Your players did what (in Greyhawk)?



Mar 23, 2007 22:04:21
Yes, I know. Somewhere on these boards there´s a similar thread. But who cares?

Ok, everyone (especially DMs) is hereby invited to share stories about his/her/its craziest players/characters/BBEGs/whatever with us.

I´ll begin with the following story (yes, this really happened...):
A few days ago, our (EVIL) party had just returned to Vlekstaad in Stonehold after a nice little dungeon crawl. Our wannabe-necromancer (a follower of Nerull) just went to his chamber to get some sleep. But first he wanted to pray: "Dear Nerull, I´ve been a very, very bad boy today...". It took the rest of us 5 minutes or so to stop laughing.


Apr 01, 2007 0:23:03
during a foray into the temple of elemental evil , i had one player decide to spend some time in nulb , whilst at the waterside hostel his fighter requested some cherry pie with his meal , and being in a mood that i was in , i said "sorry we only have apple"
well in a tirade he proceeded to start a bar fight which culminated with him torching the place , the flames lept from building to building. mass devistation commenced
still remember to this day



Apr 16, 2007 11:17:26
I was in a group, that had a unluck rogue one session. She used her ring of invisibility, and the evil wizard had See invisiblility cast. He then cast Flesh to Stone on her. So now they have an invisible statue of an Elven rogue.

What is great, is that the party decided to cover the statue with blankets so no body would find it...


Apr 16, 2007 14:17:05
Players were playing module UK1, Beyound the Crystal Cave

They decided to spend about 5 years inside the idyllic Garden beyound the Crystal Cave because one party member was taken by the Dryad in the Garden for 5 years of pleasure.. Problem is 1 day in the cavern equals approximately 2 years in Greyhawk, so after 5 years (5*365 = 1825) in the caves, amost 4000 years progressed in Greyhawk.