Attribute Conversion from 2e to 3.5



Mar 29, 2007 23:13:49
Hey - got a good question.

Is there a conversion for attribute scores from the 2e to 3.5?

The reason I ask is that I am stating out a "person" for a "thing" I am doing and if I used his scores from 2e, and then give this "person" the attribute increases for levels from 3.5, the "person" is going to have some really off-the-hook scores.

Thanks fellers

This is going to be good, so I hope I can get the answer to this question soon so I can finish the "person".

I know - I am evil!


Mar 30, 2007 1:05:44
i had a similar problem converting the players' characters i had run through 2e to 3rd ed (and later 3.5) as well. I was told on the boards here that the conversion is as normal, ie. straight across conversion, but i too was aware of the wonkyness of it all. And so, i came up with the following...

subtract the 2e ability mods, this'll leave you with a number between 7 and 20
all scores 10 and above (up to 20) - subtract 2 pts from it
and all scores below 10 - subtract 1 pt. from it (i found that subtracting more than 1 pt. undully punished the players)

this'll give you a proper 3.5 score to which you can add the 3.5 mods.


Mar 30, 2007 2:25:27
You might also want to check out WotC's Conversion Book for converting 2e characters to 3e characters:


Mar 30, 2007 7:12:32
Yeah - I had already scoped the conversion book - but thanks Kam

I think the main issue that we run into here when converting DS 2e peeps, is that the ability scores were higher - I like squidfur's idea and I may end up going that route.

Any other ideas would be useful too, of course.

I may just keep the ability scores as is and then add the mods - it will give your PCs more to cry over when this "person" kicks their but :evillaugh


Mar 30, 2007 8:12:52
Just remember ability score in 2 ed DS were hiugher but in 3rd ed you catch up reasonably quick due to leveling and ability boosting items which were rare in 2nd ed (apart form strength ones)

For strength I use an average of the 2nd ed scores to get the modifier for 3.5. 18/00 in 2nd ed from memory was +3 to hit+6 damage. 3+6/2=4.5 modifier which is about 18-20 (18+4, 20+5)strength in 3.5 rules depending if you want to round up or down or just say 19 strength.

its not exact but sometimes the good ol rule of thumb has to apply.


Mar 30, 2007 8:15:30
yeahhhh...(see my last post).

I already said that the 2e ability scores were higher and the exceptional Strength conversions is in the D&D conversion book - which I also said I had looked at.


Mar 30, 2007 15:48:45
I feel they should have had stats covert lower to 3e due to the fact that its much easier to increase ability scores (thru stat pump items, level advancement, etc...) in d20 than it was in 2e. Effects didn't stack in 2e like they do in 3e/3.5.

Remember that 2e gauntlets of ogre power would actually decrease a 19+ Strength to 18/00.


Mar 30, 2007 16:43:16
Weren't Gauntlets or Ogre power quite abusable in 2nd ed? I remember a few low strength fighters who would eventually get the gauntlets and presto 18/00 strength. They were quite commen in published adventures.

Also fighters specialised in throwing darts using gauntlets +3 (plus THACO) to hit +8 damage 4-7 attacks a round or double that with haste.


Apr 24, 2007 9:55:20
To get the strength conversion, add the bonus to hit, and damage together, and divide by 2.

To get the dexterity add to the missile weapon adjustment and armor "bonus" and divide by 2.

Constitution is equal to the "warrior class" bonus to hit points

Intelligence has two types of conversion, the int caster version and the other class conversion. For int caster conversion take the "highest spell level you can cast" and add 10. For non int casters translate it directly.

Wisdom translates directly.

Charisma translates directly.