Planewalker's Guild



Mar 26, 2007 21:43:17
Are there any conversions to the benefits of belonging to the Planewalker's Guild? I just began running a scenario from the Infinate Staircase and one of the players is actually interested in joining the PW Guild.

What kind of 3.5 perks could a PC get for belonging to a guild? I've never done much with guilds in my campaigns before.


Mar 29, 2007 8:30:03
Check out the Affiliations in the Player's Handbook II. You could start out with minor benefits once they get a decent score, like bonuses to planar Survival and Knowledge (Planes) checks or something like that.


Apr 24, 2007 14:51:19
I was just thinking about doing that. Has anybody done such work already and want to share his or her work?


Apr 25, 2007 10:57:28
I created an affiliation for it in about 45 minutes. I'm not a rules guy so I don't know if it's any good. But here is what I did:


Apr 27, 2007 1:45:14
I guess we came up on the same sources on the internet. I did some modifications to it. However, I'm going to run it with the players and get their feedback as well. Was also thinking about adding som feats and prestige classes the players could get access to at the Planewalker's Guild

Have a look at it on: