The Life-Shaped



Mar 28, 2007 21:30:17
A few questions to the board...

Do you use life-shaped items in your campaign?

If so, which do you prefer? Rhul-thaun or rhulisti items?

Lastly, how did you introduce them into your campaign?


Mar 29, 2007 0:49:16
I did use them for a short while in a very limited capacity. Mid way through my campaign I had a friend of mine who wanted to join. The party was out in the middle of the desert NE of Urik. The friend wanted to play a halfling, but didn't know much else. I suggested that he could have heat stroke induced memory loss and would not remember his former life. Interestingly enough he was nursed back to health and found he had several life shaped devices. No explanation to any of the party members. They were amazed at what these things could be. They figured that there must be some unknown colony of Halflings with weird technology living in that area, but nothing more. Eventually most of them died due to abuse or general use, but they were cool for a while.


Mar 29, 2007 3:15:48
I've only used them once. I stole the idea of a Vilip from Star Wars.

Vilips are essentially living telephones.