin 7 Thought LG VI AC lupin, tortle, Renardie, emergency, protection, guardians, fortresses, sacrifice and martyrs of the native land Thought, Law, Good, Protection <br /> Mazikeen 13 Energy N I BC magic research, technomancy, magical constructions Energy, Magic, Knowledge <br /> Mealiden 23 Energy NG 250 BC Elves, Alfheim, protection, guardians, loyalty, war, adventure, exploration Energy, Good, Protection, War, Travel <br /> Minroth 13 Matter LG XI BC Minrothad, patriotism, hope, wealth, prosperity, freedom Matter, Law, Good, Trade <br /> Mrikitat 19 Time CN 491 AC wererats, stealth, thieves Time, Chaos, Deceit, Stealth <br /> N&#8217;grath 28 Matter LE Prehistory Insect swarms, power, strength, conquest, astuteness Matter, Law, Evil, Earth, Strength<br /> Ninfangle 27 Matter N 15,000 BC Bravery, adventure, travel, battle, hunting, rakasta, epic deeds Matter, Travel, Hunting, Courage<br /> Ninsun 20 Energy NG 3400 BC magic, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, fertility, agriculture Energy, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Fertility <br /> Nob Nar 5 Thought NG 690 AC halfling, wanderers and adventurers, audacity, epic deeds, revelry Thought, Good, Travel, Courage <br /> Noumena 34 Thought N 460 BC Knowledge, memory, magic, mysteries, enigmas, cunning, tactics, strategy and logic Thought, Knowledge, Magic, Will <br /> Nyx 33 Entropy NE 6000 BC Darkness, night, shadow, undead, necromancy, secrets, magic Entropy, Evil, Death, Magic, Darkness <br /> Odin 36 Thought LG Primordial authority and rulership, live one's life fully, knowledge, cunning, wisdom, sky and air, storms, winds Thought, Law, Good, Air, Knowledge, Storms <br /> Oleyan 2 Time CN 60 AC Verdier, power, prosperity, crafts Time, Chaos, Craftsmanship <br /> Opal 13 Matter N VII AC Neutral dragons, lizardkin, vengeance, willpower Matter, Strength, Dragons, Vengeance, Will <br /> Orcus 25 Entropy CE XX BC Violent death, sadism, mass destruction, undead, cannibalism, devilswines and evil lycanthropes Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death <br /> Ordana 31 Time NG Prehistory Nature, fertility, protection of forests and woodland beings (especially elves and treants) Time, Good, Plant, Protection, Fertility <br /> Paarkum 8 Matter LG I AC order, justice, loyalty, fidelity, virtue, sincerity Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Palartarkan 12 Energy N 840 BC Alphatia (Floating Ar), astronomy &amp; astrology, Elemental Plane of Air, regarding magic gravity, air and flight Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Gravity <br /> Palson 4 Thought NG VI AC Tactics, arts (music, theatre, painting, poetry and prose), passions, multi-talented characters Thought, Good, Arts<br /> Patura 4 Energy NG VIII AC Women, family, faithfulness, children, motherhood Energy, Good, Family <br /> Pearl 10 Matter CE IX AC Chaotic dragons and lizardkin, instincts, hunting, greed, power Matter, Chaos, Evil, Dragons <br /> Petra 17 Time LN VIII BC Defence and safekeeping, patriotism, courage, resistance, virtue, fighting clerics, besieged settlements, Traldars, Milenians, Traladarans Time, Law, Protection, War, Courage <br /> Pflarr 25 Energy N 1540 BC Magic, knowledge, protection, hutaaka, magical experiments Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Protection <br /> Pharamond 23 Energy CN 930 BC power, magic, ambition, deceit, trickery, stealth Energy, Chaos, Magic, Deceit <br /> Plasmatore 7 Energy NG 240 AC peace, charity, equality, justice, tollerance, protect the weak people Energy, Good, Protection, Persuasion <br /> Polunius 25 Matter LN XV BC tritons, architecture, magic, arts and craftsmanship, creativity, tradition Matter, Law, Magic, Craftsmanship, Arts <br /> Protius 29 Time N Primordial oceans &amp; marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel Time, Water, Animal, Travel, Sea <br /> Qywattz 20 Thought NE 11,000 BC neh&#8211;thalggu, knowledge, power, deceit Thought, Evil, Knowledge, Deceit <br /> Rad 22 Energy LN 855 AC Radiance, magic, knowledge, order, Glantri Energy, Law, Magic, Knowledge <br /> Rafiel 21 Energy LG 1104 BC Shadowelves, radiance, magical and scientific knowledge Energy, Law, Good, Magic, Protection <br /> Raith 11 Energy CG XI BC Just vengeance, order, honor, truth Energy, Chaos, Good,Vengeance <br /> Ralon 4 Thought NG VII AC Renardie, fertility and life, agriculture, trade, wealth, health, healing, joy, lupin, tortle Thought, Good, Healing, Fertility <br /> Ranivorus 16 Entropy CE X BC Gnolls, madness, raiding, destruction, deceit Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Madness <br /> Rathanos 28 Energy CN XXX BC Fire, fire creatures, energy, power, male supremacy Energy, Chaos, Fire, Magic, Strength <br /> Razud 31 Energy NG 4400 BC Alphatians, self-determination, independence, courage, freedom, authority, strong willed characters Energy, Good, Strength, Courage, Will <br /> Ruaidhri H'bane 3 Thought LE VIII AC Destroying all lycanthropes, protecting demihumans, hunting, revenge Thought, Law, Evil, Hunting <br /> Saasskas 17 Entropy CE XXIV BC destruction, conquest, necromancy, oceans, devilfish Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Death, Sea <br /> Saturnius 16 Energy CG XIX BC freedom, fight slavery, independence, pirates, adventurers Energy, Chaos, Good, Travel <br /> Sharpcrest 14 Time N XI BC kna, prosperity through trade, underwater hunting Time, Water, Trade, Hunting <br /> Simurgh 18 Time NG Prehistory protect living and the flow of time, health, wisdom, flight, travel Time, Good, Protection, Healing, Travel <br /> Sinbad 15 Thought NG 4000 BC Travel, exploration, adventure, boldness, to overcome any barrier or border Thought, Good, Travel, Courage<br /> Skuld 17 Entropy N Primordial future, fate, death, divination, visions Entropy, Luck, Death, Oracle <br /> Slizzark 15 Energy NE 2740 BC kopru, domination of weak people, power, corruption Energy, Evil, Corruption, Slavery <br /> Soubrette 11 Thought NG IV AC arts, talent, illusion, persuasion Thought, Good, Arts, Illusion <br /> Ssu&#8211;Ma 23 Thought LN Prehistory memory, history, books, wisdom, education, order, tests, writers Thought, Law, Knowledge <br /> Stodos 11 Entropy NE Prehistory Ice, cold, arctic wastes, multiversal heat death Entropy, Evil, Cold, Storms <br /> Tahkati 16 Energy CN 1620 BC Horse clan, horses and knights, protect the sons of Atruaghin, combat, vengeance, pride Energy, Chaos, War, Strength, Animal <br /> Talitha 25 Entropy CE XIV BC Self-gratification (at the expense of others), egotism, envy, avidity, strife, immorality, treachery, theft and murder Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Deceit, Stealth <br /> Tarastia 30 Energy LN 2330 BC law, order, truth, justice, just vengeance Energy, Law, Justice, Vengeance<br /> Taroyas 6 Time LN VII BC Milenia, nobility, authority, power, order, good government Time, Law, Nobility <br /> Terra 36 Matter LG Prehistory Creation and protection of all life-forms, balancing the life-death cycle, birth, fertility and prosperity, nature, earth, shepherds and farmers Matter, Law, Good, Earth, Protection, Fertility <br /> Thanatos 35 Entropy CE Primordial End of all life forms, death, entropy, destruction, decadence, corruption Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, Corruption <br /> Thor 28 Energy NG 1750 BC War, battle, honor, bravery, battle rage Energy, Good, Strength, War, Courage <br /> Tiresias 9 Thought N 780 BC Dreams, prophetic revelations, poetry and music, astrology, legends Thought, Magic, Oracle, Arts <br /> Tourlain 8 Thought CG IV AC ill-fated perseverance, craftiness, sacrifice, losers &amp; the unlucky, anarchy Thought, Chaos, Good, Will <br /> Turmis 1 Thought CG 880 AC Bravery, boldness, guile, epic deeds, intrepid adventurers and swaggering thieves Thought, Chaos, Good, Stealth <br /> Twelve Watchers 5 Matter N II AC Arts and crafts Matter, Craftsmanship, Metal <br /> Tyche 27 Thought CN Primordial Luck (good or bad), destiny, chance Thought, Chaos, Luck, Knowledge <br /> Urtson 12 Matter LG XI BC order, peace, cooperation, diplomacy, mediation, kryst Matter, Law, Good, Persuasion <br /> Usamigaras 19 Energy CN 333 BC magic, healing, astuteness, travel, messengers, thieves, Cynidicea Energy, Chaos, Magic, Healing, Stealth <br /> Utnapishtim 20 Matter LN 2800 BC Survival, travel, justice, protection of the living species Matter, Law, Travel, Protection, Justice <br /> Valerias 31 Matter CG Primordial Love, passion, desire, sensuality, beauty, arts, fertility, protection, charity Matter, Chaos, Good, Protection, Arts, Persuasion <br /> Vanya 23 Time N 380 BC War, conquest, victory, pride, honor, strength, feminine power, birth (only in Milenia) Time, War, Strength, Courage <br /> Wayland 21 Matter N XVII BC Metallurgy, smiths &amp; armourers, engineers &amp; builders, magical creations Matter, Magic, Craftsmanship, Metal <br /> Wogar 6 Matter NE 1263 BC Goblins, war and military tactics, conquest, predators, cruelty, wolves and werewolves Matter, Evil, War, Animal <br /> Yagrai 12 Entropy NE XVII BC humanoids (hobgoblin and orcs), stubbornness and tenacity, death and necromancy Entropy, Evil, Death, Will <br /> Yav 13 Time N 758 AC Yavdlom, seers, prophecies and divinations Time, Knowledge, Luck, Oracle <br /> Zalaj 20 Time LN 10,200 BC Cloud and mountain giants, knowledge, magic, strength Time, Law, Strength, Magic, Gravity <br /> Zirchev 17 Energy N 870 BC Sylvan races, animals, survival, tolerance, magic, nature, outcasts, hunting Energy, Animal, Magic, Hunting <br /> Zugzul 32 Energy NE Primordial Power, conquest, fire and fire creatures, necromancy, darkness, war, destruction Energy, Evil, Fire, Death, War


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List by Areas of Interest
This appendix lists the immortals based on the interests associated to each immortal as shown in the 'Areas of Interest' section in the description of each Immortal.

Abundance: Brindorhin, Freyja
Adventure: Arnelee, Eiryndul, Mealiden, Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Saturnius, Sinbad, Turmis
Agriculture: Frey, Ninsun, Ralon, Terra
Air: Odin, Palartarkan, Air Elemaster
Alchemy: Hymir, Idraote
Alfheim: Mealiden
Allegiance: Al–Kalim, Arnelee, Clébard, Forsetta, Frey, Eternal General, Hattani, Loup, Maat, Mealiden, Paarkum, Patura, Petra
Alphatia: Alphaks (destruction); Alphatia, Palartarkan & Razud (protection)
Ambition: Iliric, Pharamond
Anarchy: Tourlain
Animals: Faunus, Terra, Zirchev
Anti-conformism: Korotiku
Aquatic Spirits (Nixie): Kallala
Aranea & Spiders: Aracne Prime, Korotiku
Architecture: Polunius
Arms & Armourers: Halav, Malinois, Wayland
Arts: Alphatia, Chiron, Guidarezzo, Palson, Polunius, Soubrette, Valerias
Assassins: Talitha
Astrology: Palartarkan, Tiresias
Astronomy: Palartarkan
Astuteness: Arnelee, Asterius, Corvo, Eiryndul, Kallala, Korotiku, Kurtulmak, Lokena, Loki, N’grath, Noumena, Odin, Pharamond, Tourlain, Turmis, Usamigaras
Atruaghin Clans: Ahmanni, Atruaghin, Atzanteotl, Danel, Hattani, Mahmatti, Tahkati
Audacity: see Courage
Authority: Odin, Razud, Taroyas
Avidity: Iliric, Kiranjo, Macroblan, Pearl, Talitha
Azcans: Atruaghin, Atzanteotl
Balance: Atruaghin, Djaea, Ixion, Terra
Balance: Plasmatore
Battle: Bartziluth, Bemarris, Frey, Freyja, Eternal General, Hattani, Ninfangle, Petra, Tahkati, Thor
Beauty: Ahmanni, Alphatia, Freyja, Kythria, Lornasen, Valerias
Beholder: Arik
Berserker: see Fury
Betrayal: Atzanteotl, Bachraeus, Loki, Talitha
Birth: see Maternity
Books: Ssu–Ma
Brasolia: Finidel
Bugbear: Bartziluth
Cannibalism: Bagni, Orcus
Cavalry: Tahkati
Cayma: Kurtulmak
Centaurs: Chiron
Chance: see Luck
Chaos: Arik, Cretia, Hel, Thanatos
Charity: Al–Kalim, Plasmatore, Valerias
Chauvinism: Rathanos
Cheat: see Deceit
Childbirth: see Maternity
Circumvention: see Astuteness
Cities, Besieged: Petra
Cold: Hel, Stodos
Combat: Atruaghin (evil), Halav (humanoids), Maat (chaos & evil), Plasmatore (tyranny)
Conquest: Brandan, Karaash, N’grath, Saasskas, Vanya, Wogar, Zugzul
Cooperation: Urtson
Corruption: Atzanteotl, Demogorgon, Hel, Masauwu, Slizzark, Thanatos
Courage: Bartziluth, Diulanna, Frey, Hattani, Ilmarinen (Vainamoinen), Ixion, The Korrigans, Madarua, Malinois, Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Petra, Razud, Ruaidhri, Sinbad, Thor, Turmis
Craftiness: see Astuteness
Craftsmanship: Twelve Watchers, Garal, Kagyar, Ilmarinen, Oleyan, Polunius, Wayland
Creation: Gorrziok, Great One, Terra
Creativity: Kagyar, Polunius
Crudity: see Violence
Cynidicea: Gorm, Madarua, Usamigaras
Daredevils: Turmis
Darkness: Aracne Prime, Hel, Nyx, Zugzul
Death: Hel, Loup, Marwdyn, Nyx, Orcus, Skuld, Thanatos, Yagrai
Deceit: Aracne Prime, Atzanteotl, Brissard, Idris, Loki, Masauwu, Pharamond, Qywattz, Talitha
Desire: see Passion
Destiny: see Fate
Destruction: Alphaks, Atzanteotl, Bagni, Demogorgon, Gorrziok, Hircismus, Idris, Orcus, Ranivorus, Saasskas, Thanatos
Determination: see Will
Devilfish: Saasskas
Diaboli: Harrow
Diplomacy: Atruaghin, Khoronus, Koryis, Masauwu, Soubrette, Urtson
Discipline: Eternal General, Karaash, Liena
Discord: Talitha
Disease: Demogorgon
Divination: Skuld, Tiresias, Yav
Dolphins: Malafor
Domination: see Slavery
Dragons: Bemarris (extermination); Diamond (lawful), Great One, Idris, Opal (neutral), Pearl (chaotic)
Dwarves: Kagyar
Earth: Earth Elemaster, Terra, Land
Egocentrism: Iliric, Kersy, Talitha
Elves: Calitha, Eiryndul, Ilsundal, Korrigans, Lornasen, Mealiden, Ordana, Rafiel (shadow elves); Atzanteotl and Idris (destruction)
Enigmas: see Mysteries
Entertainment: Corvo, Cretia, Eiryndul, Korotiku
Entropy: see Chaos
Epic Deeds: Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Sinbad, Turmis
Equity: see Justice
Exploration: Ilmarinen (Lemminkainen), Mealiden, Sinbad
Faenare: Cochere
Family: Ahmanni, Brindorhin, Clébard, Cochere, Finidel, Patura
Fate: Skuld, Tyche
Ferocity: Crakkak, Loup, Wogar
Fertility: Bastet, Calitha, Frey, Freyja, Korrigans, Lornasen, Madarua, Ninsun, Ordana, Ralon, Terra, Valerias
Fidelity: see Allegiance
Fire: Brandan, Ixion, Kurtulmak, Loki, Rathanos, Fire Elemaster, Zugzul
Forest: Ordana
Forester: Oleyan
Formian: Buglore
Fortresses: Mâtin
Fraud: see Monkey Business
Fury: Bartziluth, Kiranjo, Thor
Giants: Gorrziok (sea & storm), Hel (frost), Hymir (sea), Jammudaru (hill), Ka (stone), Loki (fire), Stodos (frost), Zalaj (mountain & cloud), Zugzul (fire)
Glantri: Rad
Gnoll: Ranivorus
Gnomes: Brandan, Garal
Goblin: Wogar
Good Government: Khoronus, Odin, Taroyas
Grace: see Beauty
Gremlin: Loki
Guardians: Mâtin, Pflarr
Gyerian: Cochere
Halfling: Brindorhin, Coberham, Corvo, Nob Nar
Harmony: Alphatia, Guidarezzo, Infaust, Lornasen
Hatred: Alphaks, Bachraeus, Ranivorus
Healing: Asterius (only in Robrenn), Chardastes, Chiron, Idraote, Ka, Korrigans, Ralon, Simurgh, Usamigaras
Health: see Healing
Heroism: see Courage
History: Fugit, Khoronus, Liena, Ssu–Ma
Hobgoblin: Yagrai
Hollow World: Ixion, Ka, Korotiku, Ordana
Honesty: Al–Kalim, Arnelee, Benekander, Forsetta, Maat, Paarkum, Raith, Tarastia
Honor: Al–Kalim, Maat, Raith, Thor, Vanya
Hope: Finidel, Minroth
Hordes: N’grath
Hule: Loki
Humanoids: Atzanteotl, Hircismus, Idris, Karaash, Yagrai
Hunger: Bagni
Hunting: Crakkak, Sharpcrest, Diulanna, Ilmarinen (Lemminkainen), Korrigans, Malinois, Ninfangle, Pearl, Ruaidhri, Zirchev
Hutaaka: Pflarr
Ierendi: Kythria
Illusion: Eiryndul, Harrow, Masauwu, Soubrette
Immorality: Talitha
Independence: Arnelee, Benekander, Razud, Saturnius
Insanity: Arik, Ranivorus
Insects: Buglore
Instinct/s: Bastet, Faunus, Pearl
Intelligence: see Astuteness
Intrigue: Masauwu, Talitha
Invention: Brandan, Garal, Ilmarinen
Joke: see Amusement
Justice: Al–Kalim, Diamond, Finidel, Forsetta, Gorm, Great One, Maat, Odin, Paarkum, Plasmatore, Utnapishtim, Tarastia
Karameikos: Halav, Petra
Kna: Sharpcrest
Knowledge: Al–Kalim, Arnelee, Chiron, Coberham, Fugit, Great One, Hymir, Idraote, Iliric, Ilsundal, Ixion, Ka, Khoronus, The Korrigans, Ninsun, Noumena, Odin, Pflarr, Qywattz, Rad, Simurgh, Ssu–Ma, Zalaj
Kobolds: Kurtulmak
Kopru: Slizzark
Kryst: Urtson
Law: Al–Kalim, Forsetta, Koryis, Tarastia
Learning: see Knowledge
Liberty: Arnelee, Benekander, Cochere, Diulanna, Korotiku, Razud, Saturnius
Life: Bastet, Chardastes, Djaea, Idris, Ka, Luca, Ralon, Terra
Light: Ixion
Logic: Noumena
Love: Freyja, Kythria, Valerias
Lucid Thought: Korotiku
Luck: Bastet, Calitha, Corvo, Tourlain, Tyche
Lupin: Clébard, Korotiku, Loup, Malinois, Mâtin, Ralon
Lust: see Sensuality
Lycanthropes: Mrikitat, Orcus, Wogar and Zirchev (protection); Malinois & Ruaidhri (extermination)
Magic: Alphatia, Coberham, Great One, Idraote, Iliric, Ilsundal, Ka, Kersy, Korrigans, Lokena, Mahmatti, Mazikeen, Ninsun, Noumena, Nyx, Odin, Palartarkan, Pflarr, Pharamond, Polunius, Rad, Rafiel, Rathanos, Tiresias, Usamigaras, Zalaj, Zirchev
Magical Construction: Ilmarinen, Mazikeen, Pflarr, Wayland
Manipulation: see Deceit
Martyrs: Mâtin
Massacre: Alphaks, Arik, Kiranjo
Maternity: Patura, Terra, Vanya (only in Milenia)
Medicine: see Healing
Memory: Fugit, Noumena, Ssu–Ma
Mercy: Koryis, Plasmatore
Merrow: Malafor
Messengers: Arnelee, Asterius, Usamigaras
Metallurgy: Kagyar, Wayland
Milenia: Petra, Taroyas
Miners: Kagyar
Minotaurs: Kiranjo
Minrothad: Minroth
Money: Macroblan
Monkey Business: Korotiku, Loki, Masauwu
Moon: associated with Asterius and Valerias
Multi-talented characters: Palson
Music: Cochere, Faunus, Guidarezzo, Palson, Tiresias
Mysteries: Coberham, Noumena
Naga: Idris
Nature: Buglore, Djaea, Ilsundal, Korrigans, Lornasen, Madarua, Mahmatti, Ordana, Terra, Zirchev
Necromancy: Demogorgon, Marwdyn, Nyx, Orcus, Saasskas, Yagrai, Zugzul
Neh–Thalggu: Qywattz
Night: Loup, Nyx
Nightmares: Arik, Harrow
Nithia: Rathanos
Nobility: Carnelian, Clébard, Taroyas
Nomads: Loup, Ninfangle
Norwold: Bemarris, Liena
Obedience: Al–Kalim, Forsetta
Oblivion: Thanatos
Obscurity: see Darkness
Ocean(s): see Sea(s)
Oppression: see Slavery
Oracle: Skuld, Tiresias, Yav
Order: Alphatia, Buglore, Carnelian, Clébard, Diamond, Guidarezzo, Infaust, Ixion, Liena, Maat, Paarkum, Rad, Rafiel, Raith, Ssu–Ma, Tarastia, Taroyas, Land, Urtson
Outcasts: Zirchev
Pain: Danel, Hircismus
Passion: Kythria, Palson, Valerias
Patience: Khoronus, Koryis
Patriotism: Brindorhin, Carnelian, Clébard, Finidel, Ilmarinen, Mâtin, Minroth, Petra
Peace: Alphatia, Ilsundal, Koryis, Plasmatore, Rafiel, Urtson
Perfection: Infaust, Lornasen
Perseverance: see Will
Persuasion: see Diplomacy
Philosophy: Khoronus
Pirates: Saturnius
Plant: Buglore, Lornasen, Ordana
Poison: Bachraeus
Politics: Masauwu
Power: Ixion, N’grath, Oleyan, Pharamond, Qywattz, Rathanos, Slizzark, Taroyas, Vanya, Zugzul
Predators: Crakkak, Wogar
Pride: Rathanos, Tahkati, Vanya
Progress: Brandan, Clébard, Garal
Prophecy: Tiresias, Yav
Prosperity: Al–Kalim, Brindorhin, Calitha, Sharpcrest, Ka, Koryis, Macroblan, Malafor, Minroth, Ninsun, Oleyan, Terra
Protection: Alphatia (Alphatians), Bemarris (Norwold), Benekander (mortals), Buglore (nature), Forsetta (Vestland), Hattani (Atruaghin), Ilsundal (elves & nature), Ka (life), Korrigans, Mahmatti (Atruaghin), Malafor (sea & marine races), Mâtin, Mealiden (Ilsundal), Ordana (forest & sylvan races), Petra, Pflarr, Plasmatore (weak), Ruaidhri (demihumans), Simurgh (flow of time), Tahkati (Atruaghin), Terra (life), Land, Utnapishtim (mortals), Valerias (Lovers), Yav (flow of time)
Proteans: Luca
Races, Aquatic: Calitha, Malafor, Protius
Races, Sylvan: Chiron, Eiryndul, Faunus, Ordana, Zirchev
Radiance: Rad, Rafiel
Raiding: Ranivorus
Rakasta: Bastet, Ka, Ninfangle
Redemption: Maat
Reincarnation: Hel
Renardie: Clébard, Mâtin, Ralon
Reptiles & Lizard-kin: Bachraeus (serpents), Demogorgon, Great One, Ka, Opal, Pearl
Resistance: Petra
Revelry: Faunus, Hymir, Nob Nar
Sacrifice: Ahmanni, Halav, Ilmarinen, The Korrigans, Mâtin, Tourlain
Sadism: see Violence
Science: Garal, Rafiel
Sculpture: Kagyar, Polunius
Sea(s): Ahmanni, Calitha, Gorrziok, Hymir, Malafor, Protius, Saasskas
Search for Entropic Candidates: Masauwu
Secrets: Nyx
Security: Brindorhin, Mâtin, Rafiel
Seduction: Kallala, Kythria, Valerias
Seidh: Freyja
Self-determination: Razud
Sensuality: Faunus, Kythria, see Seduction
Shadow: see Darkness
Sharks & Shark-kin: Crakkak
Sincerity: see Honesty
Sky: see Air
Slavery: Aracne Prime, Brissard, Idris, Pearl, Slizzark
Songs: Harrow, Tiresias, see Music
Spies: Masauwu
Spring: Lornasen
Stealth: Cretia, Korotiku, Kurtulmak, Mrikitat
Storms: Gorm, Gorrziok, Odin, Stodos
Strategy: Frey, Halav, Idraote, Noumena
Strength: Bartziluth, Bemarris, Crakkak, Halav, Karaash, N’grath, Razud, Land, Vanya, Zalaj
Sun: Ixion (and rarely Rathanos)
Survival: Cochere, Cretia, Djaea, Loup, Utnapishtim, Zirchev
Tactics: Al–Kalim, Halav, Karaash, Kurtulmak, Lokena, Noumena, Palson, Wogar
Tanagogre: Macroblan
Tanagoro: Korotiku
Technomancy & Technology: Brandan, Garal, Mazikeen
Tempo: Fugit, Khoronus, Simurgh, Yav
Tenacity: see Will
Thieves: Asterius, Masauwu, Mrikitat, Talitha, Turmis, Usamigaras
Thyatis: Carnelian (Machetos), Liena, Vanya
Tolerance: Diamond, Koryis, Plasmatore, Zirchev
Tortle: Calitha, Ka, Mâtin, Ralon
Torture: Hircismus, Jammudaru
Trade: Asterius, Sharpcrest, Macroblan, Minroth, Ralon
Tradition: Carnelian, Ilsundal, Polunius
Traldar & descendents: Petra
Traps: Kurtulmak
Travel: Arnelee, Asterius, Calitha, Ninfangle, Protius, Simurgh, Sinbad, Usamigaras, Utnapishtim
Tritons: Polunius
Trolls: Bagni
Truth: see Honesty
Unpredictability: Bastet, Marwdyn, Protius
Vengeance: Alphaks, Atzanteotl, Bachraeus, Danel, Idris, Jammudaru, Malinois, Opal, Raith, Tahkati, Tarastia
Victory: Eternal General, Karaash, Vanya
Violence: Bagni, Hircismus, Jammudaru, Kiranjo, Orcus
Virility: Frey
Virtue: Maat, Paarkum, Petra
Visions: see Divination
Volatility: Simurgh
War: Al–Kalim, Cretia, Eternal General, Gorm, Halav, Ilmarinen (Vainamoinen), Ixion, Karaash, Kurtulmak, Liena, Lokena, Malinois, Mealiden, Thor, Vanya, Wogar, Zugzul
Water: Al–Kalim, Calitha, Hymir, Kallala, Protius, Water Elemaster
Wealth: Asterius, Bastet, Macroblan, Minroth, Ralon
Wendar: The Korrigans
Will: Diulanna, Halav, Opal, Razud, Tourlain, Yagrai
Winds: see Air
Winter: Loup, Stodos
Wisdom: Atruaghin, Chiron, Diamond, Ilsundal, Ka, Korotiku, Mahmatti, Ninsun, Odin
Witchcraft: Demogorgon, Kersy (Charms)
Women: Arnelee, Diulanna, Freyja, Madarua, Patura
Woods: see Forest
Yavdlom: Yav


Mar 26, 2007 11:35:09
I don't know if Marco included this as an appendix, but I do remember that he did list "areas worshipped in" for each write-up.

Is there a list of Immortals by area/region/nation... or vice versa? Either would be immensely helpful in my own work.

And please, Gary, keep translating!!! After Marco finished the Codex, he stopped posting the actual entries themselves. He had previously given me permission to publish his codex under my "label" of products, but sadly, I'm unilingual... I can't "publish" something I can't read, lol...

(Although I am assuming that his offer is still valid, I will re-confirm such before I actually do so... but again, I need the English text first.)



Mar 27, 2007 3:22:09
Is there a list of Immortals by area/region/nation... or vice versa? Either would be immensely helpful in my own work.

That would be Chapter 6 - Pantheons.

And please, Gary, keep translating!!!

That's the idea
but sadly, I'm unilingual...

Me too but the internet's a wonderful thing ;)

(Although I am assuming that his offer is still valid, I will re-confirm such before I actually do so... but again, I need the English text first.)

Probably for the best.



Mar 27, 2007 9:01:42
Index of the Immortals by Sphere

This appendix lists show all the Immortals, listed by Sphere. The list for each sphere goes from the most powerful to the least powerful, subdivided for hierarchical degrees, and for each Immortal shows it’s true name, level, date of ascension, alignment, areas of interest, and domains (for D&D Third Edition).

Sphere of Energy
(41 Immortals)
[b]Grade Name Lvl Al Areas of Interest Domains[/b]<br /> [b]Hierarch[/b] Ixion 36 NG Light, sun, fire, power, heroism, war, knowledge, banishing darkness, fighting Entropy and Evil, preserve universal balance Energy, Fire, Good, Knowledge, Sun, War<br /> Ilsundal 33 LG Protection of elves and nature, wisdom, wisdom, magic, tradition, serenity and peace Energy, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Plant<br /> Fire Elemaster 32 N Protection of the Plane of Fire and fire creatures Energy, Fire, Magic, Sun, Illusion<br /> Zugzul 32 NE power, conquest, fire, necromancy, darkness, war Energy, Evil, Fire, Death, War<br /> Razud 31 NG Alphatia, self-determination, independence, freedom, courage, force, authority Energy, Good, Strength, Courage, Will<br /> [b]Eternal[/b] Tarastia 30 LN law, order, truth, just justice and vengeance Energy, Law, Justice, Vengeance<br /> Rathanos 28 CN fire, energy, power, male supremacy, pride Energy, Chaos, Fire, Magic, Strength<br /> Thor 28 NG war, combat, fury in battle, honour, audacity Energy, Good, Strength, War, Courage<br /> Pflarr 25 N magic, knowledge, protection, hutaaka, magical constructions Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Protection<br /> [b]Empyreal[/b] Mealiden 23 NG Elves, Alfheim, protection, guardians, loyalty, war, adventurers and explorers Energy, Good, Protection, Travel, War<br /> Pharamond 23 CN power, magic, ambition, deceit, trickery, stealth Energy, Chaos, Magic, Trickery<br /> Korrigans 22 NG elves, protection, healing, magic, knowledge, nature, fertility, sacrifice, courage, hunting, Wendar Energy, Good, Magic, Protection<br /> Rad 22 LN radiance, magic, magical search, knowledge, order, Glantri Energy, Law, Magic, Knowledge<br /> Rafiel 21 LG shadow elves, radiance, scientific and magical knowledge, emergency, order, peace Energy, Law, Good, Magic, Protection<br /> Eiryndul 20 CG sylvan creatures, elves, illusions and deceits, jokes, astuteness, entertainment, curiosity, adventure Energy, Chaos, Good, Trickery, Illusion<br /> Ninsun 20 NG magic, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, fertility, agriculture Energy, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Fertility<br /> Gorm 19 LN justice, war, storms, Cynidicea Energy, Law, War, Storm, Justice<br /> Madarua 19 NG Female warriors, courage, natural cycle, fertility, Cynidicea Energy, Good, War, Courage, Fertility<br /> Usamigaras 19 CN magic, healing, craftiness, travel, messengers, thieves, Cynidicea Energy, Chaos, Magic, Healing, Stealth<br /> [b]Celestial[/b] Idraote 18 N magic, knowledge, alchemy, medicine, strategy Energy, Magic, Healing, Knowledge<br /> Zirchev 17 N Hunting, survival, tolerance, magic, sylvan races, animals, nature, outcasts, lycanthropes Animal, Energy, Magic, Hunting<br /> Alphatia 16 LG arts (music, theatre, painting, poetry &amp; prose), magic, beauty, peace, order &amp; harmony, protect Alphatia and to oppose Alphaks Energy, Good, Law, Protection, Arts<br /> Saturnius 16 CG freedom, fight slavery, independence, pirates, adventurers Chaos, Energy, Good, Travel<br /> Tahkati 16 CN Horse clan, horses and knights, protect the sons of Atruaghin, combat, vengeance, pride Animal, Chaos, Energy, Strength, War<br /> Guidarezzo 15 LN arts (especially music and song), order, harmonic creatures Energy, Law, Arts<br /> Slizzark 15 NE kopru, domination of weak people, power, corruption Energy, Evil, Corruption, Slavery<br /> Bartziluth 14 CN bugbear, fury, battles, audacity, strength Energy, Chaos, Strength, War<br /> Mahmatti 13 N Elk clan, protect the sons of Atruaghin, wisdom, nature, magic Animal, Energy, Magic, Plant<br /> Mazikeen 13 N magical search, technomancy, magical constructions Energy, Knowledge, Magic<br /> [b]Temporal[/b] Palartarkan 12 N Alphatia (Floating Ar), astronomy, astrology, magic about gravity, air and flight, Elemental Plane of Air Energy, Knowledge, Magic, Gravity<br /> Raith 11 CG just vengeance, order, honour, truth Chaos, Energy, Good, Vengeance<br /> Coberham 10 N halfling, magic, black flame, mysteries, knowledge Energy, Fire, Knowledge, Magic<br /> Kurtulmak 9 CN kobolds, cayma, stealth, traps, astuteness, tactics, war, fire Chaos, Energy, Fire, War<br /> Iliric 8 NE magic, knowledge, greed, egoism, ambition Energy, Evil, Knowledge, Magic<br /> Lornasen 8 NG beauty, perfection, fertility, grace, spring, plants, nature, elves Energy, Good, Plant, Fertility<br /> Marwdyn 7 N necromancy, death, magical search, capriciousness Death, Energy, Magic<br /> Plasmatore 7 NG peace, charity, equality, justice, tolerance, fight tyranny and prejudice, protect weak people Energy, Good, Protection, Persuasion<br /> [b]Initiate[/b] Patura 4 NG women, family, fidelity, children, maternity Energy, Good, Family<br /> Bemarris 3 CG battle, strength, extermination of dragons, defence of Norwold Chaos, Energy, Good, Strength<br /> Kythria 2 CN passion, sensuality, lust, beauty, Ierendi Chaos, Energy, Persuasion<br /> Benekander 1 NG protect mortals and free them from the machinations of the Immortals, liberty and truth Energy, Good, Knowledge, Protection


Mar 27, 2007 10:29:47
I'm still trying to figure out how you've managed to format these tables! I remember a couple of us trying to do tables a year or two ago and it was quite difficult. But, you seem to be mastering it well! Thanks again for your efforts (where's Marco been lately, I miss him being on these boards).


Mar 27, 2007 11:07:51
I'm still trying to figure out how you've managed to format these tables! I remember a couple of us trying to do tables a year or two ago and it was quite difficult. But, you seem to be mastering it well!

It's fiddly and (for me) requires a lot of uses of 'preview post'.
(where's Marco been lately, I miss him being on these boards).

I've contacted him by email once or twice. He's busy with work at the moment and has also started gaming again so he concentrating his creative energy into new gaming material - in Italian.

Hopefully he'll return here when he gets some free time. On a related subject Thorf hasn't been around for awhile as well, anyone heard from him?



Mar 27, 2007 11:16:35
List by Name or Nickname

This appendix lists the Immortals by all the names by which they are known by the populations of Mystara. This list includes all the names shown in the description of the Immortal (those written in bold are the official nicks, those in italics have been added in this supplement), and for each entry, listed in alphabetical order, the place (nation or larger region) where the Immortal is worshipped, as well as the identity by which the Immortal is known in that place (if different from it’s usual name). Some of the alter egos or nicknames have been invented in this supplement in order to expand regional or racial pantheons, and are listed in italics, just as in the description of the Immortal in Chapter 2. After every name, in square brackets [ ], are the manual(s) in which the Immortal is mentioned, described or in which that specific name appears (since in some cases the name of the Immortal has been associated to another Immortal). Naturally for the names invented in this manual (shown in italics) no official source is mentioned. Refer to the legend at the beginning of Chapter 2 for explanation of the abbreviations used in this appendix.
In the following list the regions of Sind and Shahjapur, as well as the Neathar of Hollow World, only the better-known Immortals of the culture are listed. However it is important to note that all the active Immortals on Mystara are present in the pantheons of the above-mentioned civilizations.


Adventurer, The [OHP]: see Eiryndul (Aeryl)
Aegir: see Hymir (Helskir, Northern Reaches)
Agundji [OHP]: see Great One (Land of the Wallara)
Ahmanni Turtle-Rider [GAZ14]: Atruaghin Clans
Ahti: see Protius (Autuusmaa)
Air Elemaster [ImmSet]: Elemental Plane of Air
Ait–tha [OHP]: see Talitha (Orc’s Head Peninsula)
Aksyri [CoM]: see Ixion (Sind)
Al–Kalim [GAZ2, GAZ4, SCS, WotI]: Darokin, Gargoña, Ierendi, Saragòn, Ylaruam
Alphaks [M1, M2, DotE, HW, WotI]: Alpha, Alphatia, Bellissaria, Dunadale, Esterhold, Alatian Islands, Ochalea (Hui Da–Zhi), East Portage, Thyatis
Alphatia [DotE, HW, WotI]: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Gentle Folk Elves, Alatian Islands, Ochalea (Yao–Lan Zi)
Ambassador, The [SCS]: see Masauwu (Almarròn, Dunwick, Gargoña, Narvaez, Richland, Saragòn, Texeiras, Thyatis, Torreòn, Vilaverde)
Amber Serpent, The [HW, HWR1]: see Kalaktatla (Azcans)
Amon [HWR2]: see Odin (Nithians, Thothia)
Angrboda: see Demogorgon (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
An–Ying Zhu Hou: see Aracne Prime (Ochalea)
Aphrodite [IM2]: see Kythria (only in IM2)
Apollo [IM2]: see Palson (only in IM2)
Apophis: see Bachraeus (Nithians, Ylaruam)
Aracne Prime [M5]: Alphatia (Spider Queen), Thothian Plateau (Spider of the Night), Cestia (Spider Queen), Herath (Asharya), Ochalea (An–Ying Zhu Hou), Thanegioth Archipelago (Rakhnee), Thothia (Spider of the Night)
Aravjuk: see [b]Harrow[b] (Hule)
Arduinna [SCS]: see Diulanna (Robrenn)
Ares [HWR2]: see Bemarris (only in IM2)
Arik [B3, WotI]: Alphatia, Brun, Davania, Skothar
Arna [X8]: see Gorrziok (Teki–nura–ria)
Arnelee [IM2]: Dunadale, Helskir (Gna), Norwold (Gna), Ochalea (Han Li), Northern Reaches (Gna), Westrourke
Ashanti: see Valerias (Cestia, Pearl Islands, Izonda, Tanagoro, Vulcania, Yavdlom)
Asharya: see Aracne Prime (Herath)
Asterius [DotE, HW, HWA1–3, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Cathos, Five Shires, Darokin, Dunwick (The Merchant), Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Landfall, Meghala Kimata, Minaea, Milenians, Minrothad, Nithians (Zephyr), Norwold (Hermod), Oceansend, West Portage, Richland (The Merchant), Robrenn (Belnos), Sind (Kudesha, Murtijai), Northern Reaches (Hermod), Texeiras (The Merchant), Thothia (Zephyr), Thyatis, Traldar, Vilaverde (The Merchant), Ylaruam
Atena [IM2]: see Lokena (only in IM2)
Atruaghin [GAZ14, HWR1, WotI]: Azcans (Quetzalcoatl), Atruaghin Clans
Atzanteotl [GAZ10, GAZ13, HW, HWR1, OHP, WotI]: Azcans, Jakar City-state, Atruaghin Clans, Jungle Coast, Schattenalfen Elves, Graakhalia (Skorpios), Nimmur (Menlil), Shadowrealm, Broken Lands (Skorpios), Northern Reaches (Ivaldi)
Ayazi [CoM]: see Ixion (Sind)
Ayodhya [CoM]: see Ilsundal (Sind)


Ba Pian–Shu: see Brissard (Ochalea)
Bachraeus [RC]: Jungle Coast, Meghales Amosses, Milenians, Nithians (Apophis), Ylaruam (Apophis)
Bagni Gullymaw [GAZ10, HW, WotI]: Darokin, Hule (Yemekershey), Broken Lands, Northern Reaches
Balder: see Pax (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Barramundje [OHP]: see Calitha (Land of the Wallara)
Bartziluth [HW, WotI]: Five Shires, Darokin, Denagoth, Helskir (Modi), Hule (Hruggek), Jen, Karameikos, Nentsun, Norwold, Redstone, Broken Lands, Northern Reaches (Modi)
Bastet [DrMa#247]: Plateau Thothian, Arypt, Dunwick, Nithians, Thothia
Bath: see Tyche (Hule, Meghala Kimata)
Bel: see Ixion (Redstone)
Belbion [SCS]: see Vanya (Bellayne)
Belnos [SCS]: see Asterius (Robrenn)
Belsamas [SCS]: see Kagyar (Robrenn)
Bemarris [IM2, WotI]: Helskir (Magni), Norwold, Northern Reaches (Magni)
Benekander [PWA1–3, WotI]: Darokin & Sind (Gareth)
Bergelmir: see Zalaj (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Biao Hun Xi–Ai: see Valerias (Ochalea)
Black Prince, The [ImmSet]: see Orcus (Shadow Coast)
Boss Big Rat [PC4]: see Mrikitat (Darokin)
Bozdogan [WotI, X5]: see Loki (Hule, Meghala Kimata)
Bragi: see The Rainbow Singer one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Brandan Earth-Mover [CoM]: Vulcania
Breig [SCS]: see Ordana (Robrenn)
Brian: see Frey (Dunandale, Thyatian Hinterlands, Westrourke)
Brianna: see Freyja (Dunandale, Westrourke)
Brindorhin [GAZ8]: Alphatia, Brasol, Five Shires, Darokin, Karameikos
Brissard [IM2, WotI]: Alphatia, Esterhold, Ochalea (Ba Pian–Shu)
Brother Shell [SCS]: see Mâtin (Bellayne, Dunwick)
Buglore [IM3]: various outer planes


Calitha Starbrow [GAZ9, HW, OHP, PC3, SCS, WotI]: Bellayne (Felidae & Mother Ocean), Cimmaron (Mother Ocean), Dunwick (Felidae & Mother Ocean), Pearl Islands, Minrothad, Undersea (Tallivai), Land of the Wallara (Barramundje), Yavdlom
Carnelian [IM3]: Thyatis
Cay [SCS]: see Terra (Bayou)
Celestial Architect, The: see Polunius (Gombar, Tangor)
Celestial Traveller, The: see Sinbad (Gombar, Ice Peaks, Tangor)
Cernuinn [SCS]: see Faunus (Robrenn)
Chai Shi Hui: see Loup (Jungle Coast, Ochalea)
Chardastes [B1–9, WotI]: Darokin, Karameikos, Nithians, Traldar
Cheimos [CM8]: see Noumena (Glantri)
Chernobog: see Thanatos (Vyolstagrad)
Chiron [PC1, WotI]: Alfheim, Ethengar, Meghala Kimata, Redstone (Turlock), Midlands, Wendar
Clébard, Saimpt [SCS]: Dunwick, Renardie
Coberham Shadowglint [GAZ8]: Five Shires, Leeha
Cochere [IM3, PC2]: Arm of the Immortals (Nameless Mother), Jen, Serraine (Nameless Mother), Broken Lands (Nameless Mother), Midlands
Corona [GAZ2]: see Zugzul (Ylaruam)
Corvo, The [IM3]: Alphatia, Five Shires, Serraine
Crakkak Sharptooth [OHP, PC3, WotI]: Pearl Islands, Atlass Ocean, Orc’s Head Peninsula, Undersea, Thanegioth Archipelago
Cretia [GAZ12, WotI, X3]: Ethengar, Glantri, Vestland


Dain: see Ilsundal (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Dallbard: see Tiresias (Shadow Coast, Dunadale, Redstone, Westrourke)
Danel Tigerstripes [GAZ14, WotI]: Atruaghin Clans
Darga [X13]: see Thanatos (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Dark Lady, The [ImmSet]: see Demogorgon (Jungle Coast, Izonda)
Dazbog: see Ixion (Vyolstagrad)
Demogorgon [ImmSet, SCS, WotI]: Addakia (The Lizard King), Bayou (Goron), Jungle Coast (Dark Lady), Cynidicea, Darokin, Izonda (Lizard King/Dark Lady), Malpheggi (Lizard King), Meghales Amosses (Lizard King), Norwold (Gullveig/Angrboda), Vulture Peninsula, Northern Reaches (Gullveig/Angrboda)
Diamond [ImmSet, MstSet, OHP, WotI]: Norwold, Land of the Wallara (Spirit of the Sun)
Diulanna [DotE, HW, SCS, WotI]: Thyatian Hinterlands, Pelatan, Robrenn (Arduinna), Thyatis
Djaea [ImmSet, WotI]: Emerond (Mother Nature), Helskir (Erda), Thyatian Hinterlands (Mother Nature), Ierendi (Mother Nature), Isle of Dawn (Mother Nature), Pearl Islands (Mother Nature), Izonda (Mother Nature), Jen (Mother Nature), Leeha (Mother Nature), Norwold (Erda), Tanagoro, Tangor (Mother Nature), Northern Reaches (Erda), Midlands (Mother Nature), Zyxl (Mother Nature)
Donar [HW, SCS]: see Thor (Antaliani, Icevale Elves, Eusdria)
Donegal: see Thor (Dunadale, Thyatian Hinterlands, Westrourke)
Dreaming Seer, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Dugong [SCMC]: see Thor (Omm–Wa)
Dun: see Terra (Dunadale)


[b]Earth Elemaster[/b[ [ImmSet]: Elemental Plane of Earth
Eir: see The Merciful Healer one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Eiryndul [DotE, HW, OHP, SCS, WotI]: Aeryl (The Adventurer), Alphatia, Hulean City-state, Eusdria (Eirys), Herath (Shaibuth), Hule, Redstone, Midlands
Eirys [SCS]: see Eiryndul (Eusdria)
Eneeban [SCS]: see Masauwu (Herath)
Erda: see Djaea (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Erel: see Hel (Hule)
Eternal General [IM3]: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Esterhold, Jen, Myoshima (Fukyuu Daishou), Ochalea (Heng Shang), Thonia
Eternal Wanderer, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Executioner, The: see Malinois (Great Waste, Norwold)


Faña [SCS]: see Vanya (Texeiras, Torreòn, Vilaverde)
Farbautides [HW]: see Loki (Caerdwicca, Redstone)
Father Earth [SCS]: see Ka (Bellayne, Cimmaron, Dunwick)
Father Ocean: see Protius (Pearl Islands, Izonda, Zyxl)
Father of Demons [GAZ7]: see Thanatos (Modrigswerg Dwarves)
Father Sky: see Odin (Great Waste)
Father Sun: see Ixion (Emerond)
Father Time [ImmSet]: see Khoronus (Darokin, Yavdlom)
Faunus [HW, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Alfheim, Hulean City-state, Hule (Inuus), Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Ochalea (Fu Han Qing), Redstone (Silenus), Robrenn (Cernuinn), Thyatis (Lupercus), Traldar
Feathered Snake, The [HW, HWR1]: see Quetzalcoatl (Azcans)
Felidae [SCS]: see Calitha (Bellayne, Dunwick)
Fiery Champion, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Finidel [IM2]: Brasol
Fire Elemaster [ImmSet]: Elemental Plane of Fire
Forsetta [WotI, X3]: Norwold, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Vyolstagrad (Porewit)
Fredar [HW, SCS]: see Frey (Antalians, Denagoth, Icevale Elves, Eusdria, Kogolor Dwarves, Wendar)
Fredara [HW, SCS]: see Freyja (Antalians, Denagoth, Icevale Elves, Eusdria, Kogolor Dwarves, Wendar)
Frey [GAZ7, HW, SCS, WotI]: Antalians (Fredar), Denagoth, Dunadale (Brian), Icevale Elves (Fredar), Eusdria (Fredar), Helskir, Thyatian Hinterlands (Brian), Kogolor Dwarves (Fredar), Norwold, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Vyolstagrad (Jarilo), Wendar (Fredar), Westrourke (Brian)
Freyja [GAZ7, HW, SCS, WotI]: Antalians (Fredara), Denagoth, Dunadale (Brianna), Icevale Elves (Fredara), Eusdria (Fredara), Helskir, Kogolor dwarves (Fredara), Norwold, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Vyolstagrad (Lada), Wendar (Fredara), Westrourke (Brianna)
Frigg: see Terra (Alpha, Neathar, Nentsun, Norwold, Oceansend, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories)
Fu Han Qing: see Faunus (Ochalea)
Fu Shi Liu: see Khoronus (Ochalea)
Fugit [IM2]: Yavdlom
Fukyuu Daishou: see Eternal General (Myoshima)
Fulvachioma [DotE, WotI]: see Halav (Kendach)


Ganetra [HWA3]: see Ssu–Ma (Shahjapur, Sind)
Garal Glitterlode [HW, PC2, WotI]: Alphatia, Rockhome, Oostdokian Gnomes, Hule, Hyborea, Karameikos, Kogolor Dwarves, Ice Peaks (Garl), Serraine, Thorin, Vulcania (Garl), Wendar
Gareth [PWA1–3]: see Benekander (Darokin, Sind)
[b]Garl Glittergold[/b[ [WotI]: see Garal Glitterlode (Ice Peaks, Vulcania)
Gefjon: see The Verdant Caretaker one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
General, The [SCS]: see Thor (Almarròn, Cimmaron, Dunwick, Gargoña, Guadalante, Narvaez, Saragòn, Torreòn)
Genjoo [OHP]: see Ka (Land of the Wallara)
Girder-On of Weapons [DotE]: see Valerias (Thyatis)
Gna: see Arnelee (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Goat, The [ImmSet]: see Orcus (Karameikos)
Gorm [B4, WotI]: Cynidicea, Helskir (Vali), Norwold (Vali), Northern Reaches (Vali), Traldar
Goron [SCS]: see Demogorgon (Bayou)
Gorrziok [PC3, WotI]: Nentsun, Undersea, Tangor, Thanegioth Archipelago, Teki–nura–ria (Tapu and Arna), Yavdlom and all the seas of the south
Grammaton [PC2]: see Odin (Milenians, Traldar)
Great One, The [ImmSet, MstSet, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Borea, Arm of the Immortals, Jungle Coast, Norwold, Ochalea (Wei Long), Nentsun, Pelatan, Ice Peaks, Land of the Wallara (Agundji), Thonia, Vulcania, Vyolstagrad (Zir), Wendar
Gruaigerua: see Fulvachioma or Halav (Kendach)
Guan Zi–You: see Korotiku (Jungle Coast, Ochalea)
Guardian, The [OHP]: see Mealiden (Aeryl)
Guidarezzo [IM1, ImmSet]: Bellayne (Guy d’Arets), Darokin, Eusdria (Guntyr)
Guide, The [OHP]: see Ilsundal (Aeryl)
Gullveig: see Demogorgon (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Guntyr: see Guidarezzo (Bellayne)
Guy d’Arets: see Guidarezzo (Eusdria)
Gylgarid [X13]: see Kiranjo (Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories)


Halav [DotE, GAZ1, HW, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Hulean City-state, Helskir (Vidar), Karameikos, Kendach (Fulvachioma or Gruaigerua), Milenians, Norwold (Vidar), Merry Pirates, Northern Reaches (Vidar), Thyatis, Traldar, Vyolstagrad (Svetovid)
Han Li: see Arnelee (Ochalea)
Hanged Man, The [IM3]: see Marwdyn (Alphatia)
Harrow [IM3, WotI]: Hule (Aravjuk), Dimension of Nightmares
Hathor: see Valerias (Nithians)
Hattani Stoneclaw [GAZ14, WotI]: Atruaghin Clans
He Who Always Rises [GAZ10, HW]: see Yagrai (Broken Lands)
He Who Watches [XL–1]: see Odin (Denagoth, Ghyr)
Heimdall [GAZ7]: see The Fiery Champion one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Hel [CoM, GAZ7, HW, SCS, WotI]: Antalians, Borea, Denagoth, Eusdria (Nyt), Frosthaven, Great Waste (Kala), Hule (Erel), Hyborea, Isle of Dawn (Nyt), Autuusmaa (Hiisi), Nentsun, Norwold, Ice Peaks, Qeodhar, Robrenn (Nyt), Sind (Kala), Yazak Steppes, Northern Reaches, Thonia, Beastmen, Vulcania, Vyolstagrad (Marzanna)
Heng Shang: see Eternal General (Ochalea)
Hen–Hao Ten: see Idraote (Ochalea)
Hera [IM2]: see Patura (only in IM2)
Hermes [IM2]: see Turmis (only in IM2)
Hermod: see Asterius (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Hiisi: see Hel (Autuusmaa)
Himayeti [CoM]: see Ixion (Great Waste, Sind)
Hircismus [B1–9, GAZ7, IM3, WotI]: Karameikos (Leptar), Northern Reaches
Hlin: see The Eternal Wanderer one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Hod: see The Dreaming Seer one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Hong Tzu [GAZ10]: see Karaash (Broken Lands)
Horon [HWR2]: see Ixion (Nithians, Thothia)
Hruggek [HW]: see Bartziluth (Hule)
Hui Da–Zhi: see Alphaks (Ochalea)
Hunter, The [WotI]: see Zirchev (Graakhalia)
Hymir [ImmSet, MstSet]: Frosthaven, Helskir (Aegir), Northern Reaches (Aegir), seas of the north


Idraote [ImmSet, MstSet]: Ochalea (Hen–Hao Ten), Thyatis
Idris [X11]: Denagoth, Ice Peaks, Wendar
Idu [OHP]: see Ixion (Dunwick, Eshu, Jen, Jennites, Nimmur)
Idunn: see The Spring Maiden one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Iliric [IM2, SCS]: Herath (Negyavim), Hule, Midlands
Ilmarinen [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Autuusmaa (also known as Lemminkainen and Vainamoinen)
Ilneval [HW]: see Karaash (Hule, Meghala Kimata)
Ilsundal the Wise [CM7, CoM, DotE, GAZ5, HW, OHP, SCS, WotI]: Aeryl (The Guide), Alfheim, Thothian Plateau, Foresthome, Darokin, Gentle Folk Elves, Icevale Elves, Eusdria (Tiuz), Glantri, Helskir (Dain), Izonda, Autuusmaa (Tapio), Karameikos, Norwold (Dain), Sylvan Realm, Sind (Ayodhya, Sita, Laksman), Northern Reaches (Dain), Midlands, Thyatis
Infaust [IM3]: Thyatis
Infernal Judge, The: see Masauwu (Gombar, Tangor)
Inquisitor, The [SCS]: see Vanya (Narvaez)
Inuus [HW]: see Faunus (Hule)
Isiris [HWR2]: see Valerias (Nithians, Thothia)
Ivaldi: see Atzanteotl (Northern Reaches)
Ixion [CoM, GAZ4, GAZ12, HW, HWR1, HWR2, HWR3, IM1, IM3, ImmSet, OHP, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Azcans (Otzitiotl), Bellissaria, Brasol, Cestia, Shadow Coast (Solarios), Darokin, Dunwick (Tabak, Idu), El Grande Carrascal (Tabak), Emerond (Father Sun), Eshu (Idu), Ethengar (Tubak), Gargoña, Glantri, Gombar (Pyrak), Great Waste (Himayeti), Ierendi (Orisis), Pearl Islands (Pyro), Izonda (Pyro), Jen (Idu), Jennites (Idu), Meghala Kimata, Meghales Amosses, Milenians, Minaea, Narvaez, Neathar (Tyr), Nentsun (Tyr), Nimmur (Idu), Nithians (Horon, Orisis), Norwold (Tyr), Ochalea (Xi–Yang), Oltecs (Otzitiotl), Qeodhar (Tyr), Redstone (Bel), Sind (Ayazi, Himayeti, Aksyri), Yazak Steppes (Tabak), Thanegioth Archipelago (Pyro), Tanagoro (Pyro), Tangor (Pyrak), Land of the Wallara (Warruntam), Northern Reaches (Tyr), Thonia, Thothia (Horon), Thyatis (Solarios), Torreòn, Traldar, Vulcania (Pyro), Vyolstagrad (Dazbog), Yavdlom (Pyro), Zyxl (Pyro)


Jackal Head [HW]: see Pflarr (Hulean City-state)
Jammudaru [GAZ10, HW, WotI]: Addakia, Borea, Rockhome, Darokin, Frosthaven, Hule (Vaprak), Karameikos, Nentsun, Norwold, Broken Lands
Jarilo: see Frey (Vyolstagrad)
Jotun: see Ouranos
Judge, The [SCS]: see Tarastia (Almarròn, Cimmaron, Dunwick, Gargoña, Guadalante, Narvaez, Richland, Saragòn, Torreòn)
Jumal: see Odin (Autuusmaa)


Ka the Protector [HW, SCS, WotI]: Addakia, Alphatia, Thothian Plateau, Arypt, Azcans (Kalaktatla), Bayou (Ka’ar), Bellayne (Father Earth), Bellissaria, Borea, Cestia, Cimmaron (Father Earth), City-state Jakar, Jungle Coast (Kalaktatla), Darokin, Dunwick (Father Earth, Ka’ar), Ierendi, Izonda, Jen, Malpheggi, Meghala Kimata, Minaea, Nentsun, Norwold, Oltecs (Kalaktatla), Ice Peaks, Tangor, Land of the Wallara (Genjoo), Beastmen
Ka’ar [SCS]: see Ka (Bayou, Dunwick)
Ka–gar [HW]: see Kagyar (Brute-men)
Kagyar [DotE, GAZ6, HW, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Bellayne, Rockhome, Brute-men (Ka–gar), Cimmaron, Darokin, Dunwick, Ekto (Ptahr), Eusdria, Helskir (Modsognir), Karameikos, Meghala Kimata (Patriarch), Milenians (Patriarch), Minaea (Patriarch), Nimmur (Nin–Agar), Nithians (Ptahr), Norwold (Modsognir), Oceansend, Richland, Robrenn (Belsamas), Northern Reaches (Modsognir), Thonia, Thyatis, Traldar (Patriarch), Trikelios (Ptahr), Ylaruam
Kala [CoM]: see Hel (Great Waste, Sind)
Kalaktatla [HW]: see Ka (Azcans, Jungle Coast, Oltecs)
Kallala of the Seven Veils [PC3, WotI]: Helskir (Ran), Undersea, Northern Reaches (Ran) and all the seas
Karaash [GAZ10, HW, OHP, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia, Borea, Brasol, Rockhome, Five Shires, Jungle Coast, Darokin, Denagoth, El Grande Carrascal, Gombar, Hule (Ilneval), Meghala Kimata (Ilneval), Meghales Amosses, Minaea, Norwold, Krugel Orcs, Pelatan, Orc’s Head Peninsula, Robrenn, Yazak Steppes, Tangor, Broken Lands (Hong Tzu), Western Orc lands, Beastmen, Westrourke
Kepher [HWR2]: see Noumena (Nithians)
Kersy [M1]: Old Alphatia
Khoronus [ImmSet, HWR3, WotI]: Cathos, Darokin (Father Time), Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Minaea, Nimmur (Naabu), Ochalea (Fu Shi Liu), Thonia, Thyatis, Traldar, Yavdlom (Father Time)
Kiranjo [M–S2, X13]: Borea, Jungle Coast, Meghales Amosses, Milenians, Minaea, Northern Reaches (Gylgarid), Heldannic Territories (Gylgarid), Vacros
Korotiku [DDA2, DotE, HW, SCS, WotI]: Alphatia (High Spider), Cestia, Jungle Coast (Guan Zi–You), Darokin, Dunwick (Saimpt Renard), Gombar (The Shapechanger), Herath (Yehm), Pearl Islands, Izonda, Meghala Kimata, Minaea, Ochalea (Guan Zi–You), Merry Pirates, Renardie (Saimpt Renard), Thanegioth Archipelago, Tanagoro, Tangor (The Shapechanger), Thyatis, Yavdlom, Zyxl
Korrigans, The Nine or The Silent Hunter, The Fiery Champion, The Eternal Wanderer, The Rainbow Singer, The Spring Maiden, The Silver Carver, The Merciful Healer, The Dreaming Seer and The Verdant Caretaker [ImmSet, MstSet]: Norwold, Northern Reaches, Wendar
Koryis [DotE, HW, HWR3, M1, WotI]: Alpha, Alphatia, Bellissaria, Darokin, Gentle Folk Elves, Alatian Islands, Milenians, Ochalea, East Portage, Thyatis
Kudesha [CoM]: see Asterius (Sind)
Kurtulmak [GAZ7, GAZ10, HW, SCS, WotI]: Bayou (Kutul), Rockhome, Darokin, Broken Lands (The Shining One), Northern Reaches (The Shining One)
Kutul [SCS]: see Kurtulmak (Bayou)
Kythria [IM2, WotI]: Ierendi


Lada: see Frejya (Vyolstagrad)
Laksman [CoM]: see Ilsundal (Sind)
Land [IM1]: Elemental Plane of Earth
Lemminkainen: see Ilmarinen (Autuusmaa)
Leptar [B1–9, WotI]: see Hircismus (Karameikos)
Leug [SCS]: see Zirchev (Robrenn)
Liena [IM3, WotI]: Oceansend, Thyatis
Lizard King [ImmSet]: see Demogorgon (Addakia, Izonda, Malpheggi, Meghales Amosses)
Lokar [HW, SCS]: see Loki (Antalians, Eusdria)
Lokena [IM2, WotI]: Thyatis
Loki [DDA2, GAZ7, HW, WotI, X5]: Antalians (Lokar), Caerdwicca (Farbautides), Eusdria (Lokar), Helskir, Hule (Bozdogan), Landfall, Meghala Kimata (Bozdogan), Norwold, Oceansend, Merry Pirates, Redstone (Farbautides), Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Vyolstagrad (Veles)
Lornasen [IM2]: Foresthome, Gentle Folk Elves
Loup, Saimpt [DrMa#237, SCS]: Borea (Luup), Hulean City-state (Luup), Jungle Coast (Chai Shi Hui), Dunwick, Hule (Luup), Ochalea (Chai Shi Hui), Renardie
Luca [IM3]: The Astral and various outer planes
Lupercus [HW, WotI]: see Faunus (Thyatis)
Luup the Black: see Loup (Borea, Hulean City-state, Hule)


Maat [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Alphatia, Darokin, Helskir (Snotra), Nithians, Norwold (Snotra), Northern Reaches (Snotra), Thothia, Thyatis (Mitra), Ylaruam
Macroblan [IM3]: Gombar, Tangor
Madarua [B4, WotI]: Cynidicea, Darokin, Helskir (Sif), Norwold (Sif), Pelatan, Northern Reaches (Sif), Midlands (Yarella), Thyatis, Traldar
Maderakka: see Terra (Autuusmaa)
Maglubiyet [HW]: see Wogar (Hule)
Magna Mater: see Terra (Kendach, Thyatis)
Magni: see Bemarris (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Mahes: see [b]Ninfangle[/b[ (Nithians)
Mahmatti Running Elk [GAZ14, WotI]: Atruaghin Clans
Malafor [PC3, WotI]: Undersea and all the oceans
Maleen: see Malinois (Hulean City-state)
Malinois, Saimpt [SCS]: Hulean City-state (Maleen), Dunwick, Great Waste (The Executioner), Norwold (The Executioner), Ochalea (Mao You–Li), Renardie
Manadyn: see Protius (Caerdwicca, Dunadale, Redstone, Westrourke)
Manwara [PC3]: see Protius (Undersea, Thanegioth Archipelago)
Mao You–Li: see Malinois (Ochalea)
Marau–Ixuì [OHP]: see Terra (Thothian Plateau, Jibarù, Thanegioth Archipelago)
Marwdyn [IM3, WotI]: Alphatia
Marzanna: see Hel (Vyolstagrad)
Masauwu [GAZ9, SCS, WotI]: Almarròn (Ambassador, The), Dunwick (Ambassador, The), Gargoña (Ambassador, The), Gombar (The Infernal Judge), Herath (Eneeban), Pearl Islands, Narvaez (Ambassador, The), Nimmur (Namtaru), Vulture Peninsula, Richland (Ambassador, The), Saragòn (Ambassador, The), Tangor (The Infernal Judge), Texeiras (Ambassador, The), Thyatis (Ambassador, The), Torreòn (Ambassador, The), Vilaverde (Ambassador, The)
Matera [HWR3]: see Vanya (Milenians)
Mâtin, Saimpt [SCS]: Bellayne (Brother Shell), Dunwick, Renardie
Maziburg Keengror [IM3]: see Mazikeen
Mazikeen [IM3]: His 24 outer planes
Mazikeena [IM3]: see Mazikeen
Mealiden Starwatcher [GAZ5, HW, OHP, SCS, WotI]: Aeryl (The Guardian), Alfheim, Almarròn (Milan), Dunwick (Milan), Gargoña (Milan), Narvaez (Milan), Saragòn (Milan), Texeiras (Milan), Torreòn (Milan), Vilaverde (Milan)
Menlil [OHP]: see Atzanteotl (Nimmur)
Merchant, The: see Asterius (Dunwick, Richland, Texeiras, Vilaverde)
Merciful Healer, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Milan [SCS]: see Mealiden (Almarròn, Dunwick, Gargoña, Narvaez, Saragòn, Texeiras, Torreòn, Vilaverde)
Mimir: see Noumena (Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Minroth [GAZ9, WotI]: Minrothad
Mitra: see Maat (Thyatis)
Modi: see Bartziluth (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Modsognir: see Kagyar (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Mokosz: see Terra (Vyolstagrad)
Mother Earth: see Terra (Cestia, Great Waste, Pelatan, Thonia, Thorin, Traldar)
Mother Forest [HW]: see Ordana (Emerond)
Mother Nature [WotI]: see Djaea (Anathy, Emerond, Hinterland, Ierendi, Isle of Dawn, Pearl Islands, Izonda, Jen, Leeha, Tangor, Midlands, Zyxl)
Mother Ocean [SCS]: see Calitha (Bellayne, Cimmaron, Dunwick)
Mrikitat [PC4]: Darokin (Boss Big Rat), Thyatis
Murtijai [CoM]: see Asterius (Sind)
Mut: see Terra (Nithians, Thothia)


N’grath [IM1]: Elemental Plane of Earth
Na’al [OHP]: see Nyx (Orc’s Head Peninsula)
Naabu: see Khoronus (Nimmur)
Nameless Mother: see Cochere (Arm of the Immortals, Serraine, Broken Lands, Midlands)
Namtaru: see Masauwu (Nimmur)
Nanna: see Thalia (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Negyavim [SCS]: see Iliric (Herath)
News [ImmSet]: see Noumena (Bellayne)
Nian–Mai Si–Xiang: see Noumena (Ochalea)
Nicktu: see Nyx (Pearl Islands, Tanagoro, Tangor)
Nin Fang–Le: see Ninfangle (Ochalea)
Nin–Agar: see Kagyar (Nimmur)
Ninfangle [IM2]: Thothian Plateau, Arypt, Bellayne, Bellissaria, Borea, Brasol, Dunwick, El Grande Carrascal, Esterhold, Hyborea (White Claw), Izonda, Jen, Meghala Kimata, Minaea, Nentsun (White Claw), Nithians (Mahes), Norwold (White Claw), Ochalea (Nin Fang–Le), Thanegioth Archipelago
Nin–Hurabi [OHP]: see Nyx (Nimmur)
Ninsun [ImmSet, MstSet]: Bellissaria, Cestia, Jen, Jennites, Minaea, Oltecs
Nithys: see Protius (Nithians)
Nob Nar [GAZ8]: Five Shires, Ierendi, Merry Pirates
Nooga, The Spuming [GAZ7, HW]: see Protius (Antalians, Helskir, Norwold, Qeodhar, Northern Reaches)
Norns, The: see Urd, Verthandi and Skuld (Antalians, Helskir, Norwold, Qeodhar, Northern Reaches)
Nott: see Nyx (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Noumena [HWR2, ImmSet, WotI]: Bellayne (News), Darokin, Glantri (Cheimos), Ochalea, (Nian–Mai Si–Xiang), Milenians, Nithians (Kepher), Norwold (Mimir), Vulture Peninsula, Northern Reaches (Mimir), Thyatis
Nuptys: see Nyx (Nithians)
Nu–Shi Hei–An: see Nyx (Ochalea)
Nyt [SCS]: see Hel (Eusdria, Isle of Dawn, Robrenn)
Nyx [HWR3, IM1, IM2, ImmSet, M5, OHP, WotI]: Alphatia, Shadow Coast (Our Lady of Darkness), Helskir (Nott), Ierendi, Pearl Islands (Nicktu), Karameikos, Milenians (Zargos), Nentsun, Nimmur (Nin–Hurabi), Nithians (Nuptys), Norwold (Nott), Ochalea (Nu–Shi Hei–An), Orc’s Head Peninsula (Na’al), Tanagoro (Nicktu), Tangor (Nicktu), Northern Reaches (Nott), Thyatis


Odin [DotE, GAZ7, HW, SCS, WotI]: Alpha, Anathy (Oloron), Antalians (Wotan), Brasol (Viuden), Caerdwicca (Viuden), Cestia (Viuden/Oloron), Darokin, Denagoth (He Who Watches), Dunadale (Viuden), Icevale Elves (Wotan), Eusdria (Viuden), Furmenglaive (Viuden), Ghyr (He Who Watches), Great Waste (Father Sky), Helskir, Thyatian Hinterlands (Viuden), Autuusmaa (Jumal), Milenians (Grammaton), Neathar (Wotan), Nentsun (Wotan), Nithians (Amon), Norwold, Oceansend, Merry Pirates, Qeodhar (Wotan), Robrenn (Taranos), Yazak Steppes (Wotan), Thanegioth Archipelago (Oloron), Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Thothia (Amon), Thyatis, Traldar (Grammaton), Vyolstagrad (Perun), Wendar, Westrourke (Viuden), Yannivey (Wotan)
Old Man of the Sea, The [GAZ2, HW]: see Protius (Anathy, Ierendi, Merry Pirates and all marine creatures)
Old Nick [ImmSet]: see Thanatos (Darokin)
Oleyan [GAZ9]: Minrothad
Oloron [X1]: see Odin (Anathy, Cestia, Thanegioth Archipelago)
Opal [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Norwold, Land of the Wallara (Spirit of the Stars)
Orcus [ImmSet, M4, WotI]: Shadow Coast (Black Prince), Izonda (Oruguz), Karameikos (The Goat), Nentsun, Orc’s Head Peninsula (Oruguz), Thyatis
Ordana [GAZ5, GAZ9, HW, SCS, WotI]: Alfheim, Thothian Plateau (Uì), Bellayne (Tawnia), Brasol, Five Shires, Icevale Elves (Thendara), Emerond (Mother Forest), Izonda (Thendara), Jibarù (Uì), Karameikos (Thendara), Minrothad (Thendara), Robrenn (Breig), Thanegioth Archipelago (Uì), Midlands, Vulcania, Wendar
Orisis [GAZ4]: see Ixion (Ierendi, Nithians)
Oruguz [OHP]: see Orcus (Izonda, Orc’s Head Peninsula)
Otzitiotl [HW]: see Ixion (Azcans & Oltecs)
Our Lady of Darkness: see Nyx (Shadow Coast)
Ouranos [ImmSet, MstSet]: vanished in the Era of the Giants


Paarkum [IM2]: Brasol, Vulcania
Palartarkan the Highest [DotE, HW, WotI]: Alphatia, Alatian Islands, Neathar
Palson [IM2, WotI]: Milenians
Pangloss [IM3]: see Ssu–Ma (Alphatia, Bellissaria)
Panzuriel [DuMa#59]: see Saasskas (Sea of Dread)
Patriarch: see Kagyar (Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Minaea, Traldar)
Patura [IM2, WotI]: Karameikos, Thyatis
Pax [M5]: Vanished in the XI century BC but still worshipped as Balder in Helskir, Norwold and Northern Reaches
Pax Bellanica [SCS]: see Tarastia (Bellayne, Dunwick)
Pearl [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Norwold, Land of the Wallara (Spirit of the Moon)
Perun: see Odin (Vyolstagrad)
Petra [GAZ1, HW, HWR3, WotI]: Hulean City-state, Darokin, Karameikos, Milenians, Traldar
Pflarr [DrMa#237, HW, HWR2, WotI]: Hulean City-state (Jackal Head), Hutaaka, Nithians, Renardie
Pharamond [IM3]: Alphatia, Ochalea, Midlands
Plasmatore [IM3]: Alphatia, Brasol, Izonda, Pelatan, Ice Peaks, Vulcania, Yannivey
Polunius the Sculptor [PC3, WotI]: Gombar (The Celestial Architect), Undersea, Tangor (The Celestial Architect), all the seas
Porewit: see Forsetta (Vyolstagrad)
Protius [DotE, GAZ2, HW, HWR3, WotI]: Alphatia, Anathy (Old Man of the Sea), Antalians (Nooga), Bellissaria, Caerdwicca (Manadyn), Cathos, Cestia, Darokin, Dunadale (Manadyn), Helskir (Nooga), Thyatian Hinterlands, Ierendi (Old Man of the Sea), Pearl Islands (Father Ocean), Izonda (Father Ocean), Autuusmaa (Ahti), Landfall, Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Minaea, Minrothad, Nithians (Nithys), Norwold (Nooga), Oceansend, Merry Pirates (Old Man of the Sea), East Portage, West Portage, Qeodhar (Nooga), Redstone (Manadyn), Undersea (Manwara), Thanegioth Archipelago (Manwara), Northern Reaches (Nooga), Thyatis, Traldar, Trikelios, Westrourke (Manadyn), Zyxl (Father Ocean)
Ptahr [HWR2]: see Kagyar (Ekto, Nithians, Trikelios)
Pyrak: see Ixion (Gombar, Tangor)
Pyro [ImmSet]: see Ixion (Pearl Islands, Izonda, Tanagoro, Thanegioth Archipelago, Vulcania, Yavdlom, Zyxl)


Quetzalcoatl [HWR1]: see Atruaghin (Azcans)
Qywattz [DrMa#185]: Astral Plane, Dimension of Nightmares


Ra [HWR2]: see Rathanos (Nithians)
Rad [GAZ3, WotI]: Glantri
Rafiel [GAZ13, HW, WotI]: Alfheim, Shadowrealm, Schattenalfen
Rainbow Singer, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Raith [IM3]: Brasol
Rakhnee: see Aracne Prime (Thanegioth Archipelago)
Ralon, Saimpt [SCS]: Bellayne (Sister Grain), Dunwick, Renardie, Land of the Tortle
Ran: see Kallala (Helskir, Northern Reaches)
Ranivorus [GAZ2, GAZ10, HW, HWR2, WotI]: Hule (Yeenoghu), Karameikos, Minaea, Nithians, Broken Lands, Northern Reaches, Ylaruam
Rathanos [DotE, HW, HWR2, M5, WotI]: Ekto, Esterhold, Great Waste, Ierendi, Alatian Islands, Jen, Meghales Amosses, Minaea, Nithians, Thothia, Trikelios
Razud [DotE, HW, WotI]: Alpha, Alphatia, Bellissaria, Ekto, Esterhold, Glantri, Minrothad, East Portage, Trikelios
Red Arrow, The [SCS]: see Mealiden (Alfheim)
Renard, Saimpt [SCS]: see Korotiku (Dunwick, Renardie)
Ruaidhri Hawkbane [PC4]: Minrothad, Sind, Undersea (The Silver Hunter)
Runar [CoM]: see Thor (Sind)


Saasskas the Destroyer [PC3, WotI]: Izondian Deep, Sea of Dread, Undersea and other deep oceans.
Saga: see The Silver Carver one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Saturnius [ImmSet, MstSet]: Ierendi, Milenians, Minaea, Minrothad, Merry Pirates, Thyatis, Traldar
Shaibuth [SCS]: see Eiryndul (Herath)
Shapechanger, The: see Korotiku (Gombar, Tangor)
Sharpcrest [PC3, WotI]: Undersea and the various oceans
Shaya [SCS]: see Valerias (Herath)
[b]Shining One, The [GAZ7, GAZ10, HW]: see Kurtulmak (Broken Lands, Northern Reaches)
Sif: see Madarua (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Signora Grigia, la [DotE]: see Vanya (Thyatis)
Silent Hunter, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Silenus [M5]: see Faunus (Redstone)
Silver Carver, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Silver Hunter, The: see Ruaidhri Hawkbane (Undersea)
Simurgh [ImmSet, MstSet]: Great Waste, Sind
Sinbad [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Bellissaria, Gombar (The Celestial Traveller), Ierendi, Pearl Islands, Minrothad, Ice Peaks (The Celestial Traveller), Merry Pirates, Tangor (The Celestial Traveller), Thyatis, Ylaruam
Sister Grain [SCS]: see Ralon (Bellayne, Dunwick)
[b]Sita [CoM]: see [b]Ilsundal (Sind)
Sjofn: see [b]Valerias (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Skorpios [DuMa#20]: see Atzanteotl (Graakhalia, Broken Lands)
Skuld [ImmSet, MstSet]: Antalians, Norwold, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories
Slizzark the Lurker [PC3, WotI]: Undersea, Thanegioth Archipelago
Snotra: see Maat (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Solarios [ImmSet]: see Ixion (Shadow Coast, Thyatis)
Soubrette, Saimpt [IM3]: Renardie
Spider of the Night [M5]: see Aracne Prime (Thothia)
Spider Queen: see Aracne Prime (Alphatia, Cestia)
Spirit of the Moon [OHP]: see Pearl (Land of the Wallara)
Spirit of the Stars [OHP]: see Opal (Land of the Wallara)
Spirit of the Sun [OHP]: see Diamond (Land of the Wallara)
Spring Maiden, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Ssu–Ma [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Alphatia (Pangloss), Bellissaria (Pangloss), Ochalea, Shahjapur (Ganetra), Sind (Ganetra)
Stirpicore the Serpentform [IM3]: see Mazikeen
Stodos [M1Solo]: Darokin, Frosthaven, Helskir, Hyborea, Nentsun
Sumag [OHP]: see Terra (Suma’a, Tangor)
Suolo [IM1]: Elemental Immortal killed in the XI century AC
High Spider: see Korotiku (Alphatia)
Surt [GAZ7]: see Zugzul (Great Waste, Nentsun, Norwold, Tangor, Northern Reaches, Vulcania)
Svarog: see Wayland (Vyolstagrad)
Svetovid: see Halav (Vyolstagrad)


Ta Lai Si–Fa: see Tarastia (Ochalea)
Ta Liu Ai–Tan: see Talitha (Ochalea)
Tabak [SCS]: see Ixion (Dunwick, El Grande Carrascal, Norwold, Yazak Steppes)
Tahkati Stormtamer [GAZ14, WotI]: Atruaghin Clans
Tai Qi Ming: see Tyche (Ochalea)
Talitha [DotE, OHP, WotI]: Alpha, Alphatia, Bellissaria, Dunadale, Ekto, Alatian Islands, Landfall, Ochalea (Ta Liu Ai–Tan), Orc’s Head Peninsula (Ait–tha), East Portage, Trikelios
Tallivai [PC3]: see Calitha (Undersea)
Tapio: see Ilsundal (Autuusmaa)
Tapu [X8]: see Gorrziok (Teki–nura–ria)
Taranos [SCS]: see Odin (Robrenn)
Tarastia [DDA2, DotE, HW, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Almarròn (The Judge), Bellayne (Pax Bellanica), Cimmaron (The Judge), Dunwick, Gargoña (The Judge), Guadalante (The Judge), Helskir (Var), Thyatian Hinterlands, Jen, Jennites, Karameikos, Milenians, Narvaez (The Judge), Norwold (Var), Oceansend, Ochalea (Ta Lai Si–Fa), Pelatan, Richland (The Judge), Saragòn (The Judge), Norwold (Var), Heldannic Territories (Var), Thonia, Thyatis, Torreòn (The Judge)
Taroyas [IM2, WotI]: Milenians
Tawnia [SCS]: see Ordana (Bellayne)
Terra [GAZ12, ImmSet, SCS, WotI]: Alpha (Frigg), Alphatia, Thothian Plateau (Marau–Ixuì), Bayou (Cay), Bellissaria, Cestia (Mother Earth), Dunadale (Dun), Dunwick (Yamag), El Grande Carrascal (Yamag), Ethengar (Yamuga), Great Waste (Mother Earth), Alatian Islands, Jibarù (Marau–Ixuì), Autuusmaa (Maderakka), Kendach (Magna Mater), Neathar (Frigg), Nentsun (Frigg), Nithians (Mut), Norwold (Frigg), Oceansend (Frigg), Pelatan (Mother Earth), Ice Peaks (Yamag), Yazak Steppes (Yamag), Suma’a (Sumag), Thanegioth Archipelago (Marau–Ixuì), Tangor (Sumag), Northern Reaches (Frigg), Heldannic Territories (Frigg), Thonia (Mother Earth), Thorin (Mother Earth), Thothia (Mut), Thyatis (Magna Mater), Traldar (Mother Earth), Vyolstagrad (Mokosz)
Thalia [IM1, ImmSet]: Vanished in the XI century BC but still worshipped as Nanna in Helskir, Norwold and Northern Reaches
Thanatos [DotE, GAZ6, HW, HWA1–3, WotI]: Rockhome (Karr), Cavernicoli (Tha–to), Darokin (Old Nick), Milenians, Nithians, Norwold (Darga), Oceania, Shahjapur, Northern Reaches (Darga, Father of Demons), Thyatis, Traldar, Vyolstagrad (Chernobog)
Tha–to [HW]: see Thanatos (Brute-men)
Thendara [GAZ9]: see Ordana (Icevale Elves, Izonda, Karameikos, Minrothad)
Thor [DotE, GAZ7, HW, SCS, WotI]: Almarròn (The General), Alpha, Antalians (Donar), Cimmaron (The General), Darokin, Dunadale (Donegal), Dunwick (The General), Icevale Elves (Donar), Eusdria (Donar), Gargoña (The General), Guadalante (The General), Helskir, Thyatian Hinterlands (Donegal), Narvaez (The General), Norwold, Oceansend, Omm–Wa (Dugong), Merry Pirates, Robrenn (Tuatis), Saragòn (The General), Sind (Runar), Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories, Thyatis, Torreòn (The General), Wendar, Westrourke (Donegal)
Tiresias [IM3, WotI]: Shadow Coast, Darokin, Dunadale (Dallbard), Karameikos, Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Redstone (Dallbard), Thyatis, Westrourke (Dallbard), Yavdlom
Tiuz [SCS]: see Ilsundal (Eusdria)
Tourlain [IM2]: Bellissaria, Alatian Islands
Tuatis [SCS]: see Thor (Robrenn)
Tubak the Legislator [GAZ12]: see Ixion (Ethengar)
Turlock: see Chiron (Redstone)
Turmis [IM2, WotI]: Darokin, Pearl Islands, Thyatis
Twelve Watchers [GAZ9, HW, WotI]: Bellissaria, Darokin, Ierendi, Minrothad, East Portage, West Portage
Tyche [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Hule (Bath), Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Ochalea (Tai Qi Ming), Thyatis, Traldar
Tyr: see Ixion (Neathar, Nentsun, Norwold, Qeodhar, Northern Reaches)


Uatumà [OHP]: see Zirchev (Thothian Plateau, Jibarù, Thanegioth Archipelago)
[OHP]: see Ordana (Thothian Plateau, Jibarù, Thanegioth Archipelago)
Uller: see The Silent Hunter one of the nine Korrigans (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Urd [MstSet]: Vanished at the end of Prehistory and worshipped still as one of the Norns in Antalia, Helskir, Norwold, Qeodhar and Northern Reaches
Urtson [IM1]: various outer planes
Usamigaras [B4, WotI]: Cynidicea, Leeha
Utnapishtim [IM3]: Bellissaria, Esterhold, Jen, Minaea


Vainamoinen: see Ilmarinen (Autuusmaa)
Valerias [DotE, HW, HWR2, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Almarròn, Alphatia, Brasol, Cestia, Cimmaron, Shadow Coast, Darokin, Gargoña, Guadalante, Helskir (Sjofn), Herath (Shaya), Alatian Islands, Pearl Islands (Ashanti), Izonda (Ashanti), Meghala Kimata, Milenians, Minaea, Narvaez, Nithians (Isiris/Hathor), Norwold (Sjofn), Ochalea (Biao Hun Xi–Ai), Pelatan, East Portage, Redstone (Vanu), Saragòn, Tanagoro (Ashanti), Northern Reaches (Sjofn), Texeiras, Thothia (Isiris), Thyatis, Torreòn, Traldar, Vilaverde, Vulcania (Ashanti), Yavdlom (Ashanti)
Vali: see Gorm (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Vanu: see Valerias (Redstone)
Vanya [CoM, DotE, HW, HWR3, M1, SCS, WotI]: Arypt, Bellayne (Belbion), Brasol (Varellya), Cestia (Varellya), Shadow Coast, Ekto, Furmenglaive, Thyatian Hinterlands, Karameikos, Kendach, Kubitti, Meghala Kimata (Varellya), Milenians (Matera), Landfall, Narvaez (The Inquisitor), Oceansend, Oostdok, Pelatan (Varellya), Merry Pirates, West Portage, Redstone, Stonehaven, Heldannic Territories, Texeiras (Faña), Thonia, Thyatis, Torreòn (Faña), Vilaverde (Faña), Westrourke, Zyxl (Ashanti)
Vaprak [HW]: see Jammudaru (Hule)
Var: see Tarastia (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches, Heldannic Territories)
Varellya: see Vanya (Brasol, Cestia, Meghala Kimata, Pelatan)
Veles: see Loki (Vyolstagrad)
Verdant Caretaker, The: one of the Korrigans (Wendar)
Verthandi [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Vanished in the X century AC and worshipped still as one of the Norns in Antalia, Helskir, Norwold, Qeodhar and Northern Reaches
Vidar: see Halav (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches)
Viper Winged, The [HW, HWR1]: see Atzanteotl (Azcans)
Viuden [DotE, HW]: see Odin (Brasol, Caerdwicca, Cestia, Dunadale, Eusdria, Furmenglaive, Thyatian Hinterlands, Westrourke)
Volund: see Wayland (Helskir, Norwold, Northern Reaches, Wendar)
[b]Vulcan [TTS]: see Wayland (Thyatis)


Warruntam [OHP]: see Ixion (Land of the Wallara)
Water Elemaster [ImmSet]: Elemental Plane of Water
Wayland [ImmSet, MstSet, WotI]: Darokin, Helskir ([i]Volund), Norwold (Volund), Redstone, Northern Reaches (Volund), Thyatis (Vulcan), Vyolstagrad (Svarog), Wendar (Volund), Westrourke
Wei Long: see Great One (Ochalea)
White Claw: see Ninfangle (Hyborea, Nentsun, Norwold)
Wogar [GAZ10, HW, WotI]: Borea, Rockhome, Darokin, El Grande Carrascal, Eusdria, Hule (Maglubiyet), Izonda, Robrenn, Yazak Steppes, Broken Lands (Wong–Ah)
Wong–Ah [GAZ10]: see Wogar (Broken Lands)
Wotan [HW]: see Odin (Antalians, Icevale Elves, Neathar, Nentsun, Qeodhar, Yazak Steppes, Yannivey)


Xi–Yang: see Ixion (Ochalea)


Yagrai [GAZ10, HW, WotI]: Addakia, Ethengar, Meghales Amosses, Broken Lands
Yamag [SCS]: see Terra (Dunwick, El Grande Carrascal, Norwold, Ice Peaks, Yazak Steppes)
Yamuga [GAZ12]: see Terra (Ethengar)
Yao–Lan Zi: see Alphatia (Ochalea)
Yarella [DuMa#53]: see Madarua (Midlands)
Yav [CoM, WotI]: Yavdlom
Yeenoghu [HW]: see Ranivorus (Hule)
Yehm [SCS]: see Korotiku (Herath)
Yemekershey: see Bagni Gullymaw (Hule)


Zalaj [AC10]: Rockhome, Nentsun, Norwold, Ice Peaks, Tangor, Northern Reaches (Bergelmir)
Zargos [HWR3]: see Nyx (Milenians)
Zephyr [GAZ2]: see Asterius (Nithians, Thothia)
Zeus [IM2]: see Taroyas (only in IM2)
Zir: see Great One (Vyolstagrad)
Zirchev [DotE, GAZ1, HW, HWR3, SCS, WotI]: Alfheim, Alphatia, Thothian Plateau (Uatumà), Hulean City-state, Darokin, Graakhalia (The Hunter), Jibarù (Uatumà), Karameikos, Milenians, Robrenn (Leug), Thanegioth Archipelago (Uatumà), Midlands, Traldar
Zorya, The: see The Norns (Vyolstagrad)
Zugzul [DA1–4]: Great Waste (Surt), Hyborea, Nentsun (Surt), Norwold (Surt), Tangor (Surt), Northern Reaches (Surt), Western Orc lands, Vulcania (Surt), Ylaruam (Corona), Zyxl



Mar 27, 2007 16:53:13
On a related subject Thorf hasn't been around for awhile as well, anyone heard from him?

His profile shows he hasn't been active since November. The last time he showed up here- amidst his mapping/posting frenzy- was the first time I can recall having heard from him in literally years. He'd been among us early Listers on the MML and dropped out of sight for a long time. So, not unprecedented, but he's definitely missed.


Mar 29, 2007 3:26:46
His profile shows he hasn't been active since November. The last time he showed up here- amidst his mapping/posting frenzy- was the first time I can recall having heard from him in literally years. He'd been among us early Listers on the MML and dropped out of sight for a long time. So, not unprecedented, but he's definitely missed.

Thanks Cthulhudrew

He is indeed missed perhaps he will be back when he's finished his secret project (or at least the next step in it).



Apr 03, 2007 6:57:01

I've had an email from Marco in which he had this to say.

> A quick note to let you and Andrew know about Andrew's remark on Protius's
> and Korotiku's mortal life. Actually WotI and HW NEVER state for sure that
> Korotiku WAS mortal or has been mortal: he THINKs he was a planar spider,
> but he's not sure.. and told by an immortal known as the Trickster, I
> wouldn't be too confident either in this explanation. So I simply supposed
> he's one of those ancient immortals that MAY have never been mortal (like
> Ixion and Thanatos), coz that's how he's presented.
> As for Protius, I went with the FIRST version of his background, the one
> found in Hollow World, where he never was a porpois-like mammal, but instead
> a force of nature representing the wild side of the sea. It's simply a
> matter of liking one over the other, that's it ;)



Apr 03, 2007 7:19:24
Marco has mentioned that the translations have a number of mistakes in - but he hasn't said where they are yet so you may just want to take the translations as a rough guide for now.



Apr 05, 2007 2:52:52
I've made a change to Appendix 4.

Marco had mistakenly allocated the Celestial Traveller nickname to Gorm rather than to Sinbad. He noticed this when I sent him the translation.

So the Celestial Wanderer has been changed to Celestial Traveller and allocated to Sinbad.



Apr 05, 2007 10:02:37
A couple more of corrections for appendix 4 thanks to Marco.

Magna Mater a pseudonym of Terra should not have been translated to Great Mother as Thyatian = Italian/Latin so I've changed it back.

Korotiku is The Shapechanger and the the High Spider not the Multiform or the Supreme Spider (although Marco did like the latter - so use whichever you prefer.

Polunius is the Celestial Architect not the Sublime Architect.

I think that's all there were one or two minor corrections in the introduction to the appendix but nothing too serious.



Apr 05, 2007 11:49:04
Player Lists of Immortals
This appendix lists the immortals with only the information judged important for the players that they need to choose an immortal to honour. The lists are subdivided based on the alignment of the Immortal (grouped on the Good-Evil axis) and the list includes, as well as the name of the Immortal, the permitted alignment(s) for clerics in D&D (remember that in 3E D&D clerics can only be one ‘step’ away from the Immortal’s alignment, on either the Good-Evil axis or the Law-Chaos axis but not both, exceptions to this rule are shown in italics), its symbol, its portfolio of interests and the Domains it grants in D&D 3E (those in italics are new to this supplement).

Lawful Good
[b]Name Cleric&#8217;s Align Symbol Portfolio Domains[/b]<br /> Ahmanni L or N Necklace of whale teeth Turtle Clan, sea, family, sacrifice, beauty Thought, Law, Good, Sea, Family <br /> Alphatia L or N A bright shield with spots of color like the palette of a painter Arts, beauty, peace, order and harmony, protect Alphatia and oppose Alphaks Energy, Law, Good, Protection, Arts<br /> Atruaghin L or N Feathered serpent wearing a war bonnet or tomahawk and war bonnet Atruaghin Clans, Azcans, balance, diplomacy, fighting evil, truth, wisdom Matter, Law, Good, Knowledge, Persuasion<br /> Brindorhin L A golden ear of wheat Halflings (hins), patriotism, safety, family, prosperity, wealth Time, Law, Good, Family <br /> Diamond L; (LG, LN, LE) A crown that resembles a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge diamond set on the snake's head Justice, lawful dragons, order, tolerance, wisdom Matter, Law, Good, Justice, Dragons <br /> Forsetta L A golden sceptre with four rubies set on its head Justice, Law, obedience and loyalty, truth, protecting Vestland Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Ilsundal L Silhouette of the Tree of Life protecting elves and nature, wisdom, scholarship, magic, traditions, serenity &amp; peace Energy, Law, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Magic <br /> Ka L or N A feathered, winged amber coloured snake protection of life, preserve knowledge &amp; civilizations, prosperity, wisdom, healing, magic, Hollow World, tortle, reptiles, lizardmen, stone giants Matter, Law, Good, Knowledge, Healing, Protection <br /> Koryis L A hand held palm forward, fingers up, representing a hand-sign of peaceful intent peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect the laws Thought, Law, Good, Protection <br /> Maat L A white feather justice, honor, virtue, honesty, order, integrity, loyalty, redemption, fighting evil and chaos Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Mâtin L Blue shield with a white tower in the centre lupin, tortle, Renardie, security, protection, guardians, fortresses, sacrifice &amp; martyrs of the homeland Thought, Law, Good, Persuasion <br /> Minroth L A four-feathered arrow Minrothad, patriotism, hope, wealth, prosperity, freedom Matter, Law, Good, Trade <br /> Odin L or N The silhouette of two ravens whispering in a man's ears authority and rulership, live one's life fully, knowledge, cunning, wisdom, sky and air, storms, winds Thought, Law, Good, Air, Knowledge, Storms <br /> Paarkum L A triangle divided in three sections,: a balance (base), sword (r) and book (l) order, justice, loyalty, fidelity, virtue, sincerity Matter, Law, Good, Justice <br /> Rafiel L A book with a star on its cover Shadowelves, radiance, magical and scientific knowledge Energy, Law, Good, Magic, Protection <br /> Terra L or N A circle of stones with a plant (often a flower) or a living creature inside it creation and protection of all life-forms, balancing the life-death cycle, birth, fertility and prosperity, nature, earth, shepherds and farmers Matter, Law, Good, Earth, Protection, Fertility <br /> Urtson L or N Twelve gold points radiating from a single centre order, peace, cooperation, diplomacy, mediation, kryst Matter, Law, Good, Persuasion


Apr 05, 2007 19:28:51
[b][SIZE="3"]In the appendix itself each name is either in bold or italics representing, respectivly whether the name is canon or invented for the Codex.

you didn't want to repeat that here


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List by Alignment
The following lists in alphabetical order the Immortals based upon their moral alignment. In the list they are listed together with their Sphere of Power as well as the permitted alignments of their clerics as per the rules in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. At the beginning of each table the number of Immortals of the given alignment is listed by Sphere.
In the few cases in which Third Edition rules for the alignment of clerics are not followed, the permitted alignments are given in italics. Normally in D&D Third Edition, the alignment of a cleric must be a maximum of “a step” away from that one of the divinity (that is a step on the good-evil axis or on the law-chaos axis, but not on both). Moreover, a cleric cannot be (True) Neutral less than its divinity it is not also (True) Neutral.
Example: Al–Kalim is Lawful Neutral, and therefore He admits only Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil clerics (to a step on the axis of Law-Evil), but not (True) Neutral (which would be a step on the Good-Evil), since He is not Neutral in the first instance. Ahmanni instead it is Lawful Good, and He admits Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good clerics.

[b]Lawful Good (17)<br /> Energy: 3; Matter: 9; Thought: 4; Time: 1<br /> Name Sphere Alignment[/b]<br /> Ahmanni Thought L or N<br /> Alphatia Energy L or N<br /> Atruaghin Matter L or N<br /> Brindorhin Time L<br /> Diamond Matter L; [i]LG, LN, LE[/i]<br /> Forsetta Matter L<br /> Ilsundal Energy L<br /> Ka Matter L or N<br /> Koryis Thought L<br /> Maat Matter L<br /> Mâtin Thought L<br /> Minroth Matter L<br /> Odin Thought L or N<br /> Paarkum Matter L<br /> Rafiel Energy L<br /> Terra Matter L or N<br /> Urtson Matter L or N


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Here's Chapter 7 - again any mistakes in translation are down to yours truely.


Chapter 7
Groups of Power of the Immortals

Beyond grouping themselves in pantheons, being associated with a specific race or civilization on the Prime Plane in order to protect or influence it, and belonging to a specific Sphere of Power, the Immortals tend also to form various Groups, each of which possesses a common organizational aim for all its members, each of whom agree to spontaneously undertake the objectives. Not all the groups of Immortals are known by all Immortals, seen that they tend to act with secret aims, and certainly most of them are unknown to mortals, whilst others are official organizations recognized from the five spheres, and often (particularly in the case of the Councils) have power over all the Immortals, as their decisions are binding for all the Immortal Spheres.
Below are the more famous and active (secretly or openly) groups of power at the start of 1001 AC, referred to in official products of TSR/WotC regarding Mystara (in particular the Wrath of the Immortals). The schematic tables give the name of the group, it’s organization type (shown in bold italics and between parenthesis), and from left to right the columns list the members in order of importance (the leader is shown in bold), their own Sphere, their level and Immortal grade, and underneath is shown a summary of the group’s objectives.

Ring of Fire
(Informal Temporary Group)
[b]Member Sphere Level (Grade)[/b]<br /> [b]Ixion[/b] Energy 36th (Hierarch)<br /> Valerias Matter 31st (Hierarch)<br /> Ilsundal Energy 33rd (Hierarch)<br /> Alphatia Energy 16th (Celestial)


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Here are three of the religious organizations taken from Chapter 4 of the second tome. Again any mistakes in translation/interprutation are down to your's truly

Church of Karameikos
Church of Traladara
Cult of Halav

More to follow (hopefully)



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Worshipped in: Karameikos

Tarastia Law, order, truth, justice and just vengeance<br /> Chardastes Healing, purification, health, medicine, life cycle, eternal life<br /> Asterius Trade, money, communication, travel, messengers<br /> Vanya War, conquest, victory, glory, honour<br /> Kagyar Crafts, metallurgy, miners<br /> Patura Women, families, babies, maternity and fertility<br /> Ilsundal Nature, wisdom, learning, tradition, serenity and peace <br /> *** <br /> [b]The Grim Reaper[/b] Death, entropy, destruction, decadence, oblivion, corruption<br /> (Thanatos)


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Worshipped in: Karameikos
[b]Halav[/b] War, strategy and tactics, strength and determination, weapons and armour, sacrifice, combating humanoids<br /> Petra Patriotism, protection, courage, resistance, virtue, loyalty, fighting clerics, besieged cities, Traladarans<br /> Zirchev Hunting, survival, tolerance, magic, sylvan races, nature, animals, outcasts <br /> *** <br /> [b]The Goat [/b] Death, evil, sadism, mass destruction, necromancy, lycanthropy, cannibalism<br /> (Orcus)<br /> Ranivorus Gnolls, madness, racism, destruction, hatred<br /> Wogar Goblins, war, conquest<br /> Karaash Humanoids, battles, tactics, conquest, rule of the strongest<br /> Jammudaru Ogres, giants, vengeance, violence<br /> Bartziluth Bugbears, rage, combat


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Worshipped in: Karameikos
[b]Halav[/b] Traladara, war, strategy and tactics, strength and determination, sacrifice, fighting humanoids.
The Cult of Halav is a church that was founded by Sergyev, a member of the Church of Traladara, following a vision in which he saw Halav come down to earth and revealed as being returned to life in the person of Stefan Karameikos III, in order to bring back his favourite Traladarans from the Golden Age. After having revealed his vision to a superior and having been mocked, Sergyev decided to leave the order and to found his own cult dedicated to the worship of Halav in his embodiment as Stefan Karameikos, and thanks to his fervent sermons and to his magnetic personality, succeeded to gather around himself a small number of faithful and other clergymen, indoctrinated with the three beliefs of this faith:
  • King Halav, died on the field of battle in the final clash with the king of the beastmen, has been taken by the Immortals, to be resuscitated, healed and put asleep.
  • The aim of the Immortals is to return Halav to Traladara when the moment is right to return the nation to its ancient glory.
  • The Immortals have decided that the moment has been reached and they have sent the spirit of King Halav into the baby Stefan Karameikos III, so as to make him the new King of Traladara.

Actually the cult is dedicated to the idea that the Duke transforms Traladara from new into a powerful nation and will equip the armies to conquer the entire world. The prime objective of the Cult however is still to convince all, including Duke Karameikos, on the truth of this prophecy, this has yet to happen. But in spite of the frustrating position in which they have been relegated, accused of being visionaries and lunatics by the majority of Karameikans, its members are very determined and well indoctrinated by Sergyev, and wont give up. In particular, even if they can seem at first sight excited and crazy, these clergymen are, however, able to cast divine spells, a clear sign that they enjoy the favour of the Immortals (and of Halav), this gives them strength and makes them sure of the truthfulness of their own theories. Only a small part of the Traladarans of Karameikos (about 1%) belongs to this cult. The clerics of the Cult of Halav do not have a formal robe that unites them, and can be recognized by their scruffy and humble aspect, by the long beard and by the fervour with which they preach, as well as by the holy symbol of Halav (a sword plunged into an anvil) represented in a medallion that is always carried around the neck.


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