Dragons of Autumn



Mar 25, 2007 21:16:37
As along time DL fan, that is both the novels and the modules I have to say that I am kind of disappointed in the rewriting of these classic modules. As I was reading through it I noticed that the way encounters are set up is really........unstructured. I know that for many this may seem un important. But I for one like the way the old DL modules had set up the encounters by placing the major events right on the map. No guess work.

Can anyone else give me feedback on their experiences with the "new" Dragons of Autumn. Have you played through it? What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? What would you do to improve the way it plays?

As it stands right now, I plan on running the War of the Lance for a group of seasoned players, using the 16 origional modules.


Mar 25, 2007 21:22:49
:D I have two copies of the module and am not going to run it until we can get the second module at least, that should be released by the next millenium, if everything goes according to plan. :D :P
I ran the original modules and updated them to 3.5, and used Cam Bank's update as well.