GDQ Hook



Mar 25, 2007 23:58:37
While reading through GDQ 1-7 Queen of the Spiders (TSR 9179) I noted the following quote from page 125-6; "Appendix 3: Further Adventures in the Depths":

An empty city with a huge wall that rings it, reducing passage to a corridor around the perimeter of the city. The walls are made of dark stone, and the doors of heavy lead, sealed by a gem-like engraving that radiates a glow like sunlight (so that nearby denizens will not approach). The city itself is patrolled by clay, stone, and iron golems, which will attack any living thing they encounter. The houses and merchant squares give the appearance that the inhabitants were called away suddenly, for there are layers of dust on decayed food, rotting fabric, and rotten wood. At the center of this empty city is a tower, also made of ebony stone and sealed with a similar glyph on the front gate. The tower is the prison of some powerful malign creature, perhaps a demon lord that was captured by the forces of good, or a devil that displeased its master, or the predecessor of the present Oinodaemon, Anthraxus. The exact choice (and the result should the players prove foolish enough to free this fell being) is left to the DM.


Mar 30, 2007 6:12:53
I don't recall seeing anything official developped from this, or any of the other adventure expansions. Now that would be an interesting subject for the "Expedition To" series....


Apr 01, 2007 18:29:27
Nope. Never seen this developed.


Apr 01, 2007 21:30:39
here it goes...Tharizdun!
with some manipluation of time lines...
1. Run the return to the temple of elemental evil
2. from there run forgotton temple to tharizdun and maybe lost caverns, since you know igwilliv(sp?) has some info on the matter in her home.
3. then the giants, descent, the valut of the drow (GDQ)
4. The valut in its endless wonders leads to this strange city...all following the trail to tharizdun's prison...!:D


Apr 01, 2007 23:00:26
Lokenarin, the thought had occurred to me, but tossed the idea. I view Tharizdun's improsonment as being a little more... exotic. Having him trapped in the Underoerth certainly explains some of his influence on the Material Plane. However, it seems too "easy."


Apr 01, 2007 23:39:46
Well I really liked the Rod of Seven Parts box set. It was a unique idea for a prison. I actually tied RoSP to Lolth. I played that the Queen of Chaos was Lolths Sister...After the players got smashed in the Demon Web. There clones went after the queen to get back at lolth.


May 01, 2007 17:05:09
Has anything been done with this hook in an official capacity?

This could be it..