RPing a kender?



Mar 22, 2007 13:17:24
Basically I'll be playing one in a DL campaign. 7 players, 1 DM.

2 players(one being me) and the DM(obviously) know about DL. No one else does. So if I'm playing the average thief kender that even steals from his own party out of his "good" nature and has no problem giving it back if hes caught or they find the item...how would these PCs who don't understand kenders react?

I'm not looking to upset anyone and won't take it overboard but ya know how kenders are but they don't...

Any suggestions.


Mar 22, 2007 16:00:31
As long as you dont take too many important things too often you should be fine but make sure to let the players know about kender.


Mar 22, 2007 17:43:00
If you must do it (and I recommend against "finding" your comrades' stuff if you're a kender, it's just annoying) I highly recommend never, ever taking anything important. Certainly nothing magical, never a weapon, maybe never anything actually listed on their character sheet.

Even for players who know DL, a fellow party member who takes their "serious" stuff gets annoying fast.


Mar 22, 2007 23:11:17
Clark, thou are indeed wise beyond thine years.


Mar 23, 2007 10:58:06
My party has a kender. And all they players don't know anything about dragonlance. And sometimes it is really funny when the kender finds something they need very quickly. But they don't hate but just find it normal, it is just like a druid use divine magic and loves nature.
Therefore they find it normal that a kender is very active, funny and "find" a lot of things.


Mar 23, 2007 13:11:13
Would you be playing a normal or an afflicted kender?


Mar 26, 2007 13:09:30
I haven't decided yet but no, I won't be taking any magic items or weapons. So I really didn't think of that since most likely I'll be taking just stuff worth money/gems, etc and since its all party funds anyways then most likely no one will take it the wrong way.


Mar 26, 2007 13:34:34
I would suggest that "finding" your companions belongs occours whren its your Kenders watch. At least that way you have a plausible reason for rummaging around in their packs.

After all you wouldn''t want your friends to lose anything important. Thats why you secured the flap on the knights pack. Of course the shiny bauble that rolled out ended up in your pocket for safe keeping