Interesting Idea....



Mar 27, 2007 18:13:39
I wonder how well Spelljammers and Eberron would get along...

Possibilities on a combined mutant version of the settings could add a Dragonmark which could be used to power Spelljamming ships, as they do with powered sea and air ships in Eberron currently.

How powerful would Karrnath be since they employ undead as much as they do, and those guys don't need to eat, drink or breath...

On that note, there are also Warforged which also enjoy the same advantages..

Mindflayers would be interesting though given their state in Eberron being more.... goons... and less.. important...

But there is always room for changes in such a setting...

Also would a version that includes Eberron also still include the other 3 Universes which the original setting does?

Just some ideas, wonder if anyone else has thought of it and what they think


Mar 27, 2007 21:07:01
depends on whose cosmology you follow.

i'm pretty sure eberron says that it's not attached to other prime materials.

on the other hand, i'm pretty sure planescape says that everyone is attached to other prime materials, and the places that say they aren't just haven't figured it out yet.

in any event, my personal solution: planar travel to and from eberron is likely quite difficult. they have a very non-standard cosmology, and while some planes probably link up in some way or another, it's still probably going to require a little bit more bouncing around the planes than usual, and the pathway is probably both not very well known and not very easy to find.

in keeping with this theme of difficulty in reaching eberron from other campaign settings/prime materials, i would probably surround eberron in a dense field of fast-moving asteroids... kinda like the one in the vodoni sphere. except more likely to kill you, and without a method of getting past it in one piece.

i might even consider ruling that the non-standard planar topography prevents teleportation to and from eberron (though eberronian magic uses a solution that works just fine while travelling around the world itself), but that standard teleport simply won't get you there... the planar cosmology isn't connected properly to allow the journey to be made on only one plane (ie, you'd have to plane shift several times, most likely).

i would probably also make shardspace (seems a good name for it, imo) well away from the standard known section of arcane space (ie not near the radiant triangle, not near spiralspace, etc). it would be reachable from the radiant triangle, just hard to find, and probably not a very well-liked destination either (the main potential port of call is not really available for use, since the planet is so hard to get to).